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Pubic Shaving: How To Shave Pubic Hair

Updated on July 16, 2012

Genital Hair Removal

Pubic hair shaving has become very popular in recent years, and not only for the purpose of wearing a sexy, tiny bikini. What you may not know is that women shaved their vaginal hair as far back as 3,000 BC – maybe even in pre-history times.

Early Egyptian women were taught how to shave pubic hair at the first signs of hairs in the genital area. The Greeks considered women with pubic hair ugly and all upper-class women practiced genital hair removal.

Young Roman girls would also begin removing pubic hair when hairs first emerged from the vaginal area. Julius Caesar wrote "The Britons shave every part of their body except their head and upper lip." Islam has a history of pubic hair removal for both male and female followers.

Shaving the pubic area was brought to Europe by the Crusaders. Artist of the sixteenth and seventeenth century painted women with little or no pubic hair. Shaved pubes were the ideal example of feminine beauty at the time.

Shaving of the genitals was suppressed by religious zealots, especially during the "Victorian Era". It probably remained popular at home. However with the advent of the industrial age and the availability of cheap, quality razors, the practice of pubic hair removal became acceptable again. As women clothing fashions changed more and more women again started to shave their pubic hair.

Brazilian Hair Removal

Dry Shaving

The popularity of the bikini has resulted in more women shaving most or all of the hair in the genital area. These days genital hair removal is very common and mothers are once again instructing their daughters on pubic shaving.

How To Shave Pubic Hair

First you may want to consider switching from "wet-shaving" to "dry-shaving" for the best hair removal results.

Wet skin swells, hiding part of the pubic hair, which is revealed as stubble after the skin dries. If you choose to dry shave you will want to consider using one of the specially designed electric razors available for this purpose.

Next you will need to shorten the pubic hair – the use of an electric trimmer can provide better and more even results than scissors would.

Once your pubic hair has been trimmed down to stubble, you will need to shave it down to the skin line. Again an electric shaver designed to be delicate to your skin would be your best choice for that soft, smooth feeling you get with genital shaving.

It just takes a few minutes each day to keep that special area baby soft and free of stubble.

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    • profile image

      Paul Duffy 4 years ago

      I read Mick Jones's article and I must thank him profusely for his suggestion that the Lexor three blade razor is the one for dry pubic shaving. It is by far the best suggestion of all the above.I have adhered to Mick's instructions and found that there is no need for foam or any liquid whatever. I can pull the penis and shave the shaft even when it is not erect. I drag the razor along the base area while I keep the skin pulled tight and the result is a smooth silky skin without a stubble. I too went to LIDL for the choice three-blade disposable razor. Even though it is disposable I use it over and over again and it never seems to lose its sharpness. I sincerely recommend it to male and female. There is never a nip or burn even in the tender scrotum area.

    • profile image

      Joe Delaney 4 years ago

      I read a previous comment re. dry shaving of the pubic area and I went out and bought a six pack of Lacura 3 Blade cartridges. I proceeded as advised to dry shave the naval area.The blades lay flat on my naval area and I was amazed how ,without foam or anything wet, the stubble was cleared.By pulling the skin tight over the scrotum area I got rid of all the hair without a nip or scratch. Even the area below the scrotum was made smooth by dragging the blades horizontally against the skin and there wasn't a drop of blood to be seen even though I had no mirror or view of the area while I shaved it. I have done this every second day and the area is as smooth as the proverbial Baby's Bottom.My partner is now copying me and enjoys rubbing Johnson's Baby Powder on both smooth areas. I do her's now and she does mine every other day. The task in either case takes less than two minutes and it is pleasurable for both of us.

    • profile image

      Joe Delaney 4 years ago


    • dwaynesmith10 profile image

      dwaynesmith10 4 years ago from Ohio

      What my wife has found out to work the best when she shaves my genital area is she starts out laying a plastic sheet on the bed, she has me stretch out on the sheet on the bed, where she lathers me up with her Satin Care shave gel, and she uses a Venus Breeze razor and the results are always a clean shave followed by Avon Skin So Soft Sensual body lotion. NEVER USE NAIR!!!

    • profile image

      Mick Jones 4 years ago

      Until I read the above articles I never realized the value of dry shaving the pubic area. I secured a LEXOR ,triple blade disposable razor in a Lidl store. The blades are practically horizontal with the handle of the razor and the razor can be dragged over the stubble are of the pubic area without causing a nip either on the smooth belly-button area or the rough scrotum area. Without even using a mirror I can shave the area between the scrotum and anus by leaning heavily on the shaft of the razor while dragging the blades over the skin area. The razor never seems to lose its sharpness though I have used it several times. I even use the same blades to shave my face. I would like to know the experience of other males or females in this regard.

    • profile image

      Joe Murphy 5 years ago

      I have been shaving my pubic area for the past six months and I have followed the instructions on dry shaving as specified in the articles above.I am amazed that there are not many more men commenting on their experience of dry shaving of the genitals. I was pulling back the bed linen but now I find I can shave even with the covers in position.It is just a case of dragging the multi-blade disposal razor over the skin without looking at the area.This adds secrecy to the operation which can be convenient in certain circumstances. I find that using my free