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A scented candle Votive Midsummer’s Night of the Yankee Candle

Updated on March 15, 2016

Hello!)) I have already mentioned that I like using compact scented candles from the series Samplers Votives of the Yankee Candle. Despite their small size, they are quite lasting and are able of exuding wonderful fragrances for a quite long period of time. So today I want to tell you more about them.

If I am not mistaken, there were more than 50 scented candles Votives of the Yankee Candle in my collection over the last three years. Some of them are long forgotten, while others became my favorite ones and I buy them from time to time. I also buy these candles as small, but very pleasant presents for my relatives and friends. It should be admitted that the Yankee Candle always offers wonderful sets of candles Samplers Votives dedicated to a certain holiday or a special occasion. Personally I buy them quite often and think that it simplifies my life. I don’t need to puzzle my head over an appropriate present all the time, since all my friends are fond of home fragrances and I am not a great connoisseur of gifts.

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite fragrances of the Yankee Candle, which got a name Midsummer’s Night. You can also meet a name Midsummers Night, but it is not so important… How does this candle smell? This one, as any other candle of the Yankee Candle, has a quite rich and strong fragrance. I would even say that it is a quite manful fragrance. It reminds me of a good aftershave lotion. If you also like such fragrance, you will definitely fall in love with it. Frankly speaking, this fragrance affects me as an aphrodisiac. I think that it is all because of patchouli notes. This plant is believed to be a really good aphrodisiac.

One way or another, the scented candle Midsummer’s Night could be a good addition to a romantic dinner or a just pleasant supplementation to homely atmosphere. My boyfriend also loves this fragrance, that’s why he always asks me to light this candle when he comes to my place.

I would like to buy several new fragrances which are similar to this one. I mean that I want fragrances with manful notes. Maybe you can recommend me something, can’t you? I am sure that the Yankee Candle or any other brand has something like this. Diversity is always good.) So if you haven’t had a chance to try this candle, I would definitely recommend you not to miss it.))


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