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Red Hair Fall 2012

Updated on October 5, 2012

Red Hair Fall 2012

Autumn calls me every year. It gets cooler, the leaves begin to fall and the tan begins to fade. To create that warmth that the summer sun lends to my skin and hair, I choose to highlight or turn my hair a natural shade of red each October. This year, I will be going to my staple, Medium Reddish Brown because it is a rich fire red brown hue that brightens up my skin tone and hits all of the warm glows that I live in the fall/winter seasons.

If you are looking to turn into a redhead this fall or winter, read this lens to get great advice and color inspirations that will help you find the perfect red for you.

The colors that are going to be extra spicy this fall are rich cinnamon, sultry sienna, auburn, natural coppers, and rich browns with red overtones. This lens will give you pictures, tips and so much more!!!

Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing this lens. All profits go towards a child's college education fund. Thank you.

Bright Red-Orange Hair

Bright Red-Orange Hair
Bright Red-Orange Hair

Shoulder Length Red Hair

Free Flowing Auburn Curls - Drew Barrymore

Red Hair Colors - The Top DIY Hair Coloring Kits

It can be hard to pick an at-home coloring kit that

A Rich Auburn Red that Is Good for Warm Skin Tones

Warm toned ladies can be redheads too. It is not reserved for ivory skinned gals.

I know. I am a redhead and I have red hair. Well I have red-brown hair, but hey, who is judging (me, I am for sure).

If you are warm toned and want to get red hair, don't be afraid. Do be diligent in choosing the right color, however.

This photo demonstrates that those bright red-orange colors over a more red-brown tone can give you the va va voooom that you are looking for in a red hair color without making you look clownish.

Red Hair Meets Form

Dark Red Hair Updo

Dark Auburn Hair a la Emma Stone

Strawberry Blonde Hair

True Red Hair

Emma Watson Red Hair

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    • profile image

      sweetsytutu 5 years ago

      What a great lens. Makes me want red hair!