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Red Hair Color Hairstyles, Color, and Tips

Updated on October 12, 2012

Red Hair Color Hairstyles, Color, and Tips

Red is rare. Red is riveting. And most of all red is the color of 2012. This year, red is all about being natural. No bright Crayola red, rather, rich auburns and chesnuts. Streaks of cinnamon....the right tone of orangey-red. Yes!Think Isla Fisher, Kristen Stewart, and Nicole Kidman.

This lens is dedicated to finding the perfect red hue for you, a stylebook of redheads. Moreover, you will find tips on maintaining your red hair color, styling your red hair, hair cuts that embrace red hair, and tricks for getting the perfect red hair at home.

I appreciate all of your support. All profit from this lens (and all other lenses) is dedicated to a college scholarship for my every comment, sharing of this lens, like and so forth helps a little girl fulfill her dreams. Thank you.

Should You Go Red? - Secrets from the Experts

Q. Who is a good candidate for red hair?

Colorist and educator Stacey Jones, who is also the Senior Brand Manager for Ion Color Brilliance, offers these tips. "While almost any skin tone can be vamped up with red, cooler skin tones look best in deep, cool reds and warmer skin tones can wear shades from rich auburn to strawberry blonde."

Q. What is the best way to care for color-treated red hair?

"Using a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair is a definite must!" says Stacey Jones from Ion Color Brilliance. "Up to 45% of color loss is attributed to shampooing. Be sure the shampoo has a pH factor below 5.5 to mimic hair's natural acidity. Always use cool water when rinsing, this helps to close the cuticle layers, thus keeping the color vibrant and deep within the hair strand. Hot water opens the layers of the hair and can contribute to color loss."

Do reds fade faster than other haircolor? "Because red hair molecules are small, they tend to shampoo out or fade more quickly than other haircolors," says Clairol's Danny LaPointe. "So it is particularly important to use shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for color-treated hair. Use a color-refreshing shampoo in the same tonal family as the shade you've chosen."

From the Experts at Sally Beauty Supply

Subtle and Natural Red Hair Comes to Town

This hue of red makes me blush. In part because it makes me question my sexuality, but because I am SO jealous, also. This red, yet brown hue is beautiful and it makes you stand out in all of the right ways.

If you are thinking about going red this year, I suggest this color because it is so easy for stylists to accomplish.

Natural Red - Lindsey Lohan

At last, this woman had come to her senses (we hope) and returned to her roots. Her beautiful ginger rich red hair.

If you are contemplating going this red, you should ask a colorist if it is right for you as this is a striking color!

Red Pixie Delight!

Red Red Red. Ooh La La - Jessica Stam from Fashion Magazine

This is a stunning photo and the exact red hue that is running the gamut this season. That fire-orange natural red hue is everywhere. I think that only a handful of women can pull this off. You need flawless skin. You need fair skin. And you may need a smokinn' bod too.....

How to Dye Your Hair Red at Home

Kate Mara Defines Elegant Red Hair

Red hair can dominate the show, but it doesn't have to. Here, Kate Mara demonstrates that a demure, yet glamorous half and half do will keep the balance between your beautiful face and your red hair. Add in the soft curls using rollers or a curling iron.

Fierce Red on an Even Fiercer Haircut

Okay, so I stated that natural red was the trend of this year, but do you know what is really going crazy this year? Hot haircuts with bold color. THis pixie makes me so excited because it marries two of my favorite things: red hair and pixie haircuts.

You know my pixie lens, and now I am featuring this pixie here because it is SO superb.

Red Hair Trend Alert: Pixies

Come on, you know that you want one! And what better way to show off your vibrant red locks than an updated, smexy haircut?

Tips on Red Hair can be seen at a number of my red hair lenses!!!!

Olive Skin and Red Hair

Khloe K. proves to the world that olive skin and red hair can go together. While, it is clear that this is not her natural hair color, she manages to own it, as though it is. Choosing the right red for your olive skin tone is super important. For example, avoid strawberry and copper and go for a red brown or deep auburn color . These will play up your natural golden tone without making your skin appear sallow.

