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Sensitive skin – how to make your skin beautiful forever

Updated on December 26, 2011

Adults, teenagers and children can all have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. In addition to sensitive skin, I also have combination skin which makes the situation even worse. Sensitive skin is extremely responsive to many environmental irritants and cosmetics. This hub is all about sensitive skin and how you should care for it.

No hair near the face – Hair can irritate sensitive skin. It can make you itchy, causes small red bumps or even induce acne on the skin. It is important for those with sensitive skin to tie their hair into a ponytail. The oil from your hair can actually get on your skin when in contact. It is extremely important to keep all of your hair away from the face.

Use products that are designed for sensitive skin – Many manufacturers have different products for sensitive skin in all areas. Don't be shy to the sales associates and ask them about products that they recommend for sensitive skin. If the associate is not familiar with it, don't be afraid to just walk away. You can also ask for a small sample to try it out first. The best face wash for sensitive skin are specifically marketed for sensitive skin. Brands that are known to be gentle should be considered first.

Physical sunscreen instead of chemical ones – The sunscreen that contains the highest SPF is not the best for you. Sunscreen is an important part of everyone's life and is especially important for those with sensitive skin. Chemical barriers are extremely common on the market. These kinds of sunscreen will react with the skin to protect it from the sun. However, for those that have very sensitive skin, it will irritate the skin. Sunscreens that use ingredients as a physical barrier will typically not irritate the skin. These include active ingredients such as titanium oxide and zinc dioxide. SPF of 25 or 30 is sufficient for most.

Shield your face from common irritants – Part of having sensitive skin is that you are ultra sensitive to many environmental irritants. One of the most common things that you should avoid is the sun's harmful UV rays. You should also be careful about the hats that you use that comes into contact with your skin. Sensitive skin can be irritated by wool, straw and other synthetic materials. Know you skin and only use products that you know won't irritate you.

Try out new products that you haven't use in the past on the back of your hands first. Sensitive skin tends to be irritated by many different facial products on the market. Even those that are specifically marketed for sensitive skin might be not one hundred percent safe to use. You will suffer less episodes of red and irritated skin if you try out the products on the back of your hands first. When it didn't cause you any adverse effects, you can start to use it on your face.

When choosing acne treatments for sensitive skin, you have to be very careful. Many prescription and over the counter products will irritate your skin. The best and safest method is to try the acne treatments on your hand before use. Always remember to start with a lower concentration first. Work your way up to the higher concentration acne treatment products. For example, benzoyl peroxide comes in 2.5%, 5% and 10%. Start with the lowest percentage first to see if you have an adverse reaction. If you started with the 10% benzoyl peroxide acne treatments, your skin will suffer a lot.


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    • wrinklestudent profile image

      wrinklestudent 6 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      I never knew that letting my hair touch my face could provoke such a response.

    • profile image

      neyhon 6 years ago

      is it all about disease?