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Magnificent Push-up bras/Best Push Up Bras /Extreme Push up Bras

Updated on July 5, 2014

Enhance your breast improve your look simply by putting on your bra.

Push up bras are becoming the hottest selling bras on the market i believe this is happening for a lot of reasons but one is sexy is back and women are proud to be sexy again.Nothing raises your confidence more than a compliment ,you look sexy ,you look beautiful can make someones day and a lush beautiful push up bra will draw the compliments. This article informs the reader how to recognize and purchase the best push up bras available and exactly how they enhance your breast.We will direct you to the best places to find breast enhancing bras and we will update you on anything new that comes onto the market always.We will offer you discounts on quality name brand merchandise and post quality pictures of that product, every picture will be exactly like the one you buy .You will never see product may vary slightly from the picture here all our products are exact photographs of the products we sell.We our proud retailers and stand behind our products 100 percent.

Five best Push up bras of 2014 - New up dated styles of comfortable push up bras

2014 brings in a new bred of push up bras designed to look natural, styled for all day comfort, push up bras are now utilizing silicone, water ,air and foam to bring you the most stylish and comfortable push up bras possible.Wearing a low cut top is now stylish even for the under endowed woman or wear a sexy strapless dress as strapless push up bras now can help you expand your wardrobe to styles you only dreamed about in the past.


Quality push up bras work as they were designed to.

Feel more confident have your cloths fit better

For Years now, women have gone to extreme lengths to improve the shape of their bodies. More specifically, they have zeroed in on changing the shape and size of their breasts. Several different products have been put on the market to make your breast larger and fuller, so much so that an entire industry was created for the sole purpose of breast enlargement.

After researching all the things they market that boast of being able to actually produce breast enlargement, it is easy to come to the conclusion that there is really only a couple of ways to actually increase your breast size

The most efficient and the most common breast enhancer available to women today, is a good push-up bra. Even though there are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market claiming that they have the latest pill, cream, gel or gadget that will enhance the size of a breast, the truth is, with the exception of surgery, the only thing that truly does enhance a woman's breast size is a quality push up bra.

The purchasing power of women in search of more beautiful breast is so dominant that it has led to the continuing search to find the perfect push up bra.

The breast enhancing bras push up your breast to make the cleavage more noticeable and the breast appear larger. A good push up bra. should give a woman 1 to 3 added inches to her breast to make her feel sexier and more attractive. This being a very popular intention, there is a wide variety of bras out there designed specifically to enlarge your breast.

The first bra to have actual cup sizing, a, b, c or d, were not patented until 1935. Since then there have been many,many attempts to manufacture the perfect bra that is comfortable to wear all day and enhances your breast size.

Everything from foam padding, to water or gel filled breast cups,being used by manufacturers as they have tried to come up with the ultimate breast small breast solution. Of course, all of the major designers claim that their push up bra is the best available on the market today.

A push-up bra takes what a woman already has naturally and lifts and molds your breast to their most flattering potential. The task of any push up bra is to optimize the breast and make it look as full as possible.

Maidenform is one of the oldest bra companies,starting over 70 years ago - Maidenform also is one of the best selling Push up bras on the Market

Maidenform bras have been around for over 80 years producing millions of best selling bras that are well know for comfort and style at low prices.

For many years you have seen Maidenform on the shelves of J.C Penny's, Sears,Macy's,and all of the better department stores.All people know Maidenform bras your mother and grandmother probley wore one they been around over 80 years.But did you know Maidenform is one of the largest sellers of designer Push up bras.Known for comfort they know have blown up the Push up bra market with some killer designs and styles.Put Maidenform comfort in a push up bra and you have a trend setting push up bra that can be worn for every day wear not just on special occasions.Maidenform bras push your breast up and in so that even the least endowed woman will have a sweet cleavage and feel stylish and sexy.

Maidenform the ultimate push up bra - improve your looks and confidence

As we mentioned above Maidenform has become one of the best selling push up bras watch this video and see for yourself

Extreme Push up bra
Extreme Push up bra


Quality at mind blowing low prices


A lot of people do not know that Leonisa has a 100 percent satisfaction promise .

The Animal print magnificent push up bra is for the elegant ,style conscious and sophisticated women,do not be shy ladies this is an amazing tool to have the cleavage you dreamed of and s5till enjoy comfort.Leopard prints are hot sexy and very in right now,so click the image and buy this now it is a real confidence booster.

