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Ugg! What's The Difference Australia?

Updated on November 26, 2016

Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia was founded in 1978 by Brian Smith, with a $500 dollar start up. 17 years later Ugg was sold as Sales reached 15 million.

Can you tell?

I wish I could spend more time telling you how to tell a fake Ugg Astralia from a real one. I watched a video recently where the fur inside a black pair of replicas, was gradually coming off and leaving black hair on the bloggers feet. This wouldn’t be an immediate indicator, instead something you’d discover after some time wearing them and after they’ve already been purchased. The designer inspired Ugg Astralia boots have a stamp and all the other details a real one does. The new fake Uggs even come with the hologram tag. There is no way to tell unless you are a serious expert, maybe someone who works at the company and makes uggs all day.

I bet the smell that comes from the factories in China are different than the ones in Australia and maybe someone with a good nose could smell the difference. Ugg Australia will soon be coming out with RFID responders in their boots and costumers can check the authenticity using an iPhone. I’m sure the quality of a real Ugg Astralia will always be better, but as far as telling them apart, a quality replica is identical.

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Best Method to Clean & Protect Your Ugg Sheepskin

First make sure to wash your new Uggs with a sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. Remember to spray them in a well-ventilated or outdoor area. After cleaning them put them in a cool place for 24hrs. When they’ve dried take a suede brush and lightly brush the nap in one direction. That was and you’re ready to where you’re new Uggs.

After awhile you'll notice some wear on your boots. The best way to clean them is with a wet sponge. Let the boots dry naturally for 24hrs then apply your sheepskin spray. Let them sit again for 24hrs and then softly brush the nap in one direction again, with your suede brush. Warning: Never take your Ugg boots to a dry cleaner or put them in a washing machine.

Buying Uggs

I would like to point out that Ugg is a style of boot and not a company. Ugg Astralia is the best Ugg style boot for comfort, variety and most of all its quality. Most people hear Ugg and just expect to see quality boots, but some Uggs are very poorly made and fall apart in months, while others are the highest quality and will last for years.

I have ordered some designer inspired boots from China for a few friends over the years and they were good replicas. If your buying designer inspired one secret is to make sure they're from the Chinese province of Guangdong. Never send money to any other province as there’s very little chance the replicas will be good quality.

A Few Different Uggs

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Between 2011 and 2014 Law enforcement seized over 1.01 million fake Ugg products Globally.

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Look for the stamp?
Look for the stamp?

Buying Replicas

I paid 36usd the last time I ordered Uggs online, but that was a few years ago and I don’t wear them myself. Anyone I’ve ordered them for have been happy.

My boots were 30 dollars Canadian and I bought them at Walmart. I don’t care about being trendy and comfort to me is not getting blisters. I do know a little about fashion and ordering online.

Ugg reports they’ve taken legal action against over 60,000 websites.

A Short Documentary

The Box

This is the same box I’ve received when I've ordered them online. You see that it even comes with a letter of authenticity. Maybe you’d like to wrap one of these boxes and put it under your Christmas tree.

Forbes Says Uggs Are Back!

According to Forbes Magazine Kylie and Kendall Jenners was part responsible for bringing Uggs back in style. Paris Hilton was said to be responsible for a comeback after a short blip in sales in 2012. The brand is much more than a passing trend with revenue of 1.8 billion dollars. Ugg Australia is a trademark in over 130 Countries but 70% of its sales are generated from the United States.

Ugg Quotes

I’ve held on to Ugg boots, I will never graduate to Crocs, But Ugg boots are always and forever. That’s my fashion stepchild. ~Johnny Weir

The thing about Uggs are they’re so comfortable. Once you’ve warn them, you don’t want to go back. ~Tamara Mellon

I look forward to getting back to my house and my Ugg boots and not washing sometimes, and getting back to writing. ~E L James

In L.A. summers blistering heat, I’ve seen many girls wearing short skirts and Ugg boots. I like the boots, and the short skirts but I always wondered, don’t their feet get hot? ~Jackson Rathbone

Approximately 1 million sheep die a year do to premature sheep shearing.

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    • profile image

      marilyn volle 5 years ago

      need some prices on some of your items please

    • steve-bc-ca profile image

      steve-bc-ca 7 years ago from West Kelowna, BC, Canada

      I honestly have never owned a pair of Uggs, but you just sold me on one! I only wish I was reading your hub on this topic and not your comment on mine. Your descriptive and entertaining short take has more life than this entire hub, sadly to say and to have a distinguished writer such as yourself comment on it, is maybe just a little humbling, haha. Thanks again 50 for your wonderful feedback, Steve.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

      I love my UGGS been wearing them for 20 years. No socks and they are the most comfortable boots I ever stuck my feet in. They may be ugly but I'm not into the fashion just the comfort, I'm anxiously waiting for winter so I can wear them every day. I bought black ones and for two weeks the die turned my feet black and I had to scrub my feet well but after a bit that stops happening. I also sit around camp fires and found if you stick your feet close to the fire it will ruin your boots, they curl and draw up then the sole separates, but with some Scotch guard applied and a good suede brush they take a lot of use, it's like walking bare foot on sheep skin rugs.

      I really like them, 50