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See Through Purses, Clutches, & Backpacks for Summer

Updated on May 20, 2015

Clearly See-Through Accessories for Summer 2013

London's Fashion Week debuted the latest summer trend to be clear, make that see-through, purses, clutches, and even backpacks. Designers like Prada and Oscar de la Renta clearly had the see-through accessory down to a science with something gorgeous for anyone into the clear. If you want to follow the clear trend but not for a Prada budget, then this lens will help you find the perfect see-through style at a price clearly meant for you!

Bag: Chanel clear style handbag

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Clear Tote Bags for Your Day at the Beach - Be clear on your beach look

One of the best parts of summer is it finally being nice enough for a day at the beach. If you want to head out to the beach in the see-through and clear trend then consider a tote bag. Stylish and yet functional, they make even a rainy day at the beach look fabulous. You can even go green in a stylish way by making a statement. Instead of unfriendly plastics use it as a renewable shopping bag. All the more reason to buy when you can do something good for the environment by a simple purchase.

Victoria's Secret Large Clear Signature Stripe Beach Tote Bag
Victoria's Secret Large Clear Signature Stripe Beach Tote Bag

I love all things Victoria's Secret. What goes better with one of their bikinis then a matching tote?


Clear Clutches with Silver Inserts for a Stylish Night Out - Make it clearly stylish on your night out

A clutch is perfect for those nights out where you do not want a large purse covering up an outfit. Small and cute they can serve as the perfect compliment to the right outfit and definitely help you limit the amount of 'I might need that' junk which inevitably winds up in the big purses.

Clear Satchels and Handbags - When a Tote is a little big and a Clutch is a little small

Days out at the beach require a little more bag and nights out on the town mean a little less. So how about the happy in-between? Clear handbags and clear satchels are just the right fit. Get them clear with color or keep it simple.

Stylish Clear Shoulder Bags - For everyone and everything

If you get tired of carrying your purse, then get a shoulder bag. No need to carry around the weight of an entire day by hand. Get a clear shoulder bag to show you clearly have style.

Anne Klein Coast is Clear Medium Satchel,Black/White,One Size
Anne Klein Coast is Clear Medium Satchel,Black/White,One Size

Summer weather brings flowers everywhere. Including this Anne Klein medium satchel. Clear is always in or enjoy the flower design in a black and white motif!


Clear Purses and Bags by Dooney & Burke

Dooney & Bourke are taking clear and mixing it with fun designs and bright colors. If you are craving a little name brand then choose one of these bag beauties.

Dooney Boorke Clear Beach Bag or Tote.

Dooney Bourke Clear IT Large Shopper Beach Bag Purse Tote
Dooney Bourke Clear IT Large Shopper Beach Bag Purse Tote

A day at the beach is never to casual to be without style! Go clear to the world or keep it subtle with an insert. Either way this Dooney & Bourke is sure to inspire a bit of beach envy!


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Clear Backpacks for Girls & Boys

Even children are getting in on the clear style trend. Choose from a sparkly clear backpack to even a spiderman clear backpack. You can't go wrong with these picks!

Spiderman Clear BackPack

Spider Man Spider Sense Clear Backpack
Spider Man Spider Sense Clear Backpack

Little boys are in tune with superheros! One all time favorite which never goes out of style is the amazing spider man. This Spider Man Sense Backpack makes it clear they are a true Spider Man fan. Perfect for school or any time use.


Tinkerbell Clear Backpack

Clear Backpack Disney TinkerBell Clear /Mesh Backpack
Clear Backpack Disney TinkerBell Clear /Mesh Backpack

TInkerbell sparkled in Peter Pan delighting all of us little girls. Now you can capture her pixie dust charm in a Clear BackPack which keeps it clear or in mesh.


Clear Backpacks for Men & Women Alike - Be Clear about your plans

There are times when a girl needs more than a purse or even a large tote, this is when the clear backpack is needed. Even though these backpacks are clear, you can still find personality in the different outlining colors. So choose one which clearly fits your needs and personality.

Clear Sling Backpack

A+ Nexpak XL Clear Audio Sling Backpack, Black
A+ Nexpak XL Clear Audio Sling Backpack, Black

Sling backpacks distribute the weight and that one strap makes it easier than ever to carry in style. This Nexpak Clear Audio SLING backpack is perfect for all in the color black. Whether it is for school, work, or vacation it is clearly the one to buy.


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