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Scarf – colorful, fun and useful accessory that women need to have with their outfits

Updated on February 20, 2012

Accessories are important parts of a woman's wardrobe. It adds fun to an outfit and can sometimes make mundane clothes look very chic. Scarf is an important piece of accessory that can be used on several places in your own outfit. This hub talks about many ways to use scarf in addition to wearing it around the neck. Not only does it make women more stylish, it also keep us warm and cozy during the harsh winter.

For fall, you can add scarf to a trench coat for a trendy and colorful look. Scarf can easily spice up a traditional tan trench coat and add more color to the whole outfit. If you don't have a tan trench coat, you should get one right away because it is instantly chic for all women. A purple scarf is a great color and will flatter the tan color. Here is an outfit that I put together: a classic tan colored trench coat, a red dress underneath, nude tights, a pair of stilettos heels and a purple scarf to add some color to the whole outfit. This is appropriate for all occasions.

Here is another causal outfit that will look better with light colored scarf. Many women love to wear hoodie and sweats for most causal outings. Those just look too causal by themselves. In colder weather, you can wear matching hoodie and sweats with some tan colored ugg boots. On top of that, you should complete the look with a light colored scarf. This is a really cute look for going out shopping or having fun with friends.

Use a colorful scarf with a one color sweater to boost your style. A solid colored scarf can be paired with almost all clothing. However, a colorful scarf should only be paired with solid colors. You don't want to look too busy. So it is always better to pair your pattern or flowery items with solid colors for a very chic look. For a semi professional work environment, you can dress up your look with a colorful scarf. Since the office calls for professionalism, it is always better to select a more refined scarf as oppose to really colorful pieces. Here is the outfit that I put together, a purple satin material top, a pair of black pencil skirt and a pair of black pumps. To add a little personality to the whole outfit, I have selected a greenish patterned scarf. You will look very stylish and professional at the same time in the workplace.

A scarf can be used as a belt with some of your outfits for a very different and fun look. Instead of wearing your scarf on the neck, there are less traditional ways to wear the scarf to add fun to your style. A scarf can be used as a belt to accentuate the waist area. Here are two outfits that I put together to give you a very fun look. Spice up a causal outfit of black top and light blue jeans with a little colorful scarf belt tied at the waist. Another great thing to do with scarf is use them on summer outfits. You can wear a little short tee that barely hits the hip bone, a pair of white colored shorts and some bohemian sandals. Complete the look with a very colorful scarf tied on the white shorts.

Scarves tied on the handbag handles are great decoration pieces. For all handbag lovers, this is not a new concept. A classic black handbag needs a colorful or bright colored scarf to make it pop. Patterned or colorful handbags do not really need more embellishments. But if you must put a scarf on your handbag, a solid colored scarf is the best in this case.

For another trendy and feminine look, use a scarf as your hair accessory. Scarves can also be used as an accessory on your hair for a very chic look. You can get a small scarf and tie it on your ponytail for a nice touch. Another thing you can do is tie the scarf into a little bow and put it on top of your head. This look is slight over the top but it can be great for a party.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      I love scarfs. I have one for almost every coat I have.