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Rem Spring - Hair Removal Tool for Women

Updated on March 24, 2013

R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover

Simple and effective way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Less expensive, but just as effective as waxing!

I have been using R.E.M. facial hair removal tool for about two years and I love it! It took a little time to get used to using and it definitely hurts a little, but the product does what it is made to do - it removes facial hair with little time and little effort.

I don't have to go through painful waxing and embarrassing skin irritation any more!

I hope you find my review helpful and your smile less hairy :)

R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover - Hair Tool That Works

R.E.M. spring can be used on upper and lower lip, chin, nose and cheek area.

I use it mostly on upper lip. It is really easy to use, effective and quick.

The spring pulls hair from its roots and the first time I used it I had tears in my eyes. Facial skin area is very sensitive and the pain came to me with no surprise. The more I use it the less it hurts mostly because there is less hair to pull.

This is not laser hair removal, so the hair will grow back.

I like the fact that I can take care of facial hair when it's needed. It takes 2-3 minutes of my time every 10-14 days and I'm done.

Read my instructions bellow to learn how to use it.

R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover - The Original Facial Hair Removal Spring for Women. 100% Professional Stainless Steel (No Plastic, Colors or Chemicals). Pouch included
R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover - The Original Facial Hair Removal Spring for Women. 100% Professional Stainless Steel (No Plastic, Colors or Chemicals). Pouch included

Key Features:

Suitable for all hair and skin types, including sensitive skin

Easy to clean

No artificial fragrances or colors

Simple to handle and store



Make sure the skin surface is clean and dry. When you are done, tap some cold water on the area where you removed the hair. Or rinse you entire face with cold water. I find it soothing and less painful!

The more you use the less painful it gets. I got into a habit of using the spring tool once every two weeks. I don't need to use it that often, I just find it less painful because there is less hair to remove.

How to use?

Just like in the picture above bend the spring to create an arch like an upside down letter U. Hold the spring with your thumb and forefinger of each hand and rotate/ turn the spring so your left hand is turning counterclockwise and right one clockwise. At the same time run the spring up and down your face against the hair growth.

Still confused?

Watch short video bellow to help you get the hang of it.

How to Video Instructions - Short and to the point! Be sure to watch!

Hair-NixTM is an everyday soothing gel treatment - Product designed to work with R.E.M. spring facial hair remover

Using R.E.M. spring for removal of unwanted facial hair will not stop the hair from growing back.

You can however, slow down the growth by using R.E.M. Spring Hair-NixTM The New Facial Hair Growth Inhibitor - soothing gel that keeps unwanted hair away a little bit longer.

R.E.M. Story

Designed for women by women!

According to website, the product was developed by two sisters who, just like me, got fed up with other methods of hair removal which were expensive and often painful.

R.E.M. Spring vs. Hair Off

Before using rem spring I have also tried hair off facial buffer. Although I find it as effective and less painful it is not as long lasting and it irritates my skin to a point where I break out.

With R.E.M. tool there is no irritation, and no breakouts.

Hair Off Facial Buffer - Less painful then R.E.M. spring

Gently and effectively buffs away facial hair, quickly and completely.

Do you have facial hair? - Leave a note for additional reviews or comments!

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