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Purple Shampoo Review

Updated on May 12, 2014

Ever Heard of Purple Shampoo?

Purple Shampoo has become an extremely popular product with many women as it continues to prove itself as an excellent beauty product. Whether you're looking for purple shampoo for blonde hair or brassy hair, or simply a quality shampoo product to balance out another color issue - people with light colored hair are joining en mass to show just how much they love this product. While this product is best used as a supplement (generally speaking purple shampoo works best for blondes, and it shouldn't be used on a daily basis), it's amazing what it can do do help revitalize hair that has become brassy and bring some luster back to hair. The idea behind blonde purple shampoo is that the color range helps bring out the best in this tone of hair. The worry for many people is that pollution, hard water, and a variety of other environmental factors can create a brassy or golden look they don't like - but since colors on opposite sides of the spectrum tend to neutralize, that means a purple shampoo can do wonders to bring back the natural blond look.

Searching for the Best Purple Hair Shampoo?

Finding the best purple shampoo isn't a completely cut and dry contest since different brands might be better depending on what your specific needs are. Are you looking for purple shampoo for gray hair? Purple shampoo for white hair? Not every one of these types of shampoo is the same and the differences can be enormous from bottle to bottle. The one that might be perfect for dealing with leftover highlights might not work quite as well when dealing with an overall brassy look. However as a general rule of thumb, when it comes to blond hair, purple shampoo does a remarkable job in helping to restore the old color or luster. When you want specialized hair products that are going to make your hair look its absolute best, then you're not going to be disappointed by all the benefits that purple hair shampoo have to offer.

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Finding the Best Fit

One of the nice things about this type of beauty product for blonds is that it is so popular and widespread that it's actually become quite easy to find. When you're looking for purple shampoo, online retail sites are a great place to start as even non beauty specific sites like often boast hundreds of different options when it comes to purple shampoo. You have a chance to read online reviews, ask others for advice, and make sure that the type of specialized shampoo you settle for fits you exactly where you need it most.

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More Purple Shampoo Information

Purple shampoo as a home use cosmetic has been a recent favorite of blondes and fake blondes alike. There’s a great article post on the topic right here describing the pain and process first hand from a fake blonde who spent a lot of time looking for good results for maintaining the look before running into purple shampoo. One of the biggest benefits many people love with purple shampoo is that it really helps with the maintenance of keeping up the shiny and full color from a blonde dye job.

I know what you’re saying if you’ve known me for any amount of time: dude, really? How the heck do you know anything about purple shampoo? Same reason most guys text, know anything about “The Real Housewives” TV series, or get into wine (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that last one) – women and/or girlfriends. Hence how I found out about purple shampoo. The main purpose of purple shampoo is to help keep a blond dye job looking good, and especially in helping to keep yellowing away – as well as orange hair or brassy tones. This helps limit the amount of times a gal (or I guess guy) needs to re-dye their hair.

The stuff is called purple shampoo because it really is purple – not blue or off-blue, but a really deep purple. Clairol purple shampoo is one of the most popular brands although there are several others to choose from.

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