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Red Hair for Your Skin Tone

Updated on August 3, 2014

Choosing the Right Red Shade for Your Skin Tone

Red hair is my favorite hair color ever. Unfortunately, it is SO easy to choose the wrong the hair color if you are unsure of your skin tone. I know the feeling. I have a warm skin tone, but I am fair, so it is very hard to nail down the perfect color. I chose to go to a stylist/colorist to help me, but doing that all of the time is expensive. So here is the best guide for all edgy women out there looking to go red in all of the right ways.

There are many pictures on this lens to help you decide what red works best for you. Feel free to print this out and take it to your colorist or use it to nail down the right DIY hair coloring kit.

Good luck and stay strong!

Red Hair for Cool Skin - Summer Trend 2012

Auburn Hair Trend 2012

This is the color for the summer and fall of 2012 if you are considering going red this year. The color is natural, yet it feels surreal. Most women can pull this color off, but I would ask your stylist to make suggestions as to whether or not you should do this exact color.

Emma Watson's Light Auburn Hair

Emma Watson is a warm toned young woman and she looks ravishing with this light auburn brown hair color.

If you have skin like Emma's then you can dare to go this route. The light auburn with blonde highlights will give you a natural, eye-catching look. You will be able to pull the color off even better if you lighten your eyebrows to a medium/light brown color.

Even further, this color will pair with a woman who has light eyes.

What Red Tone Rocks Your Fiery World???

Favorite Red Hue

See results

Christina Hendricks is a Beautiful Redhead

Copper hair looks the best on women with pink undertones, better known as cool skin. Look at Christina Hendricks. Her beautiful rosy undertones make this copper tone pop everything else.

Fire Engine Red

In my mind only goddesses can pull off the fire engine red, but go ahead and be bold!

If you are contemplating the fire engine red hair, I highly suggest that you are fair-skinned. Warm, medium skin tones will look awful with fire engine red tones. I promise.

And after you've gone red, texturize your hair with waves and an undone look. It is sexy.

Emma Stone - Dark red brown

I cannot get enough of Emma Stone's red locks. They are dark enough to be brown, but that hint of cinnamon pops out allover.

This dark red brown works well on women with warm/fair skin tones. If you have yellow undertones, this red will not make you appear sallow or orange.

On the other hand, this tone will look ravishing on fair skin as well....because fair women and red hair naturally go together.

Cool Skin with Darker Reds - Katherine is the Example!

Katherine Heigl is known for her beautiful blonde locks, but I can't help but love this dark burgundy red on her. She has cool skin. How can you tell? Her cheeks are red from underneath the skin.

Generally, if you have pink undertones, you are considered to have cool skin can be a medium cool or a fair cool...

Women with cool skin tones will look wonderful with reds that fall into the burgundies, mahoganies, and blue-based reds. However, if you have ruddy skin or rocascea I would steer clear of will make you look terrible. I suggest dyeing your hair a beautiful brown to off-set the ruddiness.

Woo Hoo Red

Fire engine red is a huge red hair trend for this upcoming Fall 2011 Trends, but can you pull this off. Sure, if you have the confidence and a flawless complexion. Yep, I said it. You need to have excellent skin and it will go great with natural ivory skin. Think Evan Rachel Wood pale.

I love this picture. This woman should keep this hair color forever, it really suits her.

If you decide to go this color...I suggest a professional colorist...this will be a double process.

Which Color Works For You!

  • Pink/Blue Undertones: Intense reds. Fire engines have nothing on you.
  • Red Undertones: Avoid bright red overtones. Try a dark chestnut, something brown red lowlights or shimmer.
  • Yellow Undertones: Stay away from orangey reds and EMBRACE deep, rich auburns or reddish browns


Olive Skin and Red Hair

Long Orange Red Hair, Cool Skin

Light Golden Red

Whew...this is hot!

Red can Be Inviting

Not So Great

Irish to the - Core

Beautiful Red Hair for Dark Skin Tones

After talking to a stylist, I was able to find the perfect red hair for darker skin tones. Rhianna demonstrates that a cranberry red that is not too bright can really enhance the warm tones in darker skin.

Any darker toned lady can achieve beautiful red hair. This color works great with olive skin too!


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    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 5 years ago

      Good lens, I have chesnut brown hair, nut much red in it.

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 6 years ago from Australia

      Great redheads and beautiful products.