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Scene Fashion & Hairstyles

Updated on January 15, 2015

All About Scene Style...

Scene kids have a sense of style not quite like anyone else. You'll often find them in brightly colored clothing, accessories and mostly stick-straight and/or spiky and teased hairstyles. It's their way of setting themselves apart from everyone else fashion-wise.

This lens will focus on the most popular scene hairstyles, fashion & other merchandise.

Scene fashion is colorful, eccentric and fun. It can also be quite eclectic for those scene kids who actually have their own sense of style, don't follow scene fashion to a T, and don't mind incorporating pieces from other fashion genres into their own wardrobe. Basics and staples of scene fashion include brighly colored clothing and accessories/jewelry, vintage t-shirts, DIY clothing, the "scene diamond/gem" symbol (like the jewelry seen in photo above), the "brass knuckles" symbol (silver piece of jewelry located near blonde on bottom right is an example), and more. Brands famous among scene kids (and elsewhere) include Skelanimals, Hello Kitty and Jessica Louise. (For an even better visual example, check out this scene fashion collage courtesy of

Here are links to just a few of the stores that sell scene clothing and other merchandise. For more stores & merchandise, check out the rest of the page.

Scene Hairstyles

Scene hair is as colorful & eccentric as the fashion is. And, in my opinion, pretty fun to look at if not wear. Having scene hair means either coloring your hair at least one unusual color, or styling it in an unusual way. Or both. If you just want to try it out for fun, there are wigs and hairpieces (available below) you can wear. In fact, it's easier to maintain a wig or hairpieces than it is to maintain your own hair.

But you can get your own hair styled and dyed. Just know that permanently changing your hair can be more of a commitment and takes some time, skill, and up-keep/maintenance, depending on what style you want. For example, clip-on coontail extensions are no problem, but having to dye your hair with a striped pattern or animal pattern is a little more difficult. Buying a wig already styled? Easy, because all you have to do is throw it on in the morning and make sure to care for it properly at all times (depending on what type of hair the wig has). Styling your hair yourself is usually more time consuming, and takes more patience. So if you don't want to keep the color, cut or style for very long, go with the hairpieces and wigs. But if you inisist on keeping your scene hair permanently (or at least for a long while, as hair is never really permanent), make sure you are getting exactly what you want in color, cut, and hairstyle.

I've added some videos so you can see more examples of scene hair and how it's achieved. And the lenses about the culture's hairstyles in the "featured lenses" module (a little farther down the page) should explain the hairstyles in more detail. But right here are some additional websites/web articles/web guides about and picture searches on scene hair:

Scene Hair Video Tutorials

This YouTube playlist features several video tutorials on how to get scene hair: Scene Hair Video Tutorials

The first video is a video tutorial on how to get scene hair. Styling your own hair as it is can be a quite a process. This video is great because you can see how the hair is being styled, and there are captions explaining what she's doing as well. But remember that this is just one scene hairstyle. There's plenty of other styles to try out.

The second video features a girl - Amber Katelyn Beale- dying a strand of her hair yellow, then applying black dye with a Q-tip to get the leopard/cheetah print look on her hair.

The third video is one of Amber dying her hair to get the coontail stripe look all over the front of her hair. Really simple. Just watch what she does and you can decide for yourself if you want to try out the look. (Spoiler: She doesn't like it, so she ends up doing something else to her hair...)

The fourth video features Amber dying her hair all over her head, as well as dying a piece of extensions to give it this rainbow coontail look. (NOTE: This is a 7-minute-long video you will likely want to mute, or at least turn the volume down significantly on before playing it. The music is loud and there's enough screaming in it for it to be annoying and abrasive.)

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