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Unique Rain Tattoo Designs

Updated on July 2, 2014

Tattoo Designs with Rain in Them

Rain is a fantastic complementary element which can be added to many tattoo themes to enhance them and make them much more compelling and interesting.

Most people choosing rain as a part of their tattoo design usually, although not always, include an umbrella or another object like a flower, to protect the one caught out in the rain.

With one design there is even rain coming from a cloud located in the top of the umbrella. Go figure.

But those wanting tattoos and those creating them always enjoy designing unique tattoos to display on the canvass of the skin to make a statement and generate interest and conversation, and rain provides some subject material not seen very often, making it an ideal choice for those seeking something different.

Rain and Ravens Tattoo

This first rain tattoo is a good one. Not only is it an interesting image of the two ravens or crows included in the design with the rain falling on them, but having their heads turned towards the sun is a nice touch.

What they're doing is taking notice of the soon break in the weather where they'll be able to eat without getting rained on. The picture says it better than any words, and the way the clouds are designed, along with the rays of the sun, makes this a tattoo design that works nicely.


Fairy, Flower, Rain Tattoo

Even though this isn't a highly detailed tattoo, the cute factor makes up for it, as does the soft colors chosen for the fairy and the flower.

There's just enough detail on the image to see the little fairy laughing as she hides under the flower to escape the rain in this ankle tattoo. It's also fun in the whimsical way she lifts her foot out into the rain.


Blue Rain Tattoo with Fairy

We see a totally different depiction of a fairy being rained on with this tattoo. Using the foliage for a chair was a terrific idea, as she uses the tips of the wings to rest her back on. Very cool.

She also appears to have chosen the right sized flower to keep herself dry as the rain lands on her flower umbrella.

The color choices are good too, even though they are loud and vibrant, there is no clashing of the vibrant blues, green, yellow, brown and purple. Usually they don't work this well together.


Rain, Lightning, Umbrella Tattoo

There is nothing about the eye thing that appeals to me at all, so in that sense this isn't that attractive of a tattoo design to me.

But having said that, and taking the eye out of the picture, the rest of it is compelling and unique; one you're probably not ever going to see on someone you bump into if you make a decision to use it.

This is all about the cloud residing under the top of the umbrella, producing rain and lighting from under what it usually the protector from rain.

It's a nice angle and I like the colors. Other than the eye, something else that could have been improved upon is the clouds, which look like a bunch of grapes rather than a harbinger of nasty weather.


Girl in Rain

There is a lot to like about this tattoo of a little girl holding an umbrella in the rain. Her dark dress and reaching out of the hand to let the rain hit it reminds us of the times we've done something very similar.

A couple of things that could have been done better are where the rain in the back is falling, where it appears there is a light line between the umbrella and the rain, making it look like streamers hanging off of it rather than rain.

Second is the umbrella itself. Here the handle is coming out far off center, giving it an odd appearance.

This had the makings of a great tattoo. Too bad the artist wasn't up to the challenge. You don't see too many attempts at serious tattoo designs so obviously messed up.


Girl Holding Umbrella in Rain Tattoo

Here we have another tattoo design that had a lot of potential, but fails because of the poor execution by the artist.

First, I really like the dark ink and shadow, and the way the detail of the rain looks nice. The major problems are the umbrella is again way off center, making you wonder if this tattoo artists or designers get out much. How many umbrellas would be built like that?

Second is that awful hand holding the umbrella. It's too obvious. And although it's placed near the narrower part of the arm, the poor quality simply can't be hidden. Too bad. It could have been a great tattoo.


Rain Tattoo Designs

Rain is a part of other tattoo themes besides this, as it can be included in storms affecting ships and planes, as well as other things. But for being a significant factor in the overall look of a tattoo, these are the designs it will usually be used in.

While I gave more negative commentary than normal on some of these tattoos, I did it in order to help those seeking new ideas for tattoos, to help understand some of the factors which must be done right in order to enjoy your permanent body art.

Good tattoo designers and artists would rarely, if ever, make these types of mistakes, so choose one that has a good reputation, or if they're new, be sure to look at the portfolio of work they've done so far.

As for the rain tattoo theme, you can see it has a lot of potential, and can be used to enhance and support other building blocks of a tattoo to create a compelling and satisfying image.


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