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Quality Vintage Watches For Sale

Updated on September 1, 2013


Why buy new when you can buy a wonderful vintage watch at a much lower price?

Watches are a lot like cars, once you drive them off the lot, they lose a lot of their value. This is an opportunity to buy watches at 50% or more off the original retail!

I have been collecting and repairing quality watches for years. I make the rounds at estate sales and auctions in the area. While many watches only need batteries, I repair and refurbish the watches and I perform all maintenance.

Go check out my eBay store:TVs Collectibles and More!

Watch photos are original and by author of this website.

High Quality Used and "Like New" Watches

Christmas, or any special occasion is always just around the corner!

I don't want to come across as a used watch salesman sliding my sleeve up and showing you all of my goods, haha...but if anyone is looking for that opportunity to buy a very high quality used or "Like New" watch, there are many on this site that would be a gem for someone.

I love Fossil watches and their creativity in production is amazing, very few of each model are made and they are becoming quite the collector's items!

Please be sure to check out the selections! You will be glad you found such a great discount! Thank you!.


1) I am very trustworthy and dependable. If you havea problem with an item, I will always work it out with you and I have great communication!

2) I have many original one-of-a-kind items! If you can't find it somewhere else, you will probably find it here! If not, I will gladly try to find it for you!

3) I have high quality items and strive to make EVERYONE happy!

Watch photos are original by author of this website.

Want to find the Value of your Precious Timepiece?

Complete Price Guide to Watches 2013
Complete Price Guide to Watches 2013

Watch values continually change as the years roll on.

I have collected them for years and the trends are like watching the stock market.

While some companies maintain values, others dry up and fizzle away.

Annually, this manual is updated with new trends and values. I highly recommend that you check out the fantastic information in this current price guide.


Watches are making a comeback! For a while, people just used their cell phone but the fashionable aspect of a watch is becoming stylish again.

I have been buying and selling watches for quite a few years.

When I started, I had to learn everything about the different types of watches, their operation and also how to fix most items in them.

I can fix just about any watch, however, I tend to shy away from the mechanical ones.


Looking for that special vintage watch? I have many, most UNDER $13.00 and all with free shipping to the USA!

The Top Ten Selling Watches of 2013 - Per Amazon Sales Data

I keep track of all watch sales data as the trends do change.

The other day, I was looking at several new watches and I noticed that there are various new models.

I have also noticed that some of the mid-quality watch companies are now dabbling in Swiss watches. Fossil is one of the companies doing this.

Watches like Invicta are losing some of their value but are still in the current top ten sales data.

  1. Sturhling
  2. Bling
  3. Casio
  4. U.S. Polo Association
  5. Timex
  6. Elegant Plane
  7. Geneva
  8. Invicta
  9. Mirror Men
  10. Seiko

I list quite a few watches every week and these are my newest additions.

If you are looking for a quality watch, either new or used, please email me. I should be able to find exactly what you are looking for!

I have to admit, Fossil and Relic watches have become my favorite.

They have so many models and constantly change them. The old ones become collector's items very quickly and the new ones are very dependable.

They also have a long warranty period (11-12 years) and usually honor the warranty long after it has expired. All you need to do is ask. They are very nice and will help you out with any issue with your Fossil or Relic Watch.


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