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Sexy Bald Men with Tattoos

Updated on July 20, 2013

Why do women find bald men with tattoos so sexy?

Over the past few years it has not only become more socially acceptable to be bald but also to have visible tattoos. Hollywood jumped on board making choices for the leading men, (both the good and the bad guys) actors that were bald men with tattoos and women have come to find this incredibly sexy!

There have actually been recent studies that show men who have receding hairlines and make the choice to shave their heads, are then seen by women as more attractive, physically stronger and even more masculine. So what are you waiting for? get that electric head shaver and start shaving!

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Sexy Bald Men with Tattoos - We've come a long way since Yul Brenner...

Okay, I am giving away my age, but we have come a long way as a society when it comes to not only socially accepting men who are bald naturally but who are bald by choice. Not to mention the acceptance of men with not just one tattoo but multiple tattoos (and the combination of both can be lethal ladies!) There was a time when that was just not acceptable but things have definitely changed and you really get confirmation when you watch TV or go to the movies.

Vin Diesel catching some rays... - Think he needs help with some lotion?


Photo Courtesy of Digital Trends

It's really not hard to guess why Vin Diesel makes it to this list, he does have all the qualifications. With his latest movie sequel hitting the box office I am sure he will falter in popularity any time soon.

Modern day Superheros - Do you have a favorite?

Do you think Vin Diesel could play a superhero in an action movie?

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Ami James Tattoo Artist - Can't ignore the obvious...


Photo Courtesy of Inked Mag

We all can't have the same opinion in when it comes to what we consider sexy but Ami James is at the top for lots of women out there. He might not be as well known in all circles but when it comes to the tattoo world, he is one of the tops.

He is the co-owner of the Love Hate Tattoo Studio in Miami's beautiful South Beach. The shop was also the subject of the TLC reality show "Miami Ink." These are just a couple of his ventures but they all led him to his success and ultimately to our list of tattooed bald men who are sexy.

Getting Inked with Ami James - Tattoo or Not?

Would you let Ami James do your tattoo?

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Jason Statham-Sexy, Bald, Tattoos - Always a bad guy, always pulling for the bad guy

Jason Statham-ripped-bald-tattoos
Jason Statham-ripped-bald-tattoos

Photo Courtesy of Ennvy

Jason Statham is such a good bad guy, you know, the one your Mamma warned you about, but you didn't listen. So he is never really completely slick shaven but he has to go on the list.

He had a cameo in the Fast and Furious 6 opposite to Vin Diesel and is rumored to have a larger role in the 2014 "Fast and Furious 7 ". It is really hard to find one of his movies that he doesn't hit the sexy meter, so I am sure this one will be no different.

Jason Statham has that Sex Appeal - You don't always have to be attractive to be sexy...

Do you think Jason Statham adds to his sex appeal because he's the bad guy that women love?

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Comb-overs are O-U-T!

I think it is unanimous, Comb-overs are out the window guys!

Women prefer a slick shaved head instead, so you know what you gotta do!

Jason Statham in Basketball Scene from "Expendables" Movie - Notice he leaves with the girl...

Shemar Moore or is it Malcolm Winters? - From daytime soaps to primetime is just fine as long as he leaves off the shirt...

Shemar Moore Tattoos Sexy Bald
Shemar Moore Tattoos Sexy Bald

Photo Courtesy of Loving Moore Blogspot

I remember watching Shemar Moore when he first started on daytime television, " The Young & The Restless". It didn't take long to realize he probably wouldn't stop there for long and he didn't, he moved on to prime time on CBS's " Criminal Minds". Where I am sure he carried most of his daytime fans.

Not hard to see why he made it to this list of sexy bald men and oh yes, he does have tattoos! He has also had quite a bit of modeling work along the way which doesn't hurt his chances on the ranking scale.

Shemar Moore Day or Night - Wonder what the question is?

Which role do like watching Shemar Moore play better?

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Top 10 Cities Where Women Prefer Bald Men - 2012 Online Survey

Although this particular survey was aimed at single women over 50, it is still not difficult to find plenty of women who will agree with this survey. I think you will find when you throw tattoos in the mix, you bring in a whole new demographic, a younger crowd that tends to be keeping up with what's happening in Hollywood and around the world.

Number 10:
Tampa, FL

get directions

Number 9:
Tucson, AZ

get directions

Number 8:
Houston, TX

get directions

Number 7:
Chicago, IL

get directions

Number 6:
Brooklyn, NY

get directions

Number 5:
San Diego, CA

get directions

Number 4:
Minneapolis, MN

get directions

Number 3:
Phoenix, AZ

get directions

Number 2:
New York, NY

get directions

Number 1:
Fort Lauderdale, FL

get directions

Chris Daughtry Shirtless & Tattooed - Got Ink?


Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip

Chris Daughtry is a relative newcomer when you consider some of the others and in case you are not familiar with the name, he came in 4th place on the the 5th season of American Idol leaving the show in May 2006. Shortly after that he was signed with RCA records, formed a band, recorded a self titled album that sold more than one million copies after just five weeks of release. Thus giving him the keys to the rock world kingdom almost as soon as he got there.

Okay enough about how great he of a rocker he is and on to how he has made it to the list by popping up in pictures everywhere, he's got Ink, a shaved head and can not deny the sexy shirtless picture. I guess losing on American Idol is not always a bad thing, looks like it is working out pretty well.

Chris Daughtry one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive Polls - Do you remember?

What year did Chris Daughtry get voted by People Magazine for their "Sexiest Men Alive Poll?"

See results

Hollywood Seems to Think Bald is Sexy - Of course we don't all have to agree...

Who do you want to see added to the list?

Do you think bald men are sexy?

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I say Bald Men with Tattoos are Sexy - Who would you like to see added to the list?

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    • profile image 

      3 years ago

      Love being bald with tattoos Want more and more!! Lots of tattoos...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am bald and I have tattoos but . . .


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