Shape and Support Strapless Push-Up Bra (11681018)

Get a voloptuous figure and the most support you ever had, even though you're wearing a strapless. This push-up will create shape, not size. Unpadded push-up bra Contour underwire cups for support and lift up Stay-put grip lining along wings and side boning for exceptional support Perfect to wear with a strapless top Broad back wings that reduce back fat from bulging Inside powernet on back wings for extra control Wide underbust band is Adaptable, removable, convertible straps (halter, conventional, criss-cross, one strap) Invisible contour seams to prevent lines on the back 3 column, 3 row hook and eye back closure.

The bra above is the number 1 selling push up bra.This Wonderbra features maximum push-up for full-on cleavage, and provides fuller coverage for natural roundness. The revolutionary gel padding is made of 48% silicone. Lace trim is available on selected colors and prints.The Wonderbra Gel Satin Push-Up Bra 7234 features innovative lightweight gel pads for fabulous comfort and cleavage. Wonderbra's Gel Satin Push-Up Bra delivers cleavage yet is comfortable enough to wear all day.

The new styles of Wonderbra are second to none,highly fashionable designed for comfort and long lasting at a price anyone can afford.The fantastic deep plunge wonder push up bra is great for small breast will add half to a full cup size to your breast.Seems the new trend is water ,gel or air Push up bras.

Buying a new bra means remeasure your size

To be comfortable the size must be right

As we all know a majority of women do not wear the proper bra size. With monthly water retention , dieting, and natural aging, it should not be presumed that the size you were two years ago is the same size you are today. Even a change of 5 pounds can change your bra size. This will help you to properly measure your bust, so that you can find the size that's right for you.

In order to buy bras online, it is important to know your proper e.

How do you Know If Your Current Bra is not the right fit.

The back rides up. This may mean that the cups are too small, or the band is too tight. If the band is too tight to get a finger under it, This means you need a larger band.

The bra cups should be entirely filled, or you may need a smaller cup. If, on the other hand, the cups are overflowing, you may need a larger cup or a different style of bra.

If the underwire digs into your skin, you may need a larger cup size. (Or your bra could just be very old. In either case, it's time to replace it.) This could also be an indication that the side wings of the bra are not large enough.


First, you will need three measurements: under bust, upper bust, and full bust.

For under the bust, measure directly under your bust. With all measurements, hold the tape secure but not too tight. For the upper bust, measure above the bust and below the arms.

If the difference between the under and upper bust is less than two inches, the under bust is your band size (round up to nearest even number). If the difference is more than two inches, add 2-3" to the under bust measurement to get an even number and use this as your band size. For the full bust, measure around a fullest part of your breast. Make sure the tape is secure around the back.

Your cup size is determined by your full bust measurement - your upper bust measurement. If the difference is less than 1", you are a AA, 1" is an A, 2" is a B, 3" is a C, 4" is a D, 5" is a DD (or an E), etc.

Beyond Measurements

Of course, your measurements are just the beginning. There are other things to keep in mind when looking for a comfortable bra.

When trying on different bras, make sure that the area in between the two cups actually comes into contact with your chest. Do not make the straps support your breast alone! This will be very uncomfortable over long periods of time, the bra will wear out quickly, and the pressure on the straps can cause back problems or the straps to stretch.

You will find the band sizes differ for each different brand, you may also need to change your cup size. Generally, as you decrease the band size, you will need to increase your cup size, while a larger band will call for a smaller cup.

Our best buys list

Bras we consider tops on the market today click any picture for a closer look at the bra

Calvin Klein has introduced a 3 coverage level way of selling there bras ,Coverage Level 1; Coverage Level 2; Coverage Level 3. There is more coverage in the 1 than the 3.

Bare Necessities

Calvin Klein Level 3 Seductive Comfort Contour Underwire Bra (16731)

This sexy little wonder is totally Seamless to make it comfortable and it will not show through your cloths, it is a under wire bra for great support. Very smooth so it will not stick or attach itself to your top or dress, made from stretch nylon for great support. Foam-lined cups prevent show-through or any embarrassing moments ,at the office or around friends. Embroidered scalloped trim gives it class beyond its breeding. Subtle embossed logo on thin strap so you can find it in your drawer. Tagless for additional comfort nothing worse than a tag on your bra my wife says it's first thing she looks for. Fully adjustable stretch straps. Cushioned 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure. Calvin Klein bras now offer three levels of coverage, this is seductive Comfort (Level 3) it is a more supportive collection of full coverage bras with soft lining. You will also love the innovative straps and wings they're customized by size to make you feel like your not even wearing a bra.!