My Favorite Red Hair Color Depositing Shampoos and Conditioners

Red Hair Tip of the Day

Red is a tricky color to master. There is a shade out there to suit most skin tones. It's trial and error. Because of this it's worth doing your research first: if you can collect a few pictures of women with complexions similar to your own, it'll help immensely when the time comes to decide which shade of red is going to work best with your own natural colouring.

Red Hair. Oh My! - Get Red Hair without the Chemicals

So you want red hair, but you don't want the damage that comes along with getting that perfectly red shade. Don't worry there is one very natural, practically free way to add red tones to your hair. Ready? Don't laugh. Beets.

Yep, beetroot, one of the only naturally occurring red things in the world...and the best thing about a beet? The moment you cut it open, that beautiful red tone oozes out onto everything...and seemingly never comes out.

So how can you go about dyeing your hair red with beets?

Combine 1/2 cup of beet juice and a 1/2 cup of carrot juice. Mix well. Put the juice in your hair. Let it sit for about an hour...condition. Repeat this each day until you find the right amount of red for you!

This really, really does work!

Tell Me the Truth

Many actresses take their hair to the red side and it can make or break them (well, break their huge wallets to go back to their other hue)...I want to know which actress you think pulls off red hair the best. Red hair is ravishing and I believe that it is a tight fight between Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone, but I want your opinion.

Who is Your Favorite Red Head???

See results

Sexy Dark Auburn Hair

Naturally, Debra Messing makes red hair wonderful

This color works really well with women who are fair, but have peachy undertones. If you are going out for the evening think about applying dark black eyeliner and creating that smudgy effect(not a smoky eye). The black eyeliner and the red hair will dramatize your look. The contrast is stunning and you could wear skinny jeans and a sexy blouse and look smoking hot.

If you are interested in learning how to apply eyeliner, check out my Eyeliner Lens. Click the picture of Debra.

Red Hair in A Bottle

So you want to dye your hair, but you're scared. That's okay. I would be scared, too; it is a major jump into a territory that could leave you crying black tears into your bathroom sink. If you are not ready to test the ruddy waters, then give these color-depositing shampoos a try. They deposit red color into your hair follicles, enhancing the natural red tones that exist on your hair already.

Doing this will give you the opportunity to see if certain red color flatter you or make you a terror. Good luck and one day, you will dye your hair red and you will never go back....I can almost guarantee that.

The ones that I have tried and WORK are the Aveda Madder Root and the Bumble and Bumble....both really add red coloring to your hair and the red tones are beautiful. The other three work, but they do not work as long.

Milla is a Beautiful Redhead

Red Hair Secrets - Alyssa Campanella, the new Miss USA, tells the world her secrets on how to be a gorgeous redhead!

Alyssa Campanella is a beautiful redhead. A natural blonde, but she declares that she wasn't herself until the day that she went red. Here are her three redhead secrets:

1. Slowly take the red plunge: If you've never gone red before, it is important to dye it slowly because it can be shocking. Alyssa recommends going strawberry blonde if you're a natural blonde or add an auburn tone if a natural brunette. Also, like we all know, red hair is all about the personality, so you have to make sure you can pull it off- but, beware: it may unleash a fun life!

2. Always use semi permanent hair color: Semi permanent hair color has less chemicals and therefore, isn't as harmful on your red locks.

3. Wash your hair less: Red is the one color that washes out the fastest. We recommend washing your hair every two days.

Being A Redhead

Choosing to become a redhead isn't just a color. It is a personality. One must possess a certain attitude to make the red hair color come to life. A redhead is intelligent, fiery, strong, and most of all confident with herself.

In 2011, more women chose a red hue than any other year in the last decade. Do you dare to go red?

Choosing the Right Red Hue

Don't head down to the color aisle and grab a box of red dye and hope for the best. Do your research. Certain red hues work better for certain skin tones. Let's have a looksy, shall we:

Fair Skin: If you have fair skin, you should avoid dark reds because it will make your face "wash" out...meaning that you may end up looking sickly. If you are a blonde with fair skin, try out a deep strawberry blonde hue. On the other hand, if you are a brunette with fair skin, have your colorist add in red tones to your hair color. Your hair will end up a beautiful chestnutty red tone that will match your skin tone perfectly.

