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My favorite Puma sport shoes without laces

Updated on July 25, 2017

Puma OSU running shoes with no laces

As long as I can remember I had puma trainers. I loved Puma and still do. I recently bought some Puma trainers without laces from the Puma Osu NM Cross Training line. I Loved them, the style and comfort are great.

I'm not a fashion addict but I like to wear nice shoes and normally I'm quite critical about what kind of shoes I buy. Roughly speaking I have three pairs of shoes I wear throughout the year. Sport shoes preferable without laces, country shoes and city shoes ;-)

The laceless Puma sport shoes I recently bought are mend for walking and things around the house. I love the colors of the OSU trainers which gives me the opportunity to wear them as well when I go out for concert.

Puma sport shoes without laces.


Puma men Osu running shoes without laces - The most popular puma trainers with no laces

The Puma Osu running shoe is one of the most popular running shoes without laces around. If you read the customer reviews you'll notice how high the shoes score.The shoes have a 4 to 5 stars out of 5 and are praised all round. With a masive 390 reviews and counting it's well worth looking into if you're in for some new trainers this summer.

Amazon Puma OSU by reviews.

5 stars for Puma OSU NM Cross Training Shoe

PUMA Women's Osu Canvas Running Shoe with no laces. - Colorful Puma trainers.comfortable Osu fashion sneakers.

Funky sport shoes that are great for dancing and walking (well, if you can't walk decently on your shoes, don't buy them, well....some shoes are almost artworks and well worth the pain after a day of usage. But normally no. The long heels thing is a myth in my opinion, as a lad I'm more interested in the personality of a women then her cliché stiletto heels. It frights me actually.. If I like heels then it would be 70's platform shoes...)

Anyway, color counts. If you want something special, stand out but still affordable quality sport shoes, I would definitely recommend the Puma Usu series.

Puma Osu fashion sneaker line - Easy slip in Puma trainers with no laces

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my left foot in a plaster
my left foot in a plaster

comfortable Puma OSU sneakers

Take care of your feet, wear quality shoes

At the moment of writing my left feet is in plaster.... Yes how a small accident can have big consequences. I'm in the middle of renovating my house and was putting down a part of a scaffolding, The walkway fell and to avoid the bridge I jumped backwards. The result ; I broke my small toe. It doesn't hurt but it is incredible uncomfortable.

No walking with two crutches I suddenly understand how important your feet are. If you can't walk, you can't do much. With every move I have to balance myself. Something you automatically do when you're standing on two feet. It reminds me how fragile I am and how great it is to be healthy.

To stay healthy and to take care of your feet is a lesson I'm learning at the moment. Quality and comfortable footwear is a must.

Tripping over laces in a Museum
Tripping over laces in a Museum

Puma trainers without laces

Are shoes without laces better ?

Good shoes fit like gloves... They are comfortable, durable and gives good support to your feet. If you use sneakers every day comfort is probably number one on your list. Personally I like laceless shoes, they are easy step in step out and gives you a good feel that your whole foot is surrounded and protected by the shoe.

Another advantage of trainers with no laces are that you place yourself not in an awkward position of having your laces loose when talking with someone. (imagine a job interview and your laces are loose!!! not a good thing.) Or when you have to stop in the middle of the street with your starbucks coffee cup and you have to kneel down to tie your laces. (done it a million times - accept not with starbucks coffee but with an icecream what's even worse!!!)

That's probably one of the main resons why I finally ended up with Puma trainers without laces

You can find more trainers with Velcro and other closure systems on the website sneakers without laces.


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