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A scented candle Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle

Updated on February 21, 2016

Hi, everyone! Today I woke up with a feeling that I needed something sweet and tasty as a chocolate bar, an ice cream or a candy. But suddenly one thought struck me! I am on a diet and I am not allowed eating sweets. This year I want to get my beach body at any price. So I tried to pull myself together and cope with my wish for candies. But it was too strong to resist.

Finally, I realized that I have a scented candle with a wonderful sweet fragrance. Above all else, I have recently read an article which said that sweet aromas could decrease appetite. So it was exactly what I needed. That was a moment when one of my favorite scented candles, Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle, came in handy.

Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle
Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle

Have I already told you about Samplers Votives of the Yankee Candle? My acquaintance with the fragrance Summer Scoop started from that little sampler. The aroma was so fantastic that I made up my mind to buy a bigger candle. The assortment of the Yankee Candle Company consists of classical candles in a jar and lovely scented candles in cylinders. The last ones seemed to be more stylish and attractive, besides they suited an interior of my house more. So, I bought the small size decorative candle Summer Scoop. There were also candles of middle and big sizes, but I decided to delay buying them.

First of all, I noticed that this candle burned without smoke and had smooth, mesmerizing shimmering. It reminded me of a night light which I used to have when I was a little girl. Probably that’s why I like to light this candle in my bedroom. But I should admit that this fragrance is more suitable for a living room. Everything depends on your preferences)

Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle
Summer Scoop of the Yankee Candle

A fragrance of this candle is also worth our discussion. We can see a picture of a berry ice cream on a sticker, but I think that the fragrance differs from it. It is quite sweet and rich (the common feature of all Yankee Candle fragrances and that’s why I love them so much), but it reminds of a milk cocktail more than of a berry ice cream. The fragrance is also quite lasting. I lighted the candle for an hour, but when I blew it out, the fragrance soared in the air two more hours.

Please, take it into account. If you decided to buy a décor candle of the Yankee Candle, not only Summer Scoop, but any other, one shouldn’t blow it out just putting a cap on a jar. You can do so with the classical jar candles, but not with these ones.

If you put a cap on a lighted candle, you can easily sear it. Don’t get upset, because you can remove blackening from the surface.

So now I am going to enjoy sweet aromatherapy with the Summer Scoop.)) Do you love sweet fragrances?) Which ones?) I would be happy to find it out!)


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