Medium Skin Tone: Medium skin tones are beautiful, but the wrong red tone will make you look like a clown. Aim for a medium red brown tone to start. After you are comfortable with the redness in your hair, have your colorist put in a medium auburn with cinnamon highlights. Avoid dark reds.

Olive Skin Tone: Olive skin should stick with deep shades of red and avoid copper or strawberry colors. Ask your colorist what color will flatter your skin tone bet and go with that one. Most often, olive skinned women will be flattered in cool red shades.

Sexy Red on Black

Kristen Stewart is fresh faced and makes a saring statement by pairing her red hue atop black strands. Give it a try.

Red Hair Tips - From David Evangelista, Hair stylist to the Stars

According to Evangelista, anybody can become a redhead, but it may prove trickier for some more than others. His first tip is to find out of you are cool or warm. Cool skin has pink/blue undertones, while warm skin has golden/green/peachy undertones.

His advice for Warm Skin Tones:

He loves a warm chestnut hue with cinnamon highlights on a woman with warm skin.

Women with warm skin should stick to deep, rich colors like chestnut, auburn, or dark golden brown and highlight with red streaks.

His advice for Cool Skin Tones:

Cool ladies should stick with lighter and brighter reds. The very natural ginger colors.

Try intense shades of brown, red or blonde for base color

Highlight with wheat, honey, taupe or ash shades that contrast base

Red Color Depositing Shampoos

I don't know if you have ever heard of these, but I am very curious about them. There are several marketed color-depositing shampoos on the market and it would be interesting to see how they would work on brunette or blonde hair.

Go Auburn

Auburn is a beautiful shade of red. It is not over the top, but it still catches the eye...OF EVERYONE!

If you have never had red hair before, then I suggest doing the auburn switch gradually. Start with lowlights first, then approach some highlights, and eventually transform yourself into a radiant redhead.

Auburn is a very popular winter color. Its richness and depth are inviting and warm. When the hair is properly maintained any style will look wonderful and in place. When you have switched to Auburn hair color it is important to use shampoo that is made for Auburn hair. If you get red highlights with your color, you will want to use a shampoo that is made for red hair. By using the proper shampoo you will not experience the brassiness or fading that sometimes occurs. (

After dying your hair red, you will need to change your make up as well...especially if your wear a cake load of it. If you continue to wear heavy makeup, you will look ugly and old. That's a promise.

All Natural Auburn Hair Coloring Kit

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner, Auburn, 4 oz (113 g) (Pack of 3)
Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner, Auburn, 4 oz (113 g) (Pack of 3)

Maybe you are like me and don't like to put chemicals in/on your body, but still want to look fabulous. This hair coloring kit is one that I "go to" ALL of the time. It gives you the hair color that it claims and there are no carcinogenic chemicals in it at all.

The wonderful feature of this product is its conditioning system that you use after coloring. It makes your hair SO soft and look so riveting that people will think that your hair color is as natural as the products in the dye.

It's pricey, but totally worth it.


Copper Or Go Home!

Gosh! I love copper colors in hair. This is possibly the mist beautiful hair color that I have ever seen. Not only doe it enhance the warmth of the skin, but it makes your eye color pop clear out of your head. Kristen Stewart debuted copper locks this spring and she looks so bright and refreshing (compared to that drab black she had).

Protecting You Red Hair Color

Red hair color fades almost as fast as the time it took to make you a red head. Doesn't seem very fair, but such is life. Here are some great tips to insure that your red mane stays RED for as long as possible:

1. Make sure that your hair is clean before dying it red. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it has become a common question, thus I feel it necessary to make the statement.

2 .Avoid washing your hair 48 hours after getting your hair colored. Washing your hair during this critical interval can strip much of that beautiful red tone out of your hair AND it will leave your looking drab and unfab.

3. Do not do hair treatments the day you have your hair colored. Duh.

4. Wear hats or UV protection on your hair in the sun to prevent fading. The sun is evil to red is jealous.

5. Get a clear or red cellophane gloss one week after having your hair colored. It is all about protection.

6. Use a color depositing shampoo.

Amy Adams Not a Natural Redhead!

