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9 Tricks To Reinvent Your Appearance & Image Instantly!

Updated on August 23, 2017
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Do You Love What You See In The Mirror?

Do you feel like you've been stuck in an "image rut" - you feel like you look the same way, day after day? Have you looked the same way for a very long time? Change can be a lot of fun when it comes to your personal image. As a Certified Image Consultant for over 30 years affiliated with Beauticontrol Cosmetics, I'll give you some easy ways to try on new looks. If you love it, keep the look! If not, try something else.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and your personal image is affected by it – like 2013, when I underwent drastic facial surgery to cure a malignant cancer – Melanoma. I was left with a huge scar on my face and believe me, it affected my image! What to do? Bring focus to other aspects of myself. (And of course focus on being grateful for being cured!)

I'll provide you with sources to get the things I recommend for starters and of course you'll find lots of your favorites elsewhere online and in "real world" too.

So let's get you in front of the mirror... and get started!

Do you have some things about your appearance that bug you and you'd like to change? Well, read on...

Take an hour, a day... or a weekend... devote the entire focus to YOU... and you can completely reinvent your appearance in no time at all! From simple to standout, in a few easy moves. If nothing else, on Monday morning you'll look like you spent the weekend at a spa and you'll feel like you've had some well deserved pampering!

These are quick changes - nothing too drastic - and pretty affordable. You don't have to do them all! Pick one or two, or do them all.

Try Pushing Your Sleeves Up To Look Thinner!

Try Slim Shoulder Pads To Thin Your Waist!

Lauren Silva Dolman Style Women's Shoulder Pads - Petite Style 0778 - Beige
Lauren Silva Dolman Style Women's Shoulder Pads - Petite Style 0778 - Beige

Shoulder pads are another trick of the eye that make you look thinner instantly! These are a nice subtle size that will do the trick.


Image Survival For The Real Size Woman!

You can get my e-book which works with the special challenges facing plus-size women Drop me a note through the contact form at top right if you want one.

Long Over Lean = Thinning!

Have you heard the phrase, "Long over Lean?" It works to make you look pounds thinner! A long vest is the perfect accessory to try the method with! Try it with a longer top and slim pants or leggings. I love it because it hides my rear, while the open front allows me to add interest with belts or scarves without adding weight.

How Do I Know My Best Colors?

Without the opportunity to analyze a photo of you, I can't guess... BUT I can give you some hints! If you have real red or auburn hair, and possibly freckles, you're Warm. If your coloring is strong, (eyes/lips/eyebrows) you're probably an Autumn. If your coloring is soft and pastel, you're probably a Spring. Your best colors next to your face will be Warm - tans, beiges, yellows, oranges, warm reds, browns, warm greens, turquoise.

If you have blonde or brown hair, brown eyes, black eyes, most blue eyes, you are like more than 80% of the world's population - Cool. If your coloring is strong and deep, you're a Winter. If you're soft and pastel, you're a Summer. 99% of the people with brown hair and brown eyes I've color analyzed have been Cool. Compare yourself to the photos later on in this article and you'll see the differences in color seasons.

Test your theory. Hold a white blouse or cloth up next to your face. Look closely at the total picture. Do you look bright and happy? Now hold a beige or ivory cloth up next to your face. What changes? If you look better in the white, that is Cool. Better in the ivory is Warm. Not sure? Try it again comparing pink and orange.

SO... reinvention #1 is... wear your best color next to your face! Here I am in black, a good color choice for me.

In this picture, I've dressed in my favorite "uniform" – black jersey knit top and pants, by Norma Kamali. (I was lucky enough to pick up a whole wardrobe of her pieces when her line was in Walmart! You can still find them on secondary markets like ebay)

Let's Go Shopping On The Cheap!

Shopping Is One Of My Favorite Pastimes! Are You A Thrift Store Shopper?

I Am!

One of my favorite pastimes is scouring thrift stores for great bargains! I love to wear designer labels but no way can I afford to pay the retail price sticker! So I go the next best route - pre-loved!

My local Goodwill store is one of my favorite haunts. I have picked up a Coach bag for $14, Born shoes for $7.99; recently a pair of Clarks for $5.99; an Ann Taylor cashmere sweater for $3.95; I scored an amazing leopard print silk blouse by Anne & Frank for $3.95. And there are too many other bargains to list here!

And then there's eBay... my other favorite treasure trove! On my current purchase list are a $225 new with tags DKNY animal print silk scarf vest for which I paid $49; an expensive brand new Stan Herman microfleece robe for $22; and a Flexees red camisole for $24. As long as I am careful to check seller feedback before buying, I have great success buying on eBay. The animal print pashmina scarf I'm wearing in the photo below was purchased on eBay brand new for $4.99. I came back to purchase more colors from the same seller too!

