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Best Bargain Rolex Watches Tips and Advice for Rolex Lovers

Updated on October 28, 2015

Rolex Watches Lovers

Rolex watches are probably top of the leagues, one of its kind and the King of the Watches. It is a symbolic object for status, strength, passion and success. It's the Rolls Royce of all watches and undeniably one of the most pretigious and recognised possession. Whether you are first time buyer or searching for another Rolex or may already own a Rolex masterpiece, you will find this site highly informative and enjoyable.

I wish to dedicated this site to all Rolex Lovers. You will find here tips on buying a new or pre-owned Rolex watch, how to maintain your precious asset and also sharing of experiences and news on Rolex watches.

WARNING: Buy Rolex Watches with More Brain and Lesser Heart

Don't Buy on Impulse

As always, when we see some objects of great desire, may it be a sport cars, a gadget or a precious gem, we tend to let down our guard, act on impulse and acquire the desired objects with no good logical sense. Sometimes, upon purchase, we regretted our action, feel short-changed and often landed in a sorried state of self-blame.

Rolex watches are probably one of the most copied and faked watches in the world. They are also one of the most expensive watches around. Therefore, we should also raise our guards and let our head rules over our heart even we are head over heels with Rolex Watches. See the article in this site for "How to identify a Fake/Counterfeits Rolex Watch".

To prevent acting on impulse, here are some basic advice and tips:

1. Do your research

At least, spent some times surfing the internet to find out how much roughly the model costs. Do not forget to pay attention to the price quoted; if it is for new or preowned Rolex.

2. Compare and verified

Compare the price, description, conditions and do not afraid to ask for more details.

3. Pay a Visit to Physical Store

If possible, visit Rolex store and ask for the quotation of the wanted model. You will get a feel of the current market value of your location.

4. Rest and Think

Let your inital impulse cooled down and think over the criteria that you set. Evaluate and then act.

READ THIS FIRST BEFORE BUYING: How to Identify a Fake/Counterfeit Rolex Watch

There are tons of counterfeits out in the market and many people will try to sell you the fake stuffs. As purchasing a Rolex watch is a substantial investment, you need to follow the usual cautions as like purchase other expensive items.

Before you start your purchase, read this! Here is a collection of tips to arm yourselve with some knowledge of identifying a fake Rolex Watch.

By all means, these tips are not exhausive and fake-proof. As the counterfeit technology improve, you will find that harder and harder to spot the difference between genuine and fake.

1. Examine by Qualified Watchmaker.

The best approach is to take your watch to a qualified watchmaker and let them determine whether your watch is genuine. Let the expert do the examination. However, if this is not possible, see the below steps for self-examination.

2. Check the Tick Movement

There are 2 types that Rolex use. One that use a very good mechanical movements that lets the sweep second hand glide around the dial chapters, a Rolex trait. The second type uses a common quartz movement where the sweep second hand ticks every second as it steps around the dial.

Most likely it could be a fake if it is of the 2nd type. However, please note that Rolex made a few models that also used quartz movements.

3. Examine Watch Band

Remove the watch band and check between the lugs at the 12 position and see if it has an engraved "Registered Design" number. If you see no number, it is fake. Now check between the lugs at the 6 position. Here you should see a serial number of the case. If there is no number, it is fake.

Note: The better counterfeit products could fake the design number and serial number so be careful.

4. Check Glass Crystal

In some model, there is a glass crystal on the back of the case. If you can see the movement of the mechanism, the watch may be fake.

5. Check Casing

If you see a "Rolex" that has the Rolex name engraved on the case back most likely it is fake.

6. Extra Checks For gold colored watches

On gold colored watches, look for signs of wear on the lug ends and on the case backs. Fake Rolex watches will often display area where the gold color has worn off, exposing the white colored base metal of the case below. Check the watch bands and look at the clasp. A genuine Rolex clasp is nicely engraved with the old original Rolex emblem. This appears on both gold and stainless clasps on watch bands.

7. Check Weights

Especially for Gold Rolex watches, Gold Rolex watches are very heavy as compared to the fakes which are much lighter. This is because the specific gravity of gold (Au) is much greater than the specific gravity of a base metal. Stainless steel Rolex watches also have more weight to them because stainless is also much heavier than the base metal used in bogus watches.

Whenever in doubts, please do not buy! Consult the experts and have the watch examined.

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      ibakir 5 years ago

      nice lens i like Rolex products :)

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      ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

      Owning a Rolex is a status symbol. Even a bargan Rolex is more status than I can afford.

      Great lens