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Vintage Inspired Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Updated on May 14, 2017
Vintage Inspired Plus Size Lingerie
Vintage Inspired Plus Size Lingerie | Source

Beautiful and feminine vintage lingerie is not the sole right of the woman with the perfect silhouette.

Plus size vintage lingerie for the full-bodied woman is now in high demand and there are plenty of wonderful plus size lingerie retailers and boutiques operating as offline and on-line stores.

They sell gorgeous plus size vintage inspired intimates.

To feel great, size is no more a barrier.

Any full-bodied plus size woman a can now find lingerie that is well cut, sexy and flattering. They are so many classy and unique pieces, the choice is enormous.

Many wise and fashionable plus size women now forget about the rolling fat and the sagging bosoms. Putting on lingerie appropriate for the full-bodied woman is so in vogue and many don’t want to be left out.

Plus Size Lingerie Must Look Sexy but Feel Comfortable

To look right and feel comfortable on, it is wise for the full bodied woman to first seek out the basics in vintage inspired lingerie. It's easier to attune the body to those kinds first, before graduating to the more complicated items such as boned corsets.

Great plus size lingerie inspired by vintage undergarments:

  • A beautiful vintage inspired bra that fits snug and well with a pair of matching briefs.
  • A beautiful silk robe, loosely tied to the body. One of those Japanese style robes, called Kimonos, will do just fine. Enjoy the smooth, silky feel against your body. You'll feel gorgeous and very feminine.
  • Sexy plus size vintage fishnet stockings, seamed hosiery or body stockings are so becoming and sexy on the full-bodied woman.
  • A gorgeous teddy, with a built-in corset and matching garter belt set, usually looks great on curvy plus size women.
  • The waist cincher is very vintage and very fashionable right now. It's a great piece of lingerie item that can be worn over the outer clothes such as a blouse, or underneath them. Waist cincher will take up to 4 inches off the waist without compromising on comfort.

Your choice of plus size vintage inspired lingerie must be well structured and must have a firm stretch.

This gives it a better fit and subsequently a more flattering shape.

Styles range from the traditional, back lacing, steel 'boned' corsets of the Victorian and Edwardian era, to the modern bustiers.

There is a wide range of plus size lingerie designed to make the full-bodied plus size woman feel beautiful and individual.


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Getting Laced-Up in Vintage Style Corsets

Being plus sized and laced into a corset can be an exquisitely sensual experience.

The laces slide across your back as they are pulled gradually in from the top and bottom towards the middle, and the sensation is that of being embraced tighter and tighter, ending up making you slimmer around the waist.

One need not tighten it into a Scarlet O'Hara 18 inches. The plus size woman must be content with the corset just hugging her, though it can be laced down to an iron grip.

A corset should mold itself to the body, and after being worn a few times it can gradually lace up a bit tighter if so desired.

A first-time wearer will be surprised and delighted when viewed in the mirror. Corsets will enhance a plus size woman's body, giving not just a smaller waist but the impression of a fuller bosom and hips, giving a feeling of soft femininity.

Many online boutiques that retail plus size vintage inspired lingerie will provide tips on how to measure the body correctly for lingerie.

So a first-time buyer must ensure that these measurements are taken correctly, and this is better achieved with help from a partner or family member.

This will inform on the best size for a plus size, to ensure a snug fit all over.

Plus Size Babydoll Peignoir Set
Plus Size Babydoll Peignoir Set | Source

Vintage Inspired Lingerie Flatters Your Body

Vintage inspired lingerie is the only kind of undergarments with sex appeal and body flattering features. With flattering lingerie, a plus size woman can dare to try some great new body-hugging attire.

One that flatters new found curves. With beautiful vintage inspired lingerie underneath, a daring or chic ensemble will make a plus size woman feel powerful, feminine and sexy.

Feel soft and sensuous in plus size lingerie because it's all about confidence and being proud of one's body, feeling beautiful from the inside out.

And it all boils down to the plus size woman having the audacity and confidence to wear sexy vintage inspired plus size lingerie, just like any other woman of style.

© 2009 viryabo

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