Nope, naturally, she is blonde.

Top Three Haircuts for Red Hair

Red hair pops. It REALLY pops. There are some haircuts that make it shine even more:

1. The Modern Pixie. Long on top, short in the back. Have th pieces graze the eyes. That red hair will not be the only thing people notice, but it will surely catch their attention. (Intrigued by pixie crops, click the photo to check out the latest lens on Pixie Hair).

2. Long Shag. Nuff said.

3. Long hair with soft, elegant curls. Think Emma Stone.

What Do Men Think of Redheads

First of all, you are a redhead, so you could give two cents what a man thinks of your hair color. But in case you were curious about what they WERE saying, here you are:

According to a survey done by Marie calire's experts, this is what men had to say about fiery vixens:

Red Headed Step-Child

That was the first thing to come out of their mouths during the survey. Many men compared redheads to outcasts. Perhaps it is because there are not very many of them, but the men reported that they are rarely discussed in their circle of friends. Sorry girls, but we must be demanding.

Redheads are Fiery

Tell us something that we don't know. Men stated that a red head is a cross between a bubbly blonde and a butt-kicking brunette. Redheads possess all of the good qualities of blondes and brunettes, plus that little something extra. Thanks boys!

Beauty tips for Red Heads

Redheads must choose their makeup wisely. Risk too much and clowns get out of the car with you. Risk not enough and nobody gets out of the car with you. To decide what make up you should wear that will compliment your hair shade, you must decide which tone you fall into. Are you red-violet, copper, or true red? Find that out and then follow these tips:

If you’re a copper top, you want to make sure orangey makeup and clothing won’t clash with your hair hue. The same goes for violet redheads and purple shades, and true reds and red shades — and all three should be wary of pinks. (This sentence comes from Marie Claire).

All you need is uber black mascara. I'm not kidding, just lather your eyelashes in some heavy mascara and the stage is yours! If that isn't enough for you, there are some tricks that can help pay up your look:

If you want to cover up some freckles, use a sheer powder. It hides them, but doesn't erase them. Everyone loves a few freckles.

That's it. I won't tell you what else to do, since I really think nothing should be done. Grab a tube of mascara.

Avoid the Brassy, Brazen Tones - Get Some Kool Aid

According to popular New York City stylist, Tippi Porter, the secret to perfect color is purple Kool Aid.

All you need to do is:

-Mix 1 packet of Kool Aid grape powder with your shampoo.

-Wash and you should notice a difference immediately!

You may be asking yourself, Why Kool Aid?

The geniuses at Instyle state that because purple is on the opposite side of the color spectrum to red, the Kool Aid dye is able to cancel out brassy orange tones.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Instyle’s 50 Best Beauty Tips of All Time then its good enough for me.

Let me know if this trick works for you!

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      4 years ago

      Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. kkdeffedbbkd

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love some of the "reds" you posted here, thanks. However I disagree about the makeup. Black mascara, yes. BUT redheads need lip color and most of us miss the mark...too red or too beige. Also if you have light eyes and go red, shadow can really play it up even more.

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 

      6 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I love having red hair! I always use henna powder tho.

    • MetkaL profile image


      6 years ago

      Having red hair is great! My hair was black all my life and now is red! I love it so much that I made a lens about it:)

    • seedlingspublis profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Cherry-Ambition: I saw that, thank you for pointing out the error. It has been fixed.

    • Cherry-Ambition profile image


      6 years ago from U.S.

      I don't see any photo for this Alyssa Campanella you mentioned? I believe you have Emma Stone pictured there instead...

    • sharioleary profile image

      Shari O'Leary 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      Lots of great tips here.

    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 

      6 years ago

      Great lens, I wanted to leave a comment yesterday, but my computer froze.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love being a redhead. What a fantastic list.

    • Rangoon House profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      Some beautiful reds in your list.

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 

      6 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Red is beautiful!

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 

      6 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Beautiful girls with beautiful red hair. Nice lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Red hair looks awesome.


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