Bare Necessities

Calvin Klein Level 2 Naked Glamour Add-A-Size Plunge Bra (20168)

A Cleavage enhancing bra adds 1 and 1¾2 cup sizes. This bra is extra Luxuriously smooth with a firm flexible under wire . With can't sneak a peak foam-lined cups for a modest professional look. Removable push-up pads for enhancement we all need sexy moments. Sexy plunging neckline great for those sexy v neck sweaters. Laser-cut trim along bust line to make it exact. Silver plated logo on center gore for identification. Soft lace wings. Fully adjustable stretch straps. 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure. Ultra-soft, stretch nylon forms to your breast with MAXIMIUM comfort. Calvin Klein's Naked Glamour Collection is defined by the balance of soft simplicity and bold glamour. This women's bra collection provides coverage level 2 which offers moderate coverage and maximum comfort.

Bare Necessities

Calvin Klein Level 2 Tonal Roses Demi Underwire Bra (21099)

Lets get some color in here with this hot red Sexy underwire bra. Anti see through foam-lined demi cups for a modest look. Wonderful Lovely floral lace along colorblock bust line adds class. Signature logo plate on wing to show your a Calvin fan. Non-stretch center gore for added support . Embossed logo on adjustable stretch straps. 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure. Soft stretch nylon. Calvin Klein bras coverage level perfectly Fit (Level 2) is a classic collection of moderate coverage bras designed for everyday comfort and normal wear but still has the elegance to wear out in the evening.

My wife has chosen her favorites for you

JoJo's best buys


Chantelle 3952 Sublime Push Up Plunge Bra (12813)

This versatile push-up bra with a low plunge line will give you maximum support and a marvelous push-up effect. advancing bump pads provide a kissing cleavage. Completely invisible under clingy knits and t-shirts due to smooth, seamless cups like your not wearing a bra at all. Convertible straps. Molded, contour, underwire cups have firm, medium graduated padding along the bottom of the cups to shape and support the breasts and enhance cleavage. firm contour cups prevent peek ins for modest women , underwires provide support. Seamless contour cups are covered with a smooth tulle overlay for a classy beautiful sexy effect and it is seamless under your clothes for comfort sheerness. This for sure is the perfect t-shirt bra. Low plunge front is great with your low necklines. Box bow and "C" silver charm accent at center gore so you know who makes it. Wings are made of gorgeous sheer tulle and have hidden, covered elastic along the top and bottom for custom fit and comfort. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes. Convertible shoulder straps may be worn in narrow-width, crossback and halter styles for fit flexibility. Twinned shoulder straps taper into elastic straps, which adjust in the back with silvertone metal hardware. Straps convert in back only. See matching Chantelle Sublime Panty 3953 .


DKNY 458110 Super Glam Push Up Demi Bra (17397)

This hot number will Add 2 cup sizes instantly! This push-up bra possess graduated foam padding for cleavage enhancement and a silvertone DKNY logo charm at the center gore for identification. Wings are constructed of stretch floral lace for ultimate sexy look. Made of soft nylon/elastane for comfort and easy to wash. Molded, contour, underwire cups mold and support the breasts with firm control, heavy graduated padding along bottom of cups for a great full breast look. Seamless, rigid contour cups for no see through modesty ,while underwires provide exceptional support. Straps are set wide for a sexy, open neckline. Low plunge center front accommodates your low cut tops and dresses. Elastic along top and bottom of wings for custom fit and comfort stops any slipping. Seamless sides for a smooth no static look under clothes. Stretch shoulder straps have a satin finish and attach to elastic straps that feature the DKNY logo and adjust in the back with metal hooks. See matching DKNY Super Glam String Bikini Panty also 443110 .


Hanky Panky 487544 Signature Lace Glam Bra (12357)

This bra is my wife's very favorite she has it in many colors, i love it because it is made in america thank god ,it is made of the famous Hanky Panky lace for glamour beyond belief. The entire bra is made of lined Hanky Panky lace. Lined, wireless cups provide excellent support for your breasts without bulky padding. Satin bow accent at center gore cute huh. Lace trim along top of cups for a Taylored look. Elastic band around base of bra for extra support. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes non clinging. Elastic on top and bottom of wings for custom fit and comfort. Elastic shoulder straps are adjustable in the back with same-color metal clasp. Rear straps are closer together to avoid roll. This one is so beautiful, you'll want your bra to show! Perfect for sleep or lounge or sexy nights alone with your husband. Made in USA. yeh.

