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How to Apply Perfect Makeup

Updated on September 3, 2018

Seasonal Trends - Trends In Makeup - Sexy, Sizzling, and Dramatic


Cosmetics On Trend And The Right Way To Apply Them

By Sharon Stajda,

The newest looks for makeup this year is sexy, sophisticated, and glamorous! The key to pulling off these popular new looks in makeup is you have to know how to apply makeup the right way. One of the hottest trends in ma makeup this year is lined eyes. Liquid eyeliner is the way to go. So, it's important to learn how to apply liquid liner the right way. Below you will find all you need to know about how to apply liquid eyeliner the right way.This year you will also see lots of beautiful shades of lipstick, from flashy red to soft floral shades. What's up in the way of eyeshadows? Eyeshadow hues are soft and natural in tone with lots of shimmers. Yes, the metallic based shadows are back. Eyes are just taking on a stronger more all done up look. Let's talk eyebrows. The strong well-manicured brows are still holding its own in the world of makeup. Let's have a closer look at what's on trend in makeup for this year, and how to apply makeup the right way. Let's make you more beautiful than ever.

Lips are well defined and shinny this season

The makeup trends are a bit on the dramatic side. Lips are berry stained or sheer glossy orange or bright flashy red, any of these looks are sexy and sizzling! Foundation is slightly more mat, saving the cheek area for a bit rosy hues. Eyes are where the drama sets in, yes the trend of the heavier lined eye are sticking around for summer. The shadows that are on trend for this summer are hot, and from sensuous teal to golden metallic, and creamy neutral shades, and smoky grays. All the attention is on the eyes. The cheeks are being played up big time, oh yes blush is so back in a very big way! Choosing a blush should be determined by your skin tone, cool, warm, and all that. For the cool skin tones use a deep rose or bronzer that has pink or rose tone in it. For the warm toned girls, stick to blushes, and bronzers that have a peach tone or light brown tones in them. The secret to using blush is the blend, blend and blend again.

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Red lipstick is considered an all time classic when it comes to lip color... And it's so on trend

Red Lipstick Is Back!

Will you be one that will dare to wear Red?

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Ingredients For A Fabulous Look

  • Foundation
  • Cody Tranclusant powder
  • black eyeliner
  • eye shadow Soft bronze metallic
  • black mascara
  • lips a great red lipstick
  • cream blush light rosy tone

How To Apply Blushers and Bronzers

Expertly applied makeup doesn't take an artist, it takes the right makeup brushes Plus the know how to use them. All you need to get started are five brushes. Brushes for, foundation, powder, eyeliner, and eye-shadow, let's not forget a lip brush. By using these brushes it will take the work off your hands.

Unlike your fingertips, brushes are specifically designed to conform to your faces unique angles. Brushes will give you a more defined look to your makeup, and keep your cosmetics from becoming laden with germs.

How To Apply Blush Bronzer With Brush

When applying bronzer make sure to use just a bit of a brush, and touch the cheek very lightly sweeping the apple area of the cheek, blend with fingers to tone down the look. Another way to apply bronzer, use a small powder puff, dab a very small amount on the edge of the puff, then blend into cheeks, the tip of the nose, under cheekbones or the apple area of the cheeks. A powder puff is a good tool to just add a bit of color to your face. This method gives a more natural look.

Foundation brush - How to apply foundation with a brush


How to apply foundation

The flat side of the foundation brush is meant to hold the foundation. Using the flat side will ensure an even flawless coverage. Add your foundation to the brush makes sweeping broad horizontal strokes. This method will help conceal lines or imperfections. The exception to this rule - around the lips, jawline, and lips. In these area's use a downward motion, which will blend the foundation into your skin.

Topping It All Off With Powder

The loosely packed bristles, and size of the powder brush helps pick up more powder, this makes it perfect for larger areas. To apply powder, lightly put the brush in the powder, ( only use a small amount of product) tap off excess, then use a soft circular motion to blend the powder over the area if the face you wish to apply the powder. This maneuver applies to setting powders. To apply blush and bronzing powders, add a small amount of product to your powder brush, tap off excess, use a sweeping motion over the area desired. The key with colored powders is a blend and blend well. Also, keep your brush clean, it is important to wash your brushes frequently, to prevent color build up.

Line Your Eyes The Right Way

The liner brush has short bristles that are cut on a slant, and somewhat flat. This provides a clean thin line to the area applied. To use dip your brush into product apply to the eyelid, working from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. This handy brush is also good used to fill in thin eyebrow areas. Simply sweep eyebrow powder in the direction of hair growth.

Eye Shadow It's Not So Hard To Apply

This brush has slightly rounded bristles which help deposit eyeshadow in hard to reach places. When purchasing your eyeshadow brush, look for one that is the size of your personal lid. This will ensure a perfect application in one sweep.

To apply shadow sweep a small amount of product from your inner eye to outer eye just along the lower part of the lid. Blend with a light touch of the brush.

To add color to under eyelid, use an angled eyeliner brush. This will leave a even precise line that you can blend to a softer the look

Tips On How To Use A Lip Brush

The lip brush is a small rounded tip brush that comes to a point. Its shape will ensure an even line to shape your lips. The bristles are somewhat firm this also helps give an even application. To use, line your lips with color, then sweep the brush across lips, then as if painting dab areas that need more color, blending with a light touch.

Tip; when lining lips, it's smart to use the same shade as you are applying to the rest of your lips. If you desire more pronounced lips you can line your lips with a bit darker shade, however, keep to the color palette of the lip color. Going no darker than one shade.

Do you think the more expensive brand cosmetic's are better than the less expensive brands?

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Do you have a smashing lipstick ?

If so I would so appreciate it if you would leave a quick note just below. Please don't forget to leave the color shade, along with the brand. Thanks, loads for taking the time to share!

What's your favorite lipstick, and please make sure to add the color shade.

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