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Sabrina Silver Grim Reaper Ring Review by Nightcat

Updated on November 23, 2014
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Nightcat loves everything about Halloween! She’s pretty sure it is a national holiday and if it isn’t it should be.

The first word that came to mind when I saw this ring online was adorable. Then when she arrived in the mail it was confirmed, she is as cute as a button and clearly a girl or women's ring. The other word was joy, because she looks downright joyful. The sterling silver is very thin, yet sturdy and well-crafted, and doesn't she just melt your heart? Si, I got her for mi Santa Muerte, but she would be wonderful for any woman who loves the Grim Reaper as well.

The ring fit is true to size, I ordered a seven and it slipped on like a custom-made ring. And at under an inch in length she isn't too much bigger than a wedding band, but she has lots of details packed into that space. Look at how well her cute little ribs are detailed, or her cheery expression. Sorry, but she is so cute I want to cuddle her. There is really nothing fearsome about this Reaper, but that's why I like her.

To me, the ring captures Santa Muerte's personality perfectly. She is funny and sweet and now that she is here let's go enjoy life. Take a walk to enjoy nature and drink in the world around you, dance to good music, eat wonderful food, because as it has been said before as a teacher the angel of death becomes the angel of life.

To me this ring is a lovely reminder to embrace life. And not in a negative way, but a very positive and life-affirming one. True she is a small Reaper, but the joy she exudes could fill the world. And once on your finger her sparkle and shine will catch your eye and remind you that life is sweet despite the many troubles we might have.

To me it is a lovely and subtle way to honor her, but you don't need to believe in her or anyone else to love the ring. And yes, it would make a lovely gift for Walpurgis Nacht, Halloween, Day of the Dead or any other time you honor your ancestors or the dead.


See what I mean about cute and beautiful? You just want to cuddle her, admit it. Enjoy!

925 Sterling Silver Santa Muerte (Grim Reaper) Pendant
925 Sterling Silver Santa Muerte (Grim Reaper) Pendant

I have my eye on this piece as well of La Santa herself. I like all the rich details that represent her.

Sterling Silver Large Grim Reaper Charm, 2 inch tall
Sterling Silver Large Grim Reaper Charm, 2 inch tall

OK, I love big reapers as well, and I love the active, striding motion on this pendant.


I'm not sure why but I felt compelled to include this video. I'm not trying to force my beliefs on you, I just want you to see she isn't evil or anything to be scared of. Obviously if she goes against your beliefs you don't have to watch. Always walk in peace.

Loved the ring?  Have your own ring you'd love to talk about? I'd love to hear from you.

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