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Choose Jeans That Are Slimming

Updated on December 10, 2016

How to find a pair of jeans that will make you look thinner.

By Sharon Stajda

Let's face it, we all want to find a pair of jeans that will make us look slimmer. There is nothing worst than a poor fitting uncomfortable pair of jeans, that show each and every flaw that we had hope to ultimately to camouflage. Such as the muffin or over large thigh area. I have listed some helpful tips to help you find that perfect pair of jeans. Jeans that will work for you, and make you actually look thinner. Yes, no more muffin top or look of the bulging thigh...

A bit pricey but well worth the price

Raven Jeans well worth the price... Wonderful fit, superior fabrics.
Raven Jeans well worth the price... Wonderful fit, superior fabrics. | Source

How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Figure

So, how does one go about finding that perfect fitting pair of jeans, that will flatter your individual body type, and naturally work to make you look slimmer? Well. first you have to know your figure type. Plus, you need to understand some simple rules that can actually make you appear slimmer in your jeans.

Think visual perception, do the cloths you wear really fit and flatter your figure type? The most important concept of looking good in jeans is a good fit. First, choose a size that truly fits your body type. Don't let going up a size or down a size scare you when trying on jeans. All jeans aren't created equal.

The next concept to consider is what style of jeans look best on your body frame. In short, you've got to take a good long look at your body. Get to know your body type, and learn what will flatter your particular body frame. Balance and Proportion is the key to making your body look good in anything you wear.

I have added below some great tips to help you find just the right jeans for your particular body type. Jeans that will flatter, and show your best assets. I hope to help you achieve the long lean look you have been longing for.

The Muffin Top


Food For Thought ... Don't End Up With A Muffin Top...

It's smart to keep an open mind when shopping for jeans. Don't make these guidelines the bible of what to try on. However, do try on the suggested style first, and make sure to try several brand names. All brands are not equal.

So, you have fallen in love with a pair of jean that is out of your suggested body type style? They look great, and are comfortable! If they fit, then you must take the plunge and purchase! On the other hand, If you fall in love with a pair of jeans that just don't fit, you must admit that they just don't fit! Walk away, and don't look back. In every case stay clear of any jeans that give you overflow at the waistline. Muffin top is so unattractive.

This pocket is a good example of what to look for.


Pockets- Be careful Of these little buggers ...

Be aware of what's behind you! Back pockets can reflect the size of your 'Bottom". Both the placement, and size of a pocket can have a great effect on how well your backside looks walking away. What to avoid. Avoid tiny pockets as well as pockets that are set to far apart. Pockets such as these wills make your backside look "fat". Pockets that are added lower on the jeans will tend to make your bottom look higher. Another good tip, don't over do the embellishments . The faded rear also is hard to pull off, it can stand to draw attention to your backside. So ask yourself , "do I really want my but to stand out? " Choose pockets that are medium in size, and sit a bit close to the waist. This will gives a lifted look.

Jag Boot Cut Jeans


One Of My All Time Favorite Jeans, Jag Jeans.

I just have to share! I have found the best pair of jeans, a pair of jeans that not only make me look thinner, but are made from great fabric, and so comfortable. So, I bet you want to know the name of these jean? Jag jeans, these are by far the most comfortable best fitting jeans I have ever owned. One of the best features is that they are pull on jeans with a fit that is superb. The flat waistband really works to get rid of that bulky look that most jeans have at the waistline.

Jag jeans come in all the popular styles, as well as washes. I have always liked the bootcut style because I think on my body type they are the most slimming.

As mentioned the fabric is very nice a cotton and spandex mix which gives just the right flexibility, without bagging out at the "backside or knees". Jag jeans are styled with the traditional five pocket design, and are machine washable. They also keep their color well. They come out of the dryer without any shrinkage or wrinkles. I love the convenience of pull on jean with a fake fly, no sipper no heavy waistband to deal with, no "muffin top".

I don't know about you, but I have a very hard time finding a good pair of jeans. I have been wearing Jag jeans for a couple years now, and I find myself reaching for them time and time again. They are great for casual, and can be easily dressed up for a night out on the town. I have gotten tons of compliments, and purchased many different styles and washes, I love them all.

Bootcut Jeans


Jag Skinny Jeans


Bootcut - A bit thick in the middle? Try on a pair of bootcut jeans

Bootcut, and flared jeans give a long and lean look, which is flattering to most women.The ideal body type to pull off boot cut jeans. Tall, thick middle, boyish body figure.

Flare legged jeans, are you long and lean?

Flare legged jeans really look best on the long and lean body frame. If you are on the short side, these jeans will add weight, and deduct inches from your height. The ideal body type to pull off flare legged jeans - Slim, boyish body shape or tall.

Skinny Jeans - No One Does Skinny's Like Jag

Skinny jeans are great jeans, and most girls can wear skinny jeans well.

Ideal body type to pull off skinny jeans - Petite, slim boyish shape, tall and well proportioned. Just a few great brands to consider: "Seven For All Mankind" five-pocket bootcut jeans, "J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez" jeans with pocket-free back, "Calvin Klein" basic-fit jeans, "Parasuco" basic stretch five-pocket jeans, "Bisou Bisou" basic-fit jeans, "XOXO" basic-fit jeans.

So Jag !

Classic Trouser Jean


Trouser Jeans - This style as a rule will compliment most body types

Trouser jeans, this style is a good try on starting point when you shop. Trouser jeans are one of the most flattering jeans for all shapes and sizes.

Tip: Cuffs are great on some body types, but the shorter girl should avoid cuffs. If under 5'5" stay away from cuffs, they will make your legs appear shorter.

Ideal body type to pull off classic trouser jeans. Slim, petite, thick at the middle, curvy, boyish. tall.

Just a few great brands to consider: - AG Angel Roxy, Lee One True Fit Flare Jeans, Not Your Mothers Jeans Tummy Tuck Jeans, City Girl's Suddenly Slimmer Jeans, Perfection Jeans, Apple Bottom Jeans.

Plus Size Jeans


Straight Leg Jeans


Plus Size Jeans have come a long way

Plus-Size jeans are know being made in all styles. The plus size girl should try on every style, there is one that will flatter all your curves. Bootcut, straight or trouser may do the job.

Just a few great brands to consider: Express precision-fit jeans, Lane Bryant Venezia stretch boot-cut jeans, Zana di Bedford cord jeans, Avenue classic denim jeans, Tommy Hilfiger boy-front bootcut jeans, Faded Glory classic-fit jeans, Land's End relaxed-fit jeans, *L.L.Bean wide-leg jeans, Gap's Long and Lean, Not Your Daughter's " Tummy Tuck Jeans".

Straight Leg - Ideal Body Type to pull off straight Leg jeans

Straight-Legged jeans

Ideal body type to pull offs-leg jeans - Slim, curvy, tall, thick Middle, boyish, petite.

Wide Leg Jeans


Wide Leg Jeans... Do you have a tall boyish figure?

Wide-Leg are a bit hard to pull off on anything but the tall slim body shape... Curvy gals should stay away from the wide legged jeans, this line will add weight, and make you appear shorter.

Ideal Body Type - tall, boyish or slim.

Jeans For The Pregnant Woman...

Expecting? Well- that doesn't mean you will have to give up your jeans...Believe it or not you can also stay up with the current trends too!

Here are a few styles available for mommy to be! Boot cut, trouser or straight-Leg.

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