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Red Red Lips

Updated on September 19, 2015
Lime Crime True Red Retrofuturist Opaque Lipstick
Lime Crime True Red Retrofuturist Opaque Lipstick | Source

Best Red Lipstick for Red Red Lips

What do your red lips say about you? Do you love your red red lipstick? Red is a potent colour, it's highly symbolic with powerful meanings both in nature and culture. Red is hot! Red red lips are perfect for Valentine's Day. Red red lips are so retro and so Hollywood.

So many cool words for this hot colour. Paint your lips red with bright red lipstick, cherry red, crimson, imperial red, ruby red, blood red, cardinal red or wine red lipstick and get noticed.

Tell me the truth now - are you a scarlet woman - or not?

La Femme Coral Red Lipstick for Red Lips - Red Orange Tangerine Bright Mango

La Femme Lipstick Color Coral Frost (Red Orange Tangerine Bright Mango)
La Femme Lipstick Color Coral Frost (Red Orange Tangerine Bright Mango)

Get those red red lips with La Femme are selling a bright, edible scarlet red lipstick - sticky with fruity juice and dripping with food references.


What Does Red Mean?

Color means so much to us that it affects our emotions and actions

What does the color red mean for you?

You might think that it's obvious that wearing scarlet says you're bright and bubbly - but there's more to red than meets the eye! What does red really say about you?

We all know that culturally (that's the culture of the western world, America and Europe) red means danger, passion, blood, violence and war. Nothing wishy-washy here then! Cultural meanings change radically though; In Eastern cultures such as China red is the color for good luck. In the west red might be bold, but in India red represents purity and is used for marriages - don't get it wrong!

But how can wearing red win friends and influence people? It has been scientifically proven that men will spend more on a date if a girls wears red. (Where is that red lipstick!) Men also rate women as more attractive if they are photographed in front of a red background than in front of a blue, green back or white background.

People think that women wearing red are more extravert. Shown pictures of a woman with red lipstick, men will rate her more extravert than a picture of the same woman with more subtle shades of lipstick.

But red can have more, far reaching effects. Advertisers are well aware of the power of color - and the psychology of colour. Men are influenced by the colour red - to the point that teams with red strip tend to win more often. amazing!

So what are the general affects of the colour red?

Red is a stimulating colour, connected to the senses and sexual appetite (back to the scarlet woman). Red is associated with deep passions - love, lust, sex and courage.

Red excites us and get us going! It catches the attention - gets you noticed. Why else would we use red for warning signs and signs of danger?

Marilyn Monroe Rockabilly Red Lipstick - Get Marilyn Monroe Lips

Red lipstick is a true classic. Red lipstick is ALWAYS in fashion. Red is retro and there's always a place for retro but the 50's are really back with a splash! Get that film star Hollywood look with red red lips.

A Short History of Red Lipstick

From the Egyptians to today

Madeleine Marsh, author of Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty From Victorian Times to the Present Day (Women with Style) recounted the remarkable history of lipstick on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Friday 6th June 2014 and it was notable what a strong role red lipstick played in this history.

Marsh tells us that the frist evidence we have of the use of lipstick was from an erotic Egyptian papyrus showing a woman painting her lips - probably with henna, but the real heyday of red lipstick was the 20th century. This is when respectable women were 'allowed' by society to paint their faces.

In 1912 at a suffrage march in New York the women all painted their lips bright red - a strike for freedom to wear whatever they wated to without censure. Interestingly enough, one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden, was on this march. Find out more about Elizabeth Arden and her arch rival Helena Rubenstein in the book War Paint: Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden, Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry

by Lindy Woodhead (author of Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge)

The influence of Hollywood on the red lipstick craze was strong too. Max Factor was in the right place at the right time when he moved to Hollywood in 1909 juqt before the first movie was made in 1910.

With cinema we saw faces blown up on a gigantic scale and the studio lights demanded a new breed of grease paint.