Another great source of clothing bargains can be found at where everything is free! Listia is almost exactly like eBay, in that everything is sold with auctions. The trick is, you deal with the currency of credits which you build by selling your own items! Last month I purchased a preloved Wilson's leather jacket which would retail for around $300 for about 5,000 credits with free shipping! Like eBay, check the seller ratings carefully before you bid. (Watch for my listings at Listia under SheilaSparkles)! My most recent major find on Listia was a $435 Angelique de Paris sterling bracelet, brand new, for about 15,000 credits. Here is another recent find, a Lee Bennett Navajo sterling and gold creation worth over $150 which I bought for around 11,000 credits. Listia rocks! I've included a link to join free below.

Want A Free Color & Image Analysis?

I've been a Certified Image Consultant with Beauticontrol for a few more than 20 years. If you'd like a complimentary online image analysis, just email me at

Accessories Should Be 50% Of Your Wardrobe Budget!

The World's Best Accessory On eBay! - Brand New!

I adore this scarf and have purchased several of them for myself and for friends who fell in love with mine! You just pop it over your head and go. It works great over a camisole top and pants or skirt. With a scarf like the one shown below you can transform any plain outfit into something amazing! Love, love, love!!!

Do You Need A Closet Cleaning?

Maybe... and maybe not! If you're lucky, you already own lots of pieces in your color season. You'll be able to keep everything you're comfortable wearing, and start from tere building more coordinating pieces.

If you're not so lucky, you own a lot of unflattering colors. If they are tops, dresses, etc., that are worn next to your face - find new homes for them! You can always keep bottoms in the "wrong" colors for you, since you wear those away from your face.

Once you're done clearing out some items, it's time to take a wardrobe inventory.

Here Are Those 9 Tricks I Promised!

  1. Your hair. Do you love it? Hate it? Are you just bored with it? Again the general guideline with hair first and foremost is that if you have Cool coloring, your hair color should be Cool. (I hear a lot of Cool brunettes who are wannabe Redheads groaning...) If you color your own hair, look for names that include Cool, Ash, or Natural. If you're Warm, look for names including "Golden, Warm, Red."

    If you wear your hair up all the time, try wearing it down with side clips to keep it off your face. If you always wear your hair down, experiment with wearing it up in an easy clip, bun, etc. Just Google "hairstyles" and you'll come up with a million ideas.

    Most important is that your hair is healthy and in good condition. For that, I can't recommend WEN highly enough. It replaces shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. I've used it for over two years and I'll never put anything else on my hair! Visit your salon regularly for trims to keep hair healthy too.Change your hair. If you can splurge on a whole new hairdo, fine. If you can't, then do something simple. Put it in a ponytail. If you always wear a ponytail, wear it down and styled in loose waves. Clip it back with barrettes. Try an updo. But make it completely different from your usual everyday style. (About hair color - it should match your color season. For example, Winters are never redheads).

  2. Switch up your jewelry. Try on some different styles and find something that gives you a new look.
  3. Get your nails done, do your own manicure, or just change your polish color. Go with your color season and stay in your makeup personality. If you're a Natural you won't be comfortable in red - don't even try!
  4. Or lack thereof! Glasses have a huge impact on your image. They can help... or not. You can opt to go without them using contacts, or you can go from contacts to wearing glasses. In fact you can even wear nonprescription glasses if you want to for fun! The options are practically limitless.

    The biggest tip I can give you is to wear glasses that go with your color season. If you're Cool, you should go with glasses in cool colors. If you're Warm, ditto. Go with warm colors. If you need help with your coloring, just contact me to find out how I can do an online color analysis for you free!

  5. Makeup - if it is not in your color season, don't put it on. If you're Cool and you've been wearing Warm colors, try using a rose-toned blush rather than a peach tone. Try a neutral beige foundation rather than warm beige. Try gray eyeshadow instead of brown. Plum, even better. Rose toned lipstick instead of peachy.
  6. Clothing. Take a closet inventory. Take a photo or write down a list of every single item you have. What works? What needs fixing before you can wear it? What's the item you haven't worn in five years, still with the new tags hanging on it? What doesn't fit you? What is hanging there that you hope will fit someday? What are the predominant colors in your wardrobe? Once you take a good look at your closet, you can start taking some actions. Sell or give away the things that don't fit right now. Think of a favorite color in your season that you could add to make many new outfits. Say you have almost all black. How about a blouse or camisole in a bright pop of color like turquoise or orange (depending on your color season). Take the items that need fixing to a tailor.

    The Outfit - something in your color season that is flattering, fits well, and fits your fashion personality. It doesn't have to be new. You'll find that if you are dressed in your correct colors AND you are wearing the correct colors of makeup, everything will just work together. You won't clash anymore. It'll be amazing!

  7. Accessories. Have fun with your purse, your watch, your earrings, belt, shoes. I always advise people to spend 85% of their clothing budget on accessories. They can make old outfits new. I count vests and wearable scarves as accessories. Accessories. They say you should spend 20% of your wardrobe budget on clothing and 80% on accessories. I really agree with this, at least in principle. You can take a simple black top and capris and make them look different a hundred ways just using accessories. We're talking scarves, belts, and jewelry here. Oh and hair accessories - can't forget those!

    Once you've taken an inventory of your accessories, think about what things you could add to make outfits look new.

