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Sexy Corsets

Updated on November 1, 2013

Sexy Corsets

Traditional corsets are  designed to mold the body into an hourglass shape.  Usually made from a soft and flexible cloth sexy corsets are stiffened by stays or ribs that are inserted into the material.  Originally made of metal or whalebone, plastic is currently the most common material used to make stays, though they can also still be made from steel.  Usually laces are used to tie the corset together, the tighter the lacing of the corset the more severe the shape.

Tightlacing is the fashion of binding the sexy corset and gradually changing the shape of the body and reducing the natural waist size to an extremely small dimension.

Corsets of today often have the look of the traditional corsets, and while they may be tight fitting, modern corsets usually do not shape the wearer in the extreme way of traditional corsets. Whether you are interested in traditional corsets or modern corsets, as can be seen from the photos below, a corset can enhance sexy lingerie and make it even sexier.

Vollers Corsets

Vollers is one of the oldest original corset manufacturers around. Vollers began over 100 years ago and is still run by a 4th generation member of the family. Their corsets are custom-made from authentic pattens which originated from their factory. You can see a few Vollers items below or have a look at this site which specializes in Vollers Corsets.

Books about Corsets

Corsets and Crinolines
Corsets and Crinolines

definitive book on corsetry


Corset Dresses

Corset dresses are becoming very popular in the world of fashion. Designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabanna are creating very elegant and expensive corset dresses which are now very popular amongst celebrities and the trendy sent. But what is a corset dress?

A costume composed of a dress laced as a corset. In practice, it is a corset designed for outwear and reaching the lengths of a standard dress. Typically the dress will have either laces or built in panels which make the dress very form fitting.

Corset Dresses - Click Below to Shop and Buy from Amazon

What is a bustier?

A bustier extends down only to the ribs or the waist and its primary purpose is to push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts to move up, while gently shaping the waist. The bustier is a multi-purpose garment and doubles up as a push-up bra for inner wear and as a camisole for outer wear. When wearing a low-back dress, a bustier is sometimes worn instead of a bra, as it is less likely to be seen.

Some designers such as Dolce & Gabbana are creating elegant bustier dresses with built in bustier designs.

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