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Purple School Bags for Tweens and Teens

Updated on July 30, 2013

Purple School Bags for Tweens, Teens, and Girls of All Ages

For kids, a good school bag is an important tool. For tweens and teens, it's important that function be coupled with fashion. For the young lady who loves purple, there are many types of school bags, ranging from traditional backpacks, to sling style packs, to messenger bags. D├ęcor can be a simple solid purple, or a multicolored motif which highlights purple. Regardless, given the cost of gasoline in recent months, the availability of multiple choices online can save a great deal of money in gas and travel for shopping trips.

Come along, as we examine some of the favorite styles in shades of purple.

Case Logic BTSB-116 16-Inch Laptop Backpack in Purple - Also Available in Black, Grey, and Light Grey

A backpack is suitable for many needs, including the transport of a laptop. While your tween may not have much need of a laptop bag, your teen's needs may include laptop protection. Regardless, this backpack is a simple school bag for your tween, or teen, with a great shade of purple, but no overwhelming decorative features.

Jansport Classic Superbreak Backpack in Electric Purple

Jansport is a top manufacturer of school bags at the collegiate level, and serves the needs of tweens and teens as well. This style is available in more than two dozen colors/color-combinations, through the link provided. If your tween likes purple, this simple, single color school pack serves that purpose.

Under Armour UA Renegate Unisex Laptop Sports Backpack Book Bag-Geometric Pathern, 18" Small X 14" X 4"
Under Armour UA Renegate Unisex Laptop Sports Backpack Book Bag-Geometric Pathern, 18" Small X 14" X 4"

See images below for Electric Purple, and Electric Purple Perry Plaid School Bags in this style, also available through this Amazon link. There are more than 6 styles in this simple school bag, featuring shades of purple, available through this same link at Amazon.


Tips for Tweens: Organization

Your middle school student will need to learn some organizational skills. Take time to instruct and assist. Review that school bag frequently. Check for homework, and ask questions if there doesn't seem to be much homework. If you think it sounds too easy, chances are good that your tween is bluffing. Many tweens fall through the cracks because they get good at disguising their disorganization and distaste of homework.

Jansport Backpack - A Simple School Bag in Electric Purple


If bright colors make your tween happy, especially purple, then this simple choice from Jansport is the perfect purple tween backpack. Jansport represents quality, and the shape of this tween school bag is perfect for easy access to contents.


White/Ultraviolet Plaid Book Bag by Jansport

If you student loves purple, and loves plaid, this is a pretty combination of the two! The designs are varied, and you may stumble across colors and patterns that suit others in your household. Plaids are so varied and trendy that they can suit the needs of both tween boys and girls. This purple plaid is fresh and fun for the middle school girl, and the structure of this Jansport book bag is good for organizational purposes. I don't recommend narrow topped bookbags for middle schoolers as this lends to stuffing. Make sure you help your tween with her book bag, remembering that organization is rarely intuitive. A middle school student needs a lot of guidance in establishing a sense of order with a school bag in order to stay on top of school work.


Electric Purple/Perry Plaid Backpack by Jansport

Select Electric Purple/Perry Plaid.

This is the same great Jansport style, and I love the bright purple against the teal highlights. Middle school backpacks can be fun and functional, and this is a great example of both. Your tween can appreciate popular colors and trends while having a high quality bag to tote books and supplies.


Jansport School Bag in Punjabi Purple School Girl

Argyles are also quite pretty, and this earthy looking purple is another exceptional fashion choice. Of course, Jansport is very good at using a high quality design to display lots of different motifs. You'll find a broad spectrum of colors and motifs in this design.


Jansport Backpack in Pure Purple/White/Punjabi Purple Magic Plaid

Your tweens school bag can be tough to keep organized. This design is similar to those shown above, but with an outer pocket, your tween daughter can keep writing tools, calculator and lunch money separate from the books and folders in the main pouch. One of the worst trends in middle school backpacks is stuffing, and calculators and pencils often end up broken because of poor organization and management. Extra pouches make it easier to protect school supplies in middle school.


Queens Purple School Bag from Jansport

Tweens move from the self-contained classroom to a rotating environment. Instead of using a single desk all day long, the middle schooler must carry essential supplies with her throughout the day. The tween backpack replaces the stationary desk as a storage point, and materials are susceptible to mishandling. The pouch on the outside of this purple Jansport bag for tweens is perfect for keeping a sense of order in a huge time of transition.

Tips for Tweens: Neatness in a School Bag

Your middle schooler may need some organizational help in order to maintain a more tidy book bag. Look for models with extra pouches and designs that have wide openings at the top. Use pencil pouches or pencil boxes for calculators and writing implements.

K-Cliffs Polyester School Backpack

K-Cliffs 17 Inch Polyester School Bookbag / Outdoor Backpack with Reflective Strip
K-Cliffs 17 Inch Polyester School Bookbag / Outdoor Backpack with Reflective Strip

A Simple School Bag, available in solid colors, including purple. Multiple external pouches lend themselves to extra organizational opportunities for middle school students. A middle school book bag should assist students in transitioning to the rotating nature of secondary education.


Tips for Parents of Tweens: Involvement Matters

My most concerned parents involved themselves in their students' homework and progress. They visited school, they made phone calls and they sent notes. There were those parents that were next to impossible to contact. The worst feeling in the world for a teacher is reading about such students in the newspaper...I know from experience. Give your middle schooler and her teachers the support that will communicate that you care and that you are part of a team dedicated to your tween's success.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack in Purple Argyle Style

Sling Backpacks in Purple

The sling backpack is a bit smaller than the traditional backpack, better for the student who doesn't have a huge load to tote.

Messenger Style School Bags in Purple

Messenger Bag Selections in Purples

A messenger bag is a great choice for the student with a hefty number of books to tote about. The rectangular design is great, and books can be placed sideways, rather than upright, allowing weight to be distributed a bit more. For the disorganized tween (or teen, for that matter), the style is more suited to keeping books and supplies organized, whereas a backpack often is simply stuffed in a haphazard manner.


High Sierra Purple Argyle/Charcoal Messenger Bag

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    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 5 years ago from Arizona

      Great selection of purple bags!

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      rawwwwwws lm 5 years ago

      Purple, in my favorite color! Nice selections