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secret solutions body shaper as seen on tv

Updated on August 11, 2010

Secret Solutions Body Shaper As Seen On TV

I was waking up this morning when I saw an infomercial for a brand new as seen on tv body shaper called the Secret Solutions. Now I have actually bought as seen on tv body shapers before like the Slim N Lift and we have all seen the Kymaro Body Shaper but what made the Secret Solutions as seen on tv body shaper different is that they have considered that not everyone is a size 4 looking to be a size 2 or a size 6 looking to shrink down to a 4.

The Secret solutions body shaper was designed to not only work for regular sizes but also for plus sizes. Secret Solutions body shaper comes in sizes from medium up to 4X. It is one of the first body shapers that was not only designed for the plus sized woman, but this plus sized body shaper as seen on tv was designed for you and with you in mind. I like how on the show they had one of the founders of one of the first plus sized women's fashion magazines. Not only did that help to add credibility for me, but it shows that she believed in the product and the secret solutions plus sized body shaper. So besides being a plus sized body shaper, what else makes Secret Solutions as seen on tv different than other body shapers?

Secret Solutions is a full body shaper that is different because it not only works your full body, but Secret Solutions is a one piece full body shaper that uses seamless technology. That's right, there are no seams on this body shaper. Secret Solutions also enables and empowers women to be able to wear their own bras with this full body shaper. One of the biggest complaints about other shapers are that they use straps and uncomfortable fabrics instead of a bra. Now you don't have to worry about that any more since you'll be able to wear your favorite bra with the Secret Solutions plus sized body shaper.

Secret Solutions also took your comfort into mind when creating this new body shaper. They made Secret Solutions out of a fabulous and breathable spandex material that helps to keep you cool because the fabric is breathable. Not only is this perfect for those of you who have tried those other hot and sweaty body shapers, but it is nice to know that they took overheating from being stuffed into a hot body shaper into consideration. The next thing that makes Secret Solutions different is their unique diamond fabric shapes that are sewn into the stomach, the hips and other problem areas.

Not only to the diamond shapes help you feel more comfortable but they are designed to better help you shape your body and figure into the shape you want while trying to help you feel more comfortable. Since the Secret Solutions body shape is also a full body shaper and one piece, you can say goodbye to muffin tops from the multi piece shapers. Isn't that a nice thought.

You can wear your favorite shirt without the muffin top from lower body shapers that did nothing for your waistline. The design also helps to prevent roll up and roll down which is not only embarrassing but also annoying. Who wants to leave a party yo fix their shaper? Its not only embarrassing but it makes your night a pain in the butt. The Secret Solution plus sized body shaper as seen on tv not only sounds like a miracle, but it also sounds like they finally addressed many of the problems and complaints about other shapers.

Now one thing I would like to say is that although I have not personally tried the Secret Solutions Plus Sized as seen on tv body shaper, I have tried many others. I see tons of complaints online and hear complaints that they are uncomfortable or too tight or hard to get on and off. The thing is that body shapers are supposed to be tight. They are squeezing in the fat and shaping and shrinking you. If you cannot deal with having tight fabric pulling your body in and shaping it, then no shaper will be good for you. Please keep that in mind and for the hard to get on and off. Just like a dress, shapers take time to learn how to get on and off. Give it some time to get used to and you'll be able to slip in and out of your body shaper easy with time and practice.

The thing I liked most about the secret solutions plus sized as seen on tv body shaper was that they addressed the complaints we see with other as seen on tv body shapers. If you have tried the Secret Solutions plus sized shapers, please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of it.


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