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Second Life Avatars

Updated on October 11, 2011

Second Life Avatars: From Noob To Knockout On A Budget

Do you remember logging in your first day of second life and thinking wow i'm so cute? Well I remember that day. I also remember seeing much hotter avatars and wanting to be like them. Back then I did have help in getting set up with a better looking avatar and I am very grateful for them opening my eyes to something better than the standard gothic female avatar. I will give you an example to show how easy it is to look good in SecondLife.

Have you ever been to Second Life?

Joining Second Life Is Easy and Free

Give second life a chance and see if it's right for you. If you truly enjoy being there then come back to this page and make yourself a knockout. Or if you're already a second life resident then check out my tips and see if they might help you. New and old second life users can benefit from this.

Second Life Avatars Noob
Second Life Avatars Noob

How I made a Knockout 2nd Life Avatar for Less than 500L

L stands for Lindens which is a Second Life Currency

I wanted to see if I could help this noob named ShaynaDawn turn into a knockout model avatar while spending less than 500 Lindens. Could I do it? Well I did it and she looks stunning. Keep reading to find out how I did it and how you can do it for yourself or your friends. Call it a second life makeover.

I didn't spend near 500 Lindens for this model avatar. I actually spent 251 lindens for it. That is about $1.40 in USD. Most people spend tons of money making their avatar look good. I personally want to spend as little as possible. I will show you what I used and where I got it. Pretty soon you'll have your own knockout model avatar.

Second Life Avatar
Second Life Avatar

First I started with a Shape and Skin Combo Pack

This Pack comes with different Shapes and Skins

I have a favorite designer when it comes to full avatar creation. Some people prefer to mix and match to find what works best for them, but I wanted something simple and easy to show you my readers. Noya sells her items on the 2nd life marketplace so you don't have to leave where you are at in second life. Just open your browser and shop.

For this noob avatar I used the Celine model avatar pack. It was only $249 lindens and came with almost everything I needed to create this model avatar. Noya even included 15 different make up variations for me to choose from. This will greatly help in keeping your knockout avatar from being anyone else. You can find the avatar pack here. Also you will find a dress in this pack.

We used the Model Shape for ShaynaDawn's Avatar

2nd life avatars
2nd life avatars

There are 4 different shapes in the folder. I chose the model avatar for the makeover. Try all four out and see what works best for you. The picture shows how much she changed just by using a different shape.

Second Life Avatars
Second Life Avatars

I used Celine Light Skin for this Avatar Makeover

There are other skins to choose from in the pack. Even a cleavage enhancing skin. I used the basic skin for this makeover though. It is up to you to pick the right one for you so please try them out.

2nd Life Avatars
2nd Life Avatars

You get to Choose from 15 Different Make Ups

Also Included is a Set of Beautiful Eyes

I used the Pearl Metallic Eyes + Pearl Red Lipstick for ShaynaDawn. There are so many different combinations for you to try. Use what works best for your 2nd Life Avatar. Don't forget to use the included eyes for your makeover.

Second Life Avatars
Second Life Avatars

Your Knockout Avatar will Need a Head of Hair

I found a Great Quality Free Pack of Hair to Choose the Right Color for ShaynaDawn

Your knockout avatar will need a nice head of hair. I personally wouldn't get hair until you have your Avatar ready to go with skin and shape. You want hair that will compliment the look. I chose a free pack of hair I found at Amacci. They have a gift pack on the marketplace that is free to buy. It showcases all of their hair colors and is a great gift. I love Amacci hairs and have used them quite often. They are good quality and stylish. I used the hazelnut shade for this makeover project.

A tip about buying hairs most hair designers have demo hairs you can try out to see if they look good on your avatar. They are 0 lindens and are very helpful. I personally never buy hair unless I use a demo first. It will save you a lot of lindens by doing this. On that note the Amacci hair is 0 lindens, but it's not a demo itself even though the title has demo in it. It is a demo of their hair colors. It is a fully functional hair and I greatly appreciate them for doing this.

Second Life Avatars Knockout
Second Life Avatars Knockout

You will Need Clothes and Shoes

This Pack comes with a Dress

ShaynaDawn used the white dress in the pack. It will save you lindens by using the included dress. The Second Life Marketplace has tons of clothes to choose from if you want something different.

Well I wanted to find a good quality pair of shoes that wouldn't cost a fortune. Remember I am outfitting a noob as a project and don't have alot to spend. A budget of 500L is on the line I had to improvise. I found a pair of nice boots that I thought would go well with her look and ShaynaDawn agreed. These boots are nicely done and only cost me 1 linden. You can get your own pair here on the second life marketplace.

You will Need an AO (Animation Overrider) for your Knockout Avatar

I Chose a Simple one that is Almost Free

What is an Animation Overrider also known as the AO? Well it overrides the basic walk and stand that Second Life has. It will help you keep from walking into people and walls. It was the best thing I had ever gotten when I joined SL. I felt like less of a noob after being able to walk right.

I like using the vista ao and I chose one that is easy to use and is very affordable. This knockout avatar is using the Vista Basic Female AO. I personally use this AO on my avatar so I do personally recommend it. They also have other options to choose from for your AO, but if you're just starting out on Second Life then try this one.

ShaynaDawn is Fishing at my Second Life 7 Seas Area

ShaynaDawn Fishing The 7 Seas On Second Life
ShaynaDawn Fishing The 7 Seas On Second Life

I set ShaynaDawn up for 7 seas fishing so she can also earn some lindens for her second life journey. She is doing the baited weekly at my area. I also saw that she is using the cleavage skin that came in the model avatar pack. Way to go ShaynaDawn! If you'd like to learn more about fishing the 7 seas on second life then visit my page with tips on how to get started. Second Life 7 Seas Fishing

We did a Further Upgrade to her Second Life Avatar - Check out the page and see how great her Avatar looks now

Second Life Avatars Upgrade
Second Life Avatars Upgrade

You can see ShaynaDawn's new look at Second Life Avatar Upgrade.

Have you tried the Second Life Avatar makeover?

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    • profile image

      WoeIsMe 6 years ago

      I've heard of Second life but never tried it. I like the avatars you've shown.

    • Sabre1000 profile image

      Sabre1000 6 years ago

      Very nice work!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      cool lens, gave ya a 'thumbs up' for it.

    • SecondLife LM profile image

      SecondLife LM 6 years ago

      @kislanyk: I love my second life and I found squidoo so wanted to mix up the two. It's been quite fun so far :)

    • kislanyk profile image

      Marika 6 years ago from Cyprus

      Oh I used to love Second Life, haven't been there in ages though. Great avatars! Always had fun playing with changing the clothes (going to those basement stores and finding funky and weird clothing. Oh the good times.