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Updated on November 13, 2008


We want to always look fashionable whatever the season is. Magazines and websites will give you tips on what to wear and when to wear it. The most challenging part is finding an outfit during the rainy season. Here in the Philippines, wherein we only have two seasons-summer and rainy seasons, it will really be a pain in the ass to find clothes that will last the entire rainy days, which, mind you, lasts for half a year. We don’t want to look the laughingstock of the century for looking so outdated. So instead of giving tips on what to wear, I’ll focus more on WHAT NOT TO WEAR instead, to make it somewhat unique.

I’m not really an uber fashionista but you will really come across people who look like they’re trying hard to be one.  They wanna make a fashion statement, yeah, they are indeed making a statement but not the good way.  I’ll site some of those bloopers to serve as your guidance not to be given a look like you’re a wannabe.


*WHITE SKIN-TIGHT JEANS-Number one rule during rainy days: NEVER EVER WEAR SOMETHING IN WHITE. Yes, you want to show off your curves and all that, but, you will look really dumb if mud puddles will be all over your pants like polka dots sticking from your behind. You can still look sexy by wearing darker shade of skin-tight jeans.

*LEATHER BOOTS-That will be a complete disaster. You might step on a thick puddle and to make things worse, your feet will smell like a dead mouse after removing them. Leather shoes are more of a fashion statement when you go out and party. Stick with the plastic ones or use crocs-it’s really comfy.

*SUNDRESS-That’s a definitely no-no! That’s why it’s called SUNDRESS; it’s intended to be worn when the sun is bright. That is simply for summer or when you go to church. You don’t want to have your legs full of dirt or mosquito bites.

*HEAVY RAINCOATS-Raincoats are really good to keep you dry all day, but the heavy ones? You’d feel like you’re carrying a barbell or something, because it the rain falls really hard, it weighs a ton. Settle for the lighter ones or trench coats, you are sheltered from being wet, at the same time, you look fashionable.

*HEAVY MAKE UP-Most of the ladies out there really wants to look good even on monsoons and make-up serves as the final touch. Make up is really good, but please…don’t put too much. Since the weather isn’t really good, it will just smudge or something if you’re out the whole day and I swear, it will not look very pleasant. Just stick to the natural color blush-on, a tint of pale lipstick and natural looking eye shadow and you will look gorgeous.

*LEATHER JACKET, LEATHER SKIRT…ANYTHING LEATHER-leathers won’t look and smell really good when wet. Aside from being way heavy when it gets soak in the rain, it’s gonna be really hard to dry ‘em up. Leather outfits are for those who thinks they can survive the whole day on it and will still look and feel great. Cotton clothes are more comfy and you can choose something that connotes a style.

*STILETTO SHOES- I love wearing high heeled stiletto-type shoes, don’t get me wrong.  But I surely won’t advice you to wear one on seasons like this, especially if you don’t have a car.  It really looks so chic but if you accidentally fell flat on your face and landed on a thick mud…need I say more?  Uh-huh, not a good sight…If you want to look taller, just do away with wedge shoes  that your feet wont hit the floor literally and at the same time, you’re not always cautious  if the heels would break or what have you.

*CUTE LITTLE UMBRELLA-Those umbrellas won’t last a day.  You’d look like an idiot if all of a sudden the umbrella got wrecked by a wind, and your hair will be frizzy and wet and all that you swore not to go out again.  There are umbrellas that look fashionable, before buying one, check if it will survive a storm. 

*NEON OUTFITS-As in!!!Ouch!! It will blind me to death! I know some would just want to be noticed by wearing bright colors, but seriously, that sucks big time (sorry guys).  You can wear red, or blue, but neon green on an endless rainy day, forget it!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I kind of disagree with the Neon Colors. It may be blinding at a glance but it can also make the day less gloomy for the wearer.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      NEVER EVER WEAR CROCS!! That's even worse than all the fashion disasters put together on this page!


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