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Why You Should Consider Seaweed Peeling?

Updated on August 15, 2012

Whoever thought of seaweeds as a mere part of sushi should definitely give credit to its astonishing skin care benefits.

Seaweed is considered to be a wonder plant. It contains sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals which make it perfectly healthy for consumption as part of the human diet. It keeps the intestines happy by providing a bulk of fiber which aids in providing better digestion and toxin elimination. Their benefits to the human body don't end in providing us the needed nutrients. It extends up to helping the body becoming healthy inside and out as more of its benefits are identified.

The therapeutic value of seaweeds has reached the skin care industry. It is now an increasingly sought- after ingredient with skin softening and whitening soaps and creams, hydrating baths and gels, and revitalizing face masks among many other common skin care products. Steadily making its way to the top among choices of skin peeling line, seaweeds had become the newest and healthiest trend in micro dermabrasion technology.

Sure there are other ways and means to peel off dead skin cells but among them, seaweed peeling is strongly becoming the most popular choice. Its moisturizing properties and the presence of minerals from the extract makes it very effective in revealing a smoother and clearer skin. And there are plenty of good qualities about seaweeds that are worth mentioning.

Compared to the aluminum oxide particles used in crystal peeling, seaweed peeling uses seaweed extracts that has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin layers thus a more effective way to reach the tissues that binds the dead cells to the skin. Aside from its known exfoliating property, seaweed extracts hydrates and moisturizes the skin, calming the skin as it works sloughing off dirt and dead skin cells. Since it is a natural chemical with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, recovery of skin cells after the treatment is faster than with other chemical peeling solutions. It is effective even to highly sensitive and acne prone skin types which is not true to most acid containing peeling agents that may cause irritation and, to some extent, more damage to the skin.

Seaweed does not only reveal radiant skin. It also tones, tightens and strengthens the tissues therefore reducing the signs of aging. Rejuvenating the skin with seaweed extracts helps promote better circulation giving your skin a healthy glow.

The exceptional results after a session of seaweed peeling is what makes it stand out amongst all kinds of peeling techniques.


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