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Rubber Cowboy Boots

Updated on October 23, 2014

Rubber-Cowboy-Boots: My Personal Experience

I have been using Rubber cowboy boots for the last ten years now and from what I have gathered so far, I can proudly say they are the best you can hope for especially during those wet and chilly mornings of winter.

What would you actually want to put on during those days if not these kind of boots, which are specially made for such weather?

They are not only made to be worn by adults, no. You can find good, in fact best rubber-cowboy-boots for your kids. It will really help them brave those chilly and rainy mornings of winter to make their way to school.

Having had the opportunity to use a number of different brands and styles of these items, I felt it right to share the knowledge I have gathered so far about some of them.

I may not provide conclusive information about all the brands available out there but at least I want to air out what I think are the top and most sought for rubber cowboy boots in the market today.

Image Credit:, it is available for sale below

Top-Rated Rain-Boots You'll Love

Winter mornings and evenings are always not the best. I also do not like it because of the heavy downpour. It gets even worse when I know that my kids have not gone or, if in the evening, have not come back from school. You are often forced to brace those chilly and rainy days because you have no otherwise.

I have learned to manage it myself. How do I do it? well, it is nothing much. I just acquired a pair of rubber-boots for myself and my young ones. I realized that using an umbrella was not enough. This is because you still have to brave the cold, not to mention your feet getting wet. This happens especially when you are wearing the kind of shoes that cannot stand contact with water.

Rubber cowboy boots have many advantages, one being its ability to provide some warmth and protection of your feet from rainwater. It will also help you indirectly, because your other precious shoes will no longer be used during the rain.

Here is a collection of Rain-Boots I have come to love so much

dav Women's Western Cowboy Calico Rain Boot,Slate,37 EU

(US Women's 7 M)

dav Women's Western Cowboy Karma Boot,Blue,6 M US

Capelli New York Shiny Solid Cowboy Ladies Rubber Rain Boot Black 8

Shiny Imperial Paisley Ladies Rubber Cowboy Rain Boot Black Combo 6

Shiny Baby Leopard Cowboy Ladies Rubber Rain Boot Black Combo 9

Zebra Rain-Boots I Would Recommend - The Fun Way to Achieve that Stylish Look

Nomad Women's Yippy Rain Boot,Navy Garden,8 M US
Nomad Women's Yippy Rain Boot,Navy Garden,8 M US

Ever longed for nomad boots? Well, your search has now ended in this page. The one on the left are made from rubber and are therefore water-proof. They are very suitable for use in the rainy season.

Walking in this kind of shoes is so easy and they are also versatile. This is because you can decide to go to work with them. Don’t think of taking other shoes with you because these can serve that purpose.

Make sure to do regular maintenance to be able to use them for long. What you need to do is to always wash them before putting away. You should not store them when they are dirty.


Maintenance of Rubber-Boots

Rubber Cowboy-Boots, as has been said, are quite useful type of shoes. You should therefore find ways of maintaining it so that you may be able to enjoy its services for quite a long time. Maintaining them does not involve much of a hassle. I want to highlight some of the key steps and the key requirements you will need to achieve this.


Some of the requirements are as follows;

  1. Dish wash detergent
  2. Sponge
  3. Water (Preferably warm)
  4. Conditioner
  5. A bucket

Here are Some of These Required Items: On Sale at a Bargain Price

Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent

Meguiars#40 Vinyl/Rubber Conditioner

Black Military Shoe & Boot Cleaning Kit With Tactical Travel Case

Steps for Cleaning/Maintaining

  • Start by rinsing both the outside and the inside of the boot using water. This is meant to remove the grime as you prepare to start the process of cleaning.
  • Put some water (warm) to the bucket so that it is almost full, and then add the dish wash detergent to the warm water.
  • Use the warm water to sponge-off the outer part of your cowboy-boots. Also, remember to fill those rubber-boots with warm soapy-water.
  • After swirling, you should then use some water (having no soap) to rinse. This should leave your rubber-boots clean, with no dirt.
  • To enable their drying without having any adverse effect on them, you should hang them in an upside-down manner. Also, don't put them in direct sunlight or near any amount of heat.
  • The last step which should actually be done on a regular basis is to apply rubber-conditioner. This is meant to enable the boots maintain its elastic power.

A Guide to Buying the Best Cowboy Boots - Learn How to Pick the Best Cowboy Boots from the Different Styles Available

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    • Cyrus Solomons profile image

      Cyrus Solomons 3 years ago

      @Virginia Allain: Thanks for stopping by Vallain, and for sharing with us your thoughts

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      Nicely done

    • surfingtheweb profile image

      surfingtheweb 4 years ago

      Never knew there was such a thing as rubber cowboy boots. Easy to clean!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      These are certainly colorful. I'm trying to picture John Wayne wearing a pair of rubber cowboy boots. Maybe not, but sure fun for today's wearer who wants dry feet.