  8. Underneath it all... shapewear! If you don't think it will make a difference in how you look, pick up a siple torset (the kind that goes underneath your bust and you wear your own bra with). Pair that with a firm control brief. Try on an outfit - any outfit - and have someone take your picture front, back and sides. Now put on the same outfit without all the shapewear and repeat those photos. You'll be amazed.
  9. Try a color you have never worn (in your color season) next to your face in a scarf, top or jacket.

What Things Have You Tried In Personal Image?

See results

In the following pictures, I've dressed in my favorite "uniform" – black jersey knit top and pants, by Norma Kamali. (I was lucky enough to pick up a whole wardrobe of her pieces when she was in Walmart!)

Look at the difference just a simple scarf vest makes! This one is a DKNY Scarf Vest. This is one of my favorite accessories. I searched for months for it on eBay until I found this brand new one at an amazing deal! (I never, never pay retail).

Look At The Difference This Scarf Makes!

Look At The Difference This Scarf Makes!
Look At The Difference This Scarf Makes!

Plain Black Top & Pants, Ready To Accessorize

Plain Black Top & Pants, Ready To Accessorize
Plain Black Top & Pants, Ready To Accessorize

Know Your Makeup & Fashion Personality!

Your Makeup/Fashion Personality

There are four types we will work with - Classic, Dramatic, Romantic and Natural. Everybody is a mix of at least two, but one will be primary and the other secondary. Let's talk celebrities to give you an idea.

Classic = Nancy Reagan, Ellen DeGeneres - Tailored suits, clean simple lines, pearls, always perfect makeup, pumps, flats, subdued hosiery

Romantic - Jane Seymour. Ruffles, girly-girl, ultra-feminine in every regard. Makeup tends to be soft and subdued.

Dramatic - Christina Aguilera, Cher (to the extreme), Bold colors, dramatic pieces of jewelry, look-at-me shoes, high fashion hair.

Natural - Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg. Natural fabrics, tend toward casual, comfortable, little makeup as possible.

So which are you, mostly? And which are you just a little bit? I'm a Classic/Dramatic. Whlie my clothes are always in clean, simple lines, and flowing drapey fabrics, they tend toward bold or bright colors and my accessories tend to be on the larger, more dramatic side. That's Classic with Dramatic tendencies. You get the idea.

SO... realize what you are, and work with it! If you're a Classic Natural, you wouldn't be caught dead in ruffles. Period. Save them for your curtains.

Below: get a friend to play "beauty shop" with you for an afternoon or evening - it's fun!

Try Taking It All Up One Notch!

Try to take your makeup, hair, eyeglasses (or sunglasses), clothing and accessories just one step up. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes!

If you're what we call a "Natural" fashion personality, you will want everything comfortable, no-hassle and subdued. Try subtle changes like a tinted moisturizer, a different hairstyle, glasses in your season color, clothes in your color season in a more luxurious fabric (silk, linen, rayon) and maybe tie a scarf or pin a pin on your handbag. Small steps!

If you're more a Dramatic fashion and makeup personality, just have fun! You'll know what to do. Go for a new bold color outfit in your color season, find a fun new scarf or hair ornament, change your hairstyle, get some fun new glasses or sunglasses, and experiment with a new wrap (for summer, a light chiffon; for winter, something cashmere-y).

Once you're satisfied with your new look, take a picture! That way you can see how your image is being projected real-life. Here, I took a before and after pic on the same day. In this, I incorporate the advice I'm giving you to try here. I'm a Winter (Cool) and a Dramatic/Classic Makeup/Fashion Personality.

What Do You Say?

Do You Like Changing Up Your Image Every Now & Then?

Ever Thought About Doing Image Consulting?

If the idea interests you, I'll be glad to give you info on how to get started!

These Comments Appeared In My Older Similar Lens... - I Deleted It But Wanted To Save Their Comments!

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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I truly don't want to appear mean,but your hair really needs attention!

      Your suggestions on some level are brilliant and fool proof but you should practice what you preach. You should pay more attention to your online pictures ,your tatty shoes in picture 2 look awful., and a good cut and colour would make you look polished. As it is you don't appear creditable as you don't look together yourself. Sorry if this appears harsh


    • girlfriendfactory profile image


      5 years ago

      Great advice for folks stuck in a rut! More people should have their colors done...that in itself would save people looking so sallow! :-) Great job!

    • missBorokwa profile image


      6 years ago

      i wanted to make a lens on this subject,but never got around to it,well done you've done a great job!!! good lens:)

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile image

      Dawn Romine 

      6 years ago from Nebraska

      I love Thrift store shopping, Omaha has some GREAT thrift stores at wonderful prices. I've found designer clothes with tags still on them.

    • takkhisa profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome tips.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello, nice to meet you. Your lens is very encouraging.

    • siobhanryan profile image


      6 years ago

      Brilliant tips

    • beaworkathomemom profile image


      7 years ago

      lovely tips for couples always something new to keep our partner's attention.

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      7 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Hi! Thanks for the tips.


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