Lipstick took off in the roaring twenties when the bright young things took to the Betty Boop bee-stung fashion of lipstick invented by Max Factor. It was he who covered the whole mouth with foundation and then applied two thumb prints of red on the top lips and two on the bottom for Mae Murray:

During the war red was patriotic

During the war red lipstick took on a patriotic role even though the production of cosmetics was reduced to only 25 percent of its prewar volume as the machinery normally used to make lipstick was used instead to make shells. It became up to the women to stay strong and beautiful for the boys (grrrr) and red lipstick became a badge of courage carry names such as 'Fighting Red" and "Patriotic Red".

In the 60's the fashions chnaged dramatically. Gone were the womanly curves of the 50's and out popped the gamine girl, Twiggy with bust measurement of 30.5". Youth came to the fore and white or pale lipsticks allowed emphasis to be put onto the big baby eyes, or silver and gold lips looked to the modern and space-age look.

Wet n Wild Red Red Lips - Do you feel wet 'n' wild?

Hot red, Fuchsia red, cherry red, Garnet red and Hollywood wine red. So many words for RED. So many shades of lipstick. So many shades of red. Make your wet n wild lips tick

Marilyn Monroe loved red lips

Red is the colour of Valentine's Day

Red is the traditional colour of roses, of love and Valentine's Day. I love this poster of Marilyn. Get your lips ready for Valentine's Day and for love.

Rihanna Red Lipstick

Rihanna has red red lips!

Rihanna Red Lipstick - the new song from Rihanna's album "Talk That Talk" Red Lipstick [Explicit]

Rihanna red lip poster is hot

Lime Crime Red Lipstick - Opaque red lipstick

A great range of long lasting lipstick.

Crimson Red - Paint Your Lips Flower


Flower Kiss High Shine Rose Bud - Rose red flower lipsticks

Flower Kiss Stick High-Shine Lip Color LS17 Rose Bud
Flower Kiss Stick High-Shine Lip Color LS17 Rose Bud

Color your lips rose red with this range of 'Flower' lipsticks. Emollient oils give smooth, Ultra-high shine. One customer gave this lipstick 5 stars saying that it is a "gorgeous, vibrant, cool-toned red ... without a strong perfume".


KA'OIR Red Red Lip stick - Bright red lipstick

I just love the KA'OIR range of brilliant and, in manycases, wacky colours. Here we're just interested in their colour-saturated red red reds! KA'OIR By Keyshia KAOIR "Red Roses" Lipstick Bright

Retro Red Lip Stick

Retro lipstick reminds me of my grandmother's lipsticks. Do you remember the gorgeous smell of the old lipsticks? Beautiful containers. Search the net for the best retro red lipsticks and you'll find the most beautiful objects - perfect for taking out and topping up with a vintage compact mirror.

MAC Racy Red Lipstick

I love this "Hello Sailor" come-and-get-me idea - definitely for the racy woman look and not without certain references to fast women. Bright and clear classic scarlet red.

Retro Red Lip Stick by Mac

MAC Lipstick RED RACER ~ Hey Sailor collection
MAC Lipstick RED RACER ~ Hey Sailor collection

Hey - this lipstick is shouting out to you! Fabulously and eye-catchingly packed in sailor blue and white stripes which really sets off this bright and clear red lipstick.

Red Racer lipstick is a light scarlet, bright orangy red and is a limited edition from the Hey Sailor collection.


The Language of Red

How we say red red

hot red, bright red, crimson, fucshia red, scarlet, rose red, brilliant red, post box red, pillar box red, blood red, neon red, wine red, ruby red, garnet red, Russian red, cardinal red, carmine, cerise (which is just French for cherry!), claret, coral red, flaming red, geranium red, glowing red, ruddy red, titian red, vermilion

How To Put On Red Lipstick - Get your red red lip colour perfect

Are Your Lips Red Hot?

What Do You Think of Red Red Lipstick?

Do You Love Red Lips?

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© 2013 Barbara Walton

Will You Have Red Red Lips for Valentine's Day? - I'd love to hear from you

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    • BLouw profile image

      Barbara Walton 4 years ago from France

      @masunyoananda: Thanks for dropping by masunyoananda. I love the retro picture but think so many of these red lipstick colours are lovely. I like the fact that these reds are classics and so timeless.

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      masunyoananda 4 years ago

      Love this lens of yours. I am attracted to the Retro Red Lip Stick, as I usually use this color more often. Thanks for sharing...:)