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Sexy Nursing Night Gowns

Updated on November 13, 2012

Pretty, Sexy, Nursing Night Gowns for New & Expectant Moms

Moms of nursing babies know how hard it is to get some sleep many nights. Nursing moms often have to wake up and feed a nursing baby every 2-3 hours in the newborn days. As babies get older the feeding schedule gets easier but still, nursing moms are on demand all hours of the night! But hey, the breastfeeding bond and knowing that you are feeding your baby the BEST food makes it all worth it. Still, anything that makes the job easier is welcome and that is why nursing gowns and pjs are so popular. We want to make breastfeeding as easy as possible and the convenient openings in nursing gowns make feeding on the fly... a snap.

Have you seen some of the maternity gowns on the market though? Many of them are just plain hideous, flattering as a pillowcase, and looking frumpy all the time is going to take its toll. New moms already feel self conscious after all the changes their body has gone through so they don't need unflattering clothes too.

To help you feel confident as a new mom you need a nursing gown that not only fits well and allows you to breastfeed with ease but that makes you feel good about yourself. Who needs to feel frumpy after they gave birth? This is especially so if you already liked to wear lacy, slightly frilly lingerie in your pre-baby days.

This lens was created to highlight some comfortable yet sexy, stylish, and pretty nursing gowns for the new mama. Look good and feel good too. You deserve it!

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Sexy Nursing Gown
Sexy Nursing Gown

Many Options in Nursing Gowns

At right: Sweet Dreams Drop-Cup Nursing Nightgown - Sleepwear with shelf bra

Nursing gowns come in many different styles and options for openings. They are not granny type nightgowns and are very modern, such as in pajamas with short and long bottoms. You can also have sexy nightwear when you are a nursing mother instead of having to get into bed covered from head to toe. You can lounge around in your pajamas during the day if you want with the hidden openings that allow you to nurse your baby at any time.

Some of the options you have in openings include:

- All around - In these nightgowns, you lift the top but there is another top underneath so that all you have to do is use a side opening in the part of the top wrapped around you.

- Built-in bra - These have a bra built into the gown as the name suggests so that you don't have to wear a nursing bra at the same time to prevent any leakage from making the front of your nightgown wet.

- Button enclosure - A button enclosure enable you to lift a flap over the breast area so that you can nurse your baby and still feel as if you are clothed.

- Two Piece Look - Some nursing nightgowns look as if you are wearing a short jacket over the main part of the gown.

- Inverted pleat - Simply unfolding a few of the pleats in the front of the gown will expose your breast to the nursing baby.

- Drop Front - In this style you unfasten the top layer of the gown to access the openings hidden underneath.

What you need to look for when buying a gown to wear when you are nursing is one that fits comfortably when you are pregnant and almost ready to deliver. This gown will be quite comfortable to wear in the hospital and at home and will adapt to the shrinking size of your stomach. Most of the gowns on the market today for nursing mothers are designed so that you can wear them to bed or for lounging around on the couch and receiving visitors.

You will be able to find these gowns in department stores, but the selection may be limited. The best shopping experience is online where you have numerous retail locations to choose from. Browse the selection you find and choose from a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Check the shipping charges associated with each site you visit as some may have lower or no charges for shipping.

The convenience of shopping online saves you the time of actually shopping at a location. Your choices are almost limitless because you can shop at locations in another state or even in another country. You can sit down at your computer with your cup of coffee or milk and shop in comfort without having to leave the house. Your order is shipped directly to your door. You do need to check the refund policy of the online retailer just in case what you receive is not exactly what you thought it would be or if it doesn't fit you comfortably.

For more information on nursing gowns, the stages of pregnancy, early pregnancy discharge, and related topics visit

Belabumbum Lotus Lace Black Maternity/Nursing Nightgown

Belabumbum Lotus Lace Black Maternity/Nursing Nightgown
Belabumbum Lotus Lace Black Maternity/Nursing Nightgown

Belabumbum solves the cute nightie dilemma. Belabumbum's soft chemise nighgown is perfect when expecting and the straps pull down for nursing access. Stylish and soft. Black with ivory lace accents. Pair with the Lotus Lace Kimono Robe.


Bella Materna

Bella Materna Women's Anytime Nursing Gown, Black, 38C/D
Bella Materna Women's Anytime Nursing Gown, Black, 38C/D

* 72% nylon, 28% lycra

* Exclusive StrapKeep supports breasts without obstructing nursing access

* Ultra-soft fabric wicks moisture away and will not fade or pill

* Machine wash cool or hand wash, line dry

* Made in USA


I Dream of Sushi

The 100% cotton fabric is absolutely amazing and a million times better than the paper gown you'll be handed at triage. The ties are strategically placed so that fetal monitors and iv cords. The back is low for epidural placement without being to revealing (but let's face it childbirth is revealing. This gown is not suited for nursing due to the ties that are featured on the front of the gown.

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    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      very lovely outfit, I will suggest to my wife to dress like that during and after her pregnancy.

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      rosytaylor 6 years ago

      Hi! This is an amazing and Awesome lens. Thanks for sharing such a nice lens. Nicely done, Keep up your great work!

    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 8 years ago

      These are really nice. You're right about many nursing gowns being frumpy. Well done.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      several really cute ones!