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Top 5 Sexiest Colognes For Men - Acqua di Gio

Updated on September 10, 2014

Top 5 Sexiest Colognes For Men

Everyone knows that sex sells. That is why every fragrance company tries to make you believe that their cologne is in the Top Five Sexiest Colognes for Men.

The truth is , the sex appeal and likability of any cologne or perfume is completely subjective. That is why they can all claim to be the sexiest cologne. If they think that their cologne is the best in the world, true or not, they have the right to claim that it is.

The funny thing is, to this day, I have not come across one that everyone likes. I have found even fewer that I would consider to be "swoon" worthy. And fortunately, I have not come across any that would make a women drop what she was doing, place her in a zombie like trance, and have her chase me down the street wanting to rip my cloths off and have her way with me. Trust me, unless you are a true reprobate, you wouldn't want that either.

Don't get me wrong, there are some very sexy colognes out there. It is a well known fact that a scent can trigger some very powerful emotions in some people. But the likelihood of any fragrance evoking a sexual encounter is unrealistic. So when you see those adds that have women chasing a guy down just because he wears a particular cologne, don't fall for it. It isn't true. No, it is not a truth in advertisement issue. It is "artistic licence" that allows them to portray their cologne as being the sexiest.

I am sure you know all of that, but they make those type of adds for a reason... Because they work!

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz
Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz

Have you ever tried this stuff? It is the number one best selling men's cologne on Amazon for a reason. It is light, refreshing, and as cool as a summer breeze. Great for everyday wear and the price is more than reasonable. Feel free to check it out...

Carrion flower Corpse Flower
Carrion flower Corpse Flower

What Makes A Cologne Sexy?

Before we get to the top five sexiest colognes, let's talk about what makes a cologne sexy...

As I mentioned before, the appeal of any fragrance is totally subjective. I was watching the news the other day and saw a line of people who stood outside of a garden for hours to catch a whiff of the very rare Carrion flower. It is also known as the Corpse Flower.

It is known as the corpse flower due to the fact that when it blooms, it emits an odor of rotting flesh. I do not know about you, but I have no desire to smell rotting flesh. Flower or no flower, that smell is disgusting. I definitely wouldn't wait in line for hours on end to smell it, but these people were exited to have a chance to catch a whiff of death.

The point of that little story is, it takes all kinds and you just never know what people are going to like or be into. Some people like to take a moment to smell the roses. Others like the stench of rotting flesh. Who knew?

Like the old saying goes, "You catch more bees with honey than vinegar". I'll stick with the sweet stuff.

So what is it that makes a fragrance attractive, particularly men's cologne? Just like any potion, it is a blend of many things and we will go over some of them as we take a look at the top 5 sexiest colognes.

Chanel Platinum Egoiste
Chanel Platinum Egoiste

No. 5 Chanel Platinum Egoiste

When it comes to being sexy, confidence is key. It comes down to you feeling sexy and confident about yourself, who you are, and what you are wearing. There is no such thing as a magic potion, but being well-groomed, attractive, and smelling good, is a start.

One of the most attractive smelling colognes to add to your collection would be Chanel Platinum Egoiste. It is well known for tempting the ladies. You will find it to be a very clean and casual cologne with notes of lavender, sage, and rosemary.

Now keep in mind, the best any cologne or scent can do, is to be an ice-breaker. The rest is up to you. You can smell like temptation itself, but if your putting off a vibe of weakness or desperation, your attitude will repel what your cologne attracted.

Confidence is like a muscle. You need to work it out to make it stronger. For a few quick and easy tips on how to do this, you may want to check out this post on how to Appear More Confident.

Blue de Chanel
Blue de Chanel

No. 4 Bleu de Chanel

When choosing a cologne, you want to find one that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I have found that Bleu de Chanel accomplishes this very nicely. Avoid wearing anything that isn't you. People recognize when you are putting on an act or being something you are not. The more comfortable you look in your own skin the more attractive you will be.

