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Find Purple Jelly Watches

Updated on March 13, 2013

Purple Jelly Watches

If your favorite color is purple, then any accessory which incorporates your favorite is a great choice. The jelly shoes of the 80's have given way to many different uses in subsequent decades, and one of the best is the jelly watch, or silicone watch. Silicone has made a fantastic material in many areas, as it protects our iphones and computers, makes for great rubber bracelets and toys, and runs the gamut, from cheap, to exotic. Jelly watches range from very inexpensive, to eloquent, and if you are searching for one in purple, your choices range from lavender, to deep violet. Find one, or find a few, to match your wardrobe, or as a contrast. These are great tween and teen gifts, and just as great as a time telling tool for the beginner. For the executive, or for the at home mom, jelly watches can be fun, fancy, frivolous, and fantastic.

Tween Fashion Watches

Tween fashion tends to be a bit unusual at times, and changes quickly. However, watches tend to be pretty simple, and stable in design, and some of the purple jelly watches on the market are very tasteful, able to outlast fad, and to work with style in the future. When your tween is a few years older, many of the more tasteful jelly watch styles will still be useable. The only thing you can't predict: will your tween's favorite color change!

Purple Watches for Easter Baskets

If you like the idea of color coordinating your Easter baskets, the people who make peeps have made it simple...the colors, including purple, grace the shelves of every grocery store and department store, right now. However, beyond sweets, the color coordination isn't carried much further in stores. However, with a little Amazon browsing, you can easily find coordinating fashion accessories, and if you are working on a purple Easter basket for your daughter, then these silicone jelly watches in purple are perfect!

Jelly Watches for Tweens and Purple, of course.

Decorative Purple Watches for Tweens

You will find that unlike the cheap jelly shoes of the 80's, the jelly watch fashion trend incorporates many interesting elements. The silicone watchbands are coupled with different types of faces: ceramic, stainless, and others. Most are water resistant. Costs range from inexpensive, to pricey.

These are a fun choice if you have a niece who will be celebrating a birthday, or if your daughter will attend the birthday party of a friend. If your wedding is based on the color purple, these can be a fun bridal party gift, to wear to the rehearsal dinner, or fantastic tokens, if you want purple themed gifts for shower games.

It's all about Purple...Purple Watches, that is:

Find higher end jelly style purple watches, great for gifts for your bridal party.

Find more purple jelly watches for tweens and teens.

Have you picked out your favorite purple jelly watch for a tween?

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      mockingbird999 6 years ago

      I've never had a jelly watch. They're kinda cute.