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Sexy underwear for the full figured woman

Updated on October 2, 2014

Full figured women just have more to love!

I'm a full figured woman and finally proud of it - i'm even prouder through when I can find sexy underwear for a full figured woman so I can have a little secret underneath my clothes. Just because i'm a larger woman doesn't mean that I don't like nice lingerie, silky underwear, and pretty bras. I don't have to wear granny panties, unless I choose too (sometimes, big whities are the most comfortable way to go...) - I'll give you those options too, just in case.

I just wrote an article Prima Donna bras for the full figured woman so this Squidoo article will complement the beautiful lingerie in that article.

I'll not only give you some specific items which you can buy right from this article, but I'll also give you some links where you can find you own sexu underwear for the full figured woman. Come along and see what I've found.

Sexy Underwear For The Full Figure Girl

Olga Women's Secret Hug Fashion Scoops Hipster Panty, White, 7/L
Olga Women's Secret Hug Fashion Scoops Hipster Panty, White, 7/L

I like these Olga brand nylon underwear as they stand up to their claim of not riding up. There's also no panty line with this panty.

The one thing I can vouch for also is that there is plenty of room in the seat for the largest fanny!


Another Favorite Panty

Bali Womens One Smooth U Comfort Indulgence Satin with Lace Hipster Panty
Bali Womens One Smooth U Comfort Indulgence Satin with Lace Hipster Panty

This Bali underwear fits very well, just like the Olga one above it. I actually love both of these and have multitudes of these full figure underwear at the ready.

Unfortunately, this Bali panty only goes up to size 9.

Maidenform Women's Modal Cheeky Hipster With Lace Panty
Maidenform Women's Modal Cheeky Hipster With Lace Panty

Believe it or not, sometimes, a thong panty is called for, especially under white pants.

These Maidenform underwear go up to size 8 - ok, that's not really a super full figured woman but it is a larger than average size.


If these sexy underwear don't float your boat - Check out some of these other links

I've found some decent online stores where they carry full figured sexy underwear. Check out one or more links - I'm sure you'll find just the right panties for you.

How about these beautiful plus sized panties for Valentine's Day?

A great Valentine's Day dinner may easily end up in a romantic bedroom interlude so be ready with these beautiful Love Heart underwear. Your lover will be surprised and delighted!

I've been full figured all my life and am finally about fine with it - sort of. I was glad to see these beautiful sexy underwear were available in my size. I'd love to hear any comments you may have.

Got panties? - Got comments?

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      love the sexy undies!

    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Everyone deserves good underwear. Great lens

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      Only sort of OK with it?

    • profile image

      ernad18 6 years ago

      wow. with underware good and interesting course we will be more passionate couples. nice lens

    • profile image

      josephpowell519 6 years ago

      This is a great page, very informative and i'd definitely recommend it. I've also given this page a like

      I'm new to this but i have 2 pages up, poetry and massage/health so i'd appreciate it if you could go onto the link, like and comment, and share the link if you like it. I hope you enjoy reading through my poetry.Thanks I wrote all the poetry myself so feel free to 'like' it if you enjoy the read :)

    • Gayle Mclaughlin profile image

      Gayle 6 years ago from McLaughlin

      Full-figured clothing is an uncluttered market--we need to let the marketers know everyone is not a size 6!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      I like the ones that are cut high on the hip (but not with a thong). Pretty and lacy... I like those.

    • Joyce Mann profile image

      Joyce T. Mann 6 years ago from Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA

      These fashionable panties are great to look at, but I'll take my plain and comfortable undies any day of the week. Hmmm...I wonder if anyone still makes those days of the week panties?

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I have never been a fan of how these little panties feel. Maybe if I were smaller, hmmm. They are simply lovely though!