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Razor Cut Hairstyles For Men

Updated on December 7, 2011
Ian Watkins hairstyle.
Ian Watkins hairstyle.

Popular Easy to Maintain Hairstyle

Most guys choose a hairstyle that they can easily maintain. Thankfully, there are a wide number of options that can help them achieve the type of look that they want. If you are a young guy who wants to look stylish and sexy, it can be worth checking out a selection of razor cut hairstyles for men. This is an option that can be incredibly versatile, and which would be suitable for almost any kind of hair.

There is no denying that this type of look is not trendy today. In fact, it is a style that is worn by some of the countries most in-demand celebrities and entertainers. It can be said that this haircut first came to prominence in the far east, specifically in Japan and South Korea. It is only really it the last few years that the craze has taken a hold in western Europe and North America.

What Type of Hair Can Pull Off the Razor Style?

The only people who should not really request this type of hairstyle are those guys who have wavy or curly hair. Razor haircut can look strange if your locks are curly, in fact they may make your hair look even messier, though not in a sexy way. On the other hand, those men who have straight hair can add more definition to their appearance by choosing this type of style, it can make them have a more defined and sharper look.

Shirota Yuu hairstyle.
Shirota Yuu hairstyle.


The main concept of this razor hairstyle is layering. When using a razor, it is a lot easier to slice away bulky areas than with scissors, the cut creates a style that looks full but in actuality is less voluminous. In fact layering can also have the opposite effect, it can make thin hair appear thicker, giving the illusion of greater body and movement. Layers can also add a greater sense of texture, allowing for different shapes to be apparent rather than just a straight finish.

Colin Farrel hairstyle.
Colin Farrel hairstyle.

Messy Style

There are many different types of razor cut styles than can be worn, it is an option that can look great with both short or long hair. The slightly messy, yet slightly polished look is very much in vogue today. In fact it can be seen on the heads of catwalk models, as well as sports stars and singers.

Though it is suitable for every hair type, it works best on those guys who have coarse locks. Most professional stylists can create the desired appearance quickly and with very little effort. But if this is a look that you would like to have, it is important to do a fair amount of research into the exact way in which you want your hair to appear before any of it is sliced off.

Tom Hardy hairstyle.
Tom Hardy hairstyle.

Taper Fade

Another razor cut style that can be explored is the taper fade. This would typically involve some amount of close cropping, but also strands that are of varying length. The taper fade would usually be slightly longer on the top than the sides or the back. It is a low maintenance option which can be brought to life with a small amount of mousse or gel. It's also a style that women adore to see on guys.

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle.
Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle.

Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky hairstyles are growing in popularity among all types of men. Spikes are no longer limited to punk or emo hairstyles.

One thing that should be considered is the length of the hair. Longer locks are much more difficult to pull into spikes that will stand in place without going limp and trying to fall. Many believe that five to six inches is the longest one should consider trying to style into spikes.

Harajuku Style

As mentioned earlier, razor cut hairstyles for men began in the far east. If you want to opt for one of the original styles then why not consider the Harajuku. The Harajuku is named after a region in Japan where it was first fashionable. It is an option that uses a longer length than the two styles discussed above, and is frequently combined with hair dye.

Photos of Harajuku Hairstyles


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    • AdamCairn profile image


      5 years ago from UK

      "There is no denying that this type of look is not trendy today" - too true.


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