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Shapewear For Men - Look Better Effortlessly

Updated on December 3, 2014
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Spanx for Men - Shapewear Men Secretly Love

Are you looking for a really cool gift that your man would never buy for himself? If so, consider buying him a few pairs of Spanx for men........ the shapewear men love

Let's face it; even men look in the mirror every morning.

Some of us (not mentioning any names) have let ourselves go a little over the past few years. With all the stress of work and taking care of the family, can you really blame us?

Never fear, you can help us regain a bit of our lost confidence; and inexpensively at that. Buy your man a pair of Spanx for Men; he will absolutely love them, GUARANTEED!

Photo courtesy of Amazon for the featured item: Cotton Compression Shirt

What Size To Buy?

  • Small - Chest Size 34 to 36
  • Medium - Chest Size 38 to 40
  • Large - Chest Size - 42 to 44
  • ex-Large- Chest Size - 44 to 46


wear shapewear that is

tight to the point

of discomfort

What Size to Buy?

  • Small - Waist Size 30 to 32
  • Medium - Waist Size 34 to 36
  • Large - Waist Size 38 to 40
  • Ex-Large - Waist Size 42 to 44

Spanx for Men Testimonial Video

Fun Poll About Shapewear - Please Participate

Do you know any men that would benefit from Shapewear and would they wear it ?

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Shapewear - Before and After

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Shapewear Men Love? - Is It Even Possible?

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