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How to be hot (guys) even if you're totally not.

Updated on September 26, 2010

Well first off, most guys think that women want a guy like the one in the picture above, wrong. Sure any girl would LOVE to have this guy for a little while, but he might be a total jerk and no matter how hot the guy is, if you're a jerk to your girl, she will dump you. I happen to know (because I am one) that almost all of us ugly guys would make the best lovers for all sorts of different woman. Sure any guy wants a good looking girl, but the reality of us ugly dudes getting a super model girl friend are slim to none, but you can. Remember that a lot of really hot girls are just stuck up and they always want a hot guy, with six pack abs who will treat them right. That hardly ever happens. And for you ugly dudes with a lot of money, stay clear of the super model looking ones. They will take your money, manipulate you, and walk all over you. I am going to show you some ways that will make you hot and give you a very big boost in confidence.


1. Well remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you're ugly to one person, that doesn't mean you're ugly to everyone. So just hang out in public a lot and try to listen to what others say about you as far as your looks.

2. Smell good. You must always smell good. My personal method for smelling good is: I wash my hair with shampoo and head and shoulders 3 times a week, I usually use Irish spring for my body wash, but you can use any body wash, just don't use a BAR of soap, it dries out your skin, then I dry off and apply lotion (St. Ives) to my WHOLE body. Then I shave, usually, and use Brut After shave, I apply this to my face, neck, and just a dab on my chest. After all of this I usually put on after shave conditioner to my face to help prevent razor burn. After im dried off, clean shaven, and all lotion'd up I take a can of Axe (any fragrance or any brand of body spray) and spray my arms, neck, and chest before I get dressed, then once I get dressed I usually do the same. Always wear clean clothes too, you can't be trying to smell good and not wear clean clothes. Clean shirt, clean underwear, clean pants, clean socks, etc.. Remember, you do not have to any of this, this is just my method, maybe you're just a cologne kind of guy and that's all you need to smell good. But if you're not going to follow any of this, at least wear clean clothes lol.

3. Keep your hair clean and free from dandruff. You should actually only clean (shampoo and conditioner) your hair 3 or 4 days a week. If you shampoo your hair everyday, you will have more dandruff, if you wouldn't have it for a week. Try to keep out dead ends and other things that will make your hair look like a birds nest.

4. Maybe the most important thing to keep clean, your teeth and mouth in general. If you have yellow teeth, get them whitened, all women hate guys with nasty teeth and breath. Rinse your mouth with mouth wash before and after you brush, make sure you're brushing too and not just using mouth wash. You have to brush your teeth if you want them clean. It doesn't matter what kind of toothpaste or mouth wash you use as long as it's toothpaste and mouth wash. Chew gum to keep your breath smelling good all day. All most no one actually brushes their teeth 3x a day, I don't, so just chew gum after every meal during the day and chew gum when your not eating, it'll keep you breath fresh, and if you get lucky the girl you are making out with will love taste lol. As far as flavor of gum goes, I wouldn't go with mint or wintergreen, those two have a strong scent. I usually chew Juicy Fruit. It's cheap and smells good.

5. Try to keep your face clear of acne. Use acne pads and creams. Personally I use apricot scrub in the shower first, then I use acne pads all throughout the day, especially at night. Using after shave, well after you shave is good for preventing acne. You've got places on your face that are cut (you'll feel it) even if you're not bleeding. After shave has got a lot of alcohol in it which is good for preventing, but too much alcohol can dry out the skin. I know you can't ALWAYS have totally clear skin, but you sure can try.

6. I am not going to tell you what clothes to wear. I don't know what your style is or what kind of girl from what style you want is, but what ever your style, just make sure you look good doing it. Like all of these young men who have metal all over their faces and giant holes in their ears, I do not think its an attractive look, and neither do any of the girls I hang around with, but I usually see these guys with a girl, so it works for them. Just keep your clothes clean, keep your mouth clean and breath smelling good.

7. You are who you are. You can't change your personality, but you'll find a girl who likes a little weirdo, just as long as you are good to her.

8. I try to work out at least 4 days a week. I'm not saying you have to, I've seen plenty of fat guys with hot girls, but I would suggest it. Not only will you look good, but it will boost your self-confidence. So you will feel good, mentally and physically, and definitely look good. If you choose the pretty boy image you will need to keep a good diet. Lots of fruit and vegetables. Red meats, a lot of skinless chicken, nuts (peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews), nothing deep fried, drink lots of water (no soda), research something before you eat it. Set out one day a week to where you can eat and drink what ever you want for that whole day, then have at it. Saturday is my "What-ever" day.

9. Try not to be self-centered. Girls hate that even though most women are totally self-centered. Just ask them about their day and actually listen.

