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Safety Razor Shaving

Updated on July 6, 2015

Shaving with a Double-edged Safety Razor

Why would you want to use a double edged safety razor to shave? It may be that you are sick of paying so much for your current disposable cartridges. It could be that want a consistent, quality shave that you aren't getting from disposable or electric razors. Maybe you just want to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Saving Money

If you go to Amazon right now and buy a package of Mach 3 blades, it is going to cost you around $2/cartridge and Fusion blades are around $3/cartridge. If you look at the most popular double edged razor blades on Amazon, they cost less than $.60/blade, and you can easily find quality blades for $.15-$.25 per blade, especially if you buy in bulk. You will definitely see significant savings switching from a popular multi-blade cartridge razor to a double edged safety razor. You also have to remember that shaving isn’t a temporary thing, unless you grow a full beard, you are going to need to shave on a regular basis for many, many years. If you can save a couple bucks a week, over the years this could add up to hundreds or thousands of extra dollars.

Quality Shave

Before discussing the quality of a shave you get from different razors, you need to remember that everyone is different. Your skin, hair thickness, and growth direction, among others, are going to be different from others. Just because one shaving strategy works best for someone else doesn’t mean it is going to be good for you.

That being said, many people find using the multi-blade cartridges that are currently available to be irritating to their skin, causing razor burn or bumps. If you are one of these people, you may have switched to an electric razor. Doing so will more than likely reduce the pain and irritation from shaving, but you are probably not getting as close of a shave.

Shaving with a safety razor can give you the best of both worlds. Especially when used in combination with good shave cream/soap and a quality brush, a classic double edged safety razor can give you a very close shave without much irritation.

Be Green

Traditional safety razors are much better for the environment. Most multi-blade cartridges come in big plastic packaging, while most double edged razor blades come in very thin sleeves. Cartridges are also much bigger than a razor blade, as well as containing a lot of plastic. This makes them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be properly recycled. The double edged razor blades used in safety razors are made out of stainless steel, which is easily recycled.

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