When I was a teen, I wanted to be like just like this guy named Sean. I thought he had it all. That guy was sexy without even trying. He had the looks, the swagger, and all the girls drooled over him.

I wanted to be just like him. I wore what he wore, walked like he walked, and talked like he talked. The thing is, I wasn't being me, and people could tell that I was trying to trick them into thinking that I was somebody that I wasn't.

The whole attempt came crashing down on me. When people figure out that you are trying to trick them into believing that you are something that you are not, and they will figure it out, they tend to react negatively. I lost several friends, including Sean, and the girlfriend I had at the time due to my attempt at deception. It was an ugly seen.

Though I was crushed at the time, it all worked out for the best. I learned a very valuable lesson at that young age and it helped to prepare me for a much better life.... Be true to yourself.

L'instant De Guerlain
L'instant De Guerlain

No. 3 L'instant De Guerlain

I am sure that you have heard it said, "cloths make the man." Ye. I say unto thee... Cologne makes the man even better. Personally, when I have on L'instant De Guerlain for men, I feel like a king.

There are only a few fragrances that I have found to be pure and noble. Most are flashy and unsophisticated. They may be great for a block party, or a night at the club, but they find themselves wanting at the end of the day. Not L'instant De Guerlain. It is a very distinct and classy fragrance that exudes integrity.

Integrity is the highest character facet a man can possess. To be honest, upright, and to possess strong moral principles allows a man to stand tall and hold his head up high. There is nothing in this world worth surrendering your integrity for. There are only opportunities to show it and grow it. Your integrity. Not your ego.


No. 2 Ralph Lauren Purple Label

"To be or not to be" is the opening line in William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. It is a great question, but the real question is, to be or not to be what?

Do you just live with no aim in mind? If your life is chaotic and spinning out of control, the answer to that question would be in the affirmative. You choose the type of life you want to have with every decision you make. By design or by default, all that you are, you have chosen to be.

Choose to be better, or the best. Who and what you are is totally up to you. Take RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL for example. The purple line from Ralph Lauren is the top of the line in elegance for men. It was created with success and perfection in mind. It was designed to be the best that RL has to offer.

That is a great lesson for all of us. To be the best in all that we are and have to offer. The choice is yours. You can choose to live day to day without direction, integrity, or honor. Allowing your life to spin in the wind. Or, you can choose to take control of it and be the best in all that you are and do.

No. 1 Acqua di Gio

The sexiest cologne in my Top 5 Sexiest Colognes is Acqua di Gio.

You are Worthy! I am Worthy! We All are Worthy!

The main thing that keeps you from being sexy, is you. What you think and how you feel about yourself defines you. If you do not think, feel, or believe that you are worthy of receiving that which you seek, you will not get it.

The truth is, you need nothing outside of yourself to be anything you desire to be. I do not care what you have been told or have believed up until this point in your life. You do not have to wait for, or earn, your worthiness. For you are worthy. This banquet of life is your gift and you are the honored guest at this party.

You are not here to suffer, strive, or serve. You do not have to gain, earn, or have anything outside of yourself to be happy, content, or for that matter, sexy. It is your birth right. This is your life to live and enjoy, so enjoy it. The easiest way to do so is to recognize that you are worthy of everything that you desire.

I enjoy cologne, I love the fragrances and the way it attracts peoples attention. But I know that I do not need it. Nor does it make me a better person. I am whole, worthy, and secure all by myself. If a person is attracted to me, it is because they see the real me.

As I have told you before, the best any cologne can do is be an icebreaker. The one that I have found to be the best at doing that is Acqua di Gio. For some reason, women are drawn to it. When I put this stuff on I am constantly asked 'what cologne do you have on'. For that reason alone, I find it to be the sexiest cologne on earth.

You can have fun with it and enjoy it for all that it is worth, but it will do you no good unless you know that you are more than worthy without it.

What Cologne Do You Find To Be The Sexiest?

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      2 years ago

      Hugo. He was wearing it on the day we met, I swear I just melted into his arms.


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