10. As far as actually getting a girl-freind, a simple date, or even a just a little fling you still have to and talk to them. I know, I hate going and talking to girls as much as the next guy, but it has to be done. Sure, every once in a while a girl will make the first move, but that doesn't happen a whole lot. You really shouldn't just go up a to a girl and start saying things like: "Hey, I think you're sexy, wanna go to dinner?", "Can I get your number?", or even "Lets go to dinner on Saturday." I'm not saying these don't work at all, I have seen them work, but they usually just cause her to laugh and go make fun of you with her gf's. Just go up to girl you think might be in your league (because if a really hot girl likes you, she will hit on you first and they have this trick where she will pretend not to notice you, but they will walk by you like 10 times) and lets just say for example she's wearing a t-shirt of a local high school, college, hangout, or even a factory, it doesn't matter. Just start the conversation with something like: "Oh you go to Jefferson High?" Girl: "Yah." You: You gotta know my cousin John Smith then." Girl: "Yah, he's in my grade" You: "Oh Cool."

That didn't really prove you can just ask a girl out, but it did prove to yourself and others that you can talk to girls. Just keep doing that as practice and soon you'll have no problems asking a girl out on a date or what ever. I find that texting and facebooking are a lot easier on you because you don't have to talk face to face yet. You will have to grow a pair eventually and meet them, but in the mean time you can just to get to know them in an easier way for you.

11. That's all I have for you. Remember, this is all just advice, you don't have to take it, somethings may not work for you. Some things you do by yourself or just add to this list might help. I don't know, but I hope this article helped you out a little bit. Just keep yourself clean, smelling good, and have a positive attitude, im sure you'll find some good looking, nice and very lucky lady to spend some time (up to you). Good luck.



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    • profile image

      peter 22 months ago

      are you shure ?i have this friend called vivian and she is very distracted everytime i talk to her. but when i skype her she semes not to distracted. i think she is hot . i need help to get her atention in a good way

    • profile image

      Max 3 years ago

      Are u sure this works?

    • profile image

      Abou Baldiaby 4 years ago

      Whatever you say, buddy.

    • profile image

      Rachy 4 years ago

      Your really sexy maybe we could shift

    • profile image

      Paul blart 5 years ago

      ^lolll you're full of yourself

    • profile image

      eli 5 years ago

      dude im consetered the hottest guy in school cause of my hair and abs girls love that stuff

    • profile image

      Mix 5 years ago

      Lol... Yet wether they go up to a girl and say "I like your shoes" , or "hey your incredibly hot let's go on a date"... Both ways ate implying you want to have sex with her.

      So girls, no matter how a guy approaches you, remember that it's all for one reason. Some guys don't like to sugar coat it by talking about your new dress that thy know nothing about, some guys are straight and down to the point and will tell you straight up that they are attracted to you and want to go out with you

    • profile image

      Bobby 5 years ago

      TThis really worked for me

    • profile image

      Dylan 5 years ago

      Thanks this worked I got a hot girl an hour after read this a she gave me a bj in her car thanks!

    • 19gingerguy92 profile image

      19gingerguy92 5 years ago from Illinois

      Hello again! My new username is "Noitcif Plup" (Pulp Fiction backwards). Hope you guys like my new articles!

    • 19gingerguy92 profile image

      19gingerguy92 5 years ago from Illinois

      Hey, guys and lady. I'm glad to hear this article worked out for some of you. Sorry if it didn't :(. I, myself, have been dating the same girl the last 9 months. Well, I decided I am going to write more articles (after two years haha), but not under this account. Mainly because I do not like my user name. I am going to log out, create one, then log back in and give you my new user name. Tata for now!

    • profile image

      LOL 5 years ago

      You sound like some loser that lives in your mom's basement. Use Nautica Voyage, not axe. Axe will scare the woman away.

    • profile image

      Awesome 5 years ago

      Dude its a superb idea i wish u to write some more articles

    • profile image

      ny 5 years ago

      yaaa good stuff

    • profile image

      Bryson 6 years ago

      Hey thanks man this helped me get a girl the day I looked at this (4 days ago)

    • profile image

      Binky 6 years ago

      Both the writer and responders comments are moronic. If you want to date someone, ask them if they'd like to hang out with you. If not, on to the next girl.

    • profile image

      arielle matthews 6 years ago

      im a girl, and if this was how i was being hit on i would denfinelty go out wit him

    • profile image

      peter 6 years ago

      thanks! it works for me :*

      this Calvin eats shits :P

    • profile image

      calvin 7 years ago

      dude ive tried all of this it hasn't worked but im in seventhe grade and every girl i ask out says im more like a friend or im ugly