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Find Red Jelly Watches

Updated on August 11, 2012

Jelly Watches in Red

The jelly shoes of the early 80's have never totally disappeared, but the use of color in different rubber and silicone products has continued to evolve, making everything from shoes to storage bins a little brighter. The jelly watches of today are a fun way to find a color coordination chronograph, with colorful silicone jelly watch bands in varied styles. The designs range from elegant to funky, and work for tweens and teens, as well as for business women. If you want to dress your wardrobe up in red, for Christmas, or for Valentine's Day, red jelly watches are perfect! These are great secret pal gifts, or great for your tween daughter to give as a birthday gift to a friend. Prices range from ultra-affordable, to more elegant high-end watches in red.

Favors for a Christmas Gathering

Do you need some inexpensive Christmas Gifts for a famiy gathering? Red Jelly Watches are perfect for tween and teen nieces

Gift Exchanges

Many families opt for name drawing amongst extended relations, but when you aren't around those family members frequently, it's hard to know just what to get. A red jelly watch fits great with a color-themed arrangement, whether a coffee mug gift, or a color themed basket.

Fun Christmas Exchange Game

Put your favors and prizes in the center of the table (wrapped, or unwrapped). Pass a pair of dice around the table, each player rolling. Anyone who rolls doubles picks a prize from the center, or steals from another player. Set the timer at 5 minutes, and when the timer goes off, players keep the prizes they have in their posession at the time. Red jelly watches, as well as green, are perfect for the activity.

Fancy Jelly Watches in Red

Are you looking for something more exquisite, perhaps for a girlfriend, for Valentine's Day, or to stuff her stocking?


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