Slip into new lingerie

There is something about feeling stylish and sexy

As men love to put on a pair of brand new socks in the morning,women on the other hand love to slip into new lingerie,there is just something about the feel of new bra and feels fresh, smells new,fabric feels new against your skin. So if you are bored with your current wardrobe, perhaps a little pick me up would be a set of nice quality lingerie.

There is something about feeling stylish and sexy it boost your confidence some how brings out more smiles, than on a normal day..It's more about comfort i think, having great support bra on ,no pop outs or over flows you can stretch and bend with out repercussions, which is always a blessing and it is not cutting into your rib cage no wonder your smiling huh..

There is also something about having a new piece in your wardrobe that makes getting dressed a little more exciting.Feeling a little more luxurious and stylish adds a new attitude to your day.It will also open your eyes to how uncomfortable you were before and did not even know it.New bra and panties can make your mate smile, but it can do more for you, as you are the one that gets to enjoy the comfort of your new lingerie.

Actually it was fun choosing the color, the fabric,the little bit of lace in the front,and deciding on a push up bra to enhance my breast size just a little more.I love shopping online as i took my time looking at lots different style before deciding as no one was pushing me or selling me.I laughed as i love shopping at my dining room table while my husband watches football,kind of like getting even .

I really decided to buy the best quality so it would last longer and take all the washing and not lose its stretch and support.Once i bought a cheap bra wore it once and threw it away it turned out that cheap bra was the most expensive bra i ever bought.But it cut my rib cage and my breast actually hurt when i took it off.

There is a lot of sales online i noticed the prices were a little less,mine was in my home 3 days later so i guess they ship the next day it was kind of nice to get it so fast as i was expecting to wait at least a week or more.I really do believe i will do a lot more of my shopping online .Push up Bras are really so comfortable i was amazed.

Wacoal push-up bras are the best selling bras in America - Wacoal push-up bras are styled to be comfortable

Wacoal push-up bras are comfortable

Wacoal push-up bras are comfortable, well-made and sport a very natural look.The highly recommended I bra from Wacoal has a slim, stylish natural look that you will not find in many other padded bras. If Wacoal is known for anything its there huge selection of sizes and produces many hard to find 30 a bras.With a half cup,, demi cup, maximum coverage,sports bra,and tee shirt bra in there line it is easy to see why there popularity in growing like wild fire.In there line you will notice at least two bras exactly like you see in Victoria's secret at a much cheaper price.

Elegant sexy designer panties - Designed for comfort and style by the worlds top designers

Calvin Klein-Warcoal- Chantelle -Panache--Eberjey-Natori-

Simone Perele-Emporio Armani- Lunaire-DKNY-Vanity Fair-Maidenform

Our Panty or Panties or Panties briefs will help you express yourself and deliver comfort into your elegant lifestyle.Plus sizes Available in Women's panties, women's briefs women's thongs.Top Designer styles and fabrics.

Online Shopping

Our closing statements

Online Shopping

our closing statements

Think about buying a push up bra, or a traditional bra,maybe something more risque and sexy,think about using an online lingerie store. The advantage of, going to a High end store or mall like Victoria's Secret allows you to look at the lingerie in real, but if you shop online you can take as long as you like to make up your mind about what you want, and you can see the complete line, right there in front of you, zoom on on it use your imagination.Online lingerie shopping can be as exciting as you want it to be, and if you are a bit shy then you can see it all without any embarrassment. There are plenty of online stores like Push up Bras that offer a wide range of lingerie, such as push up bras and lace panties. These are available in white, black and red and other colors, and just what you need a new attitude of yourself.If you prefer something a bit less risque how about a matching Cami set with a chiffon bra and matching camisole flutter panties?or a little Chantilly Lace? If you want to be a bit more daring with a thong or peek-a-boo G-string - not quite showing all, but not far off it! Now that is daring, and you will need something to hide it under! For example, a black chiffon mini-dress , or perhaps a red halter deep-cut top that will leave your partner gasping for air!Whatever it is that takes your attention, you are far better purchasing through an online store, because you can compare all of your options side by side: Shopping on line gives all of us small retailers the opportunity to have our own business.With the economy in a crazy spin it's time we all help each other and not support the already rich super stores. lets face it us small retailers will bend over backwards to make you happy will JCP,sears and the other super chains do that .Thank you for listening.

James Chamberlain

64 Wacoal Bras - Top quality best selection

Top selling Wacoal bras watch this video and see the style and fabrics of the best selling bras in the United States

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      John Malcolm Steinvert 

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      Yea just bought a push up bra for my wife for new years lol. She really appreciated it i forget where i got it off off of amazon.

      It really accentuates here breast however so win win!

      This is my new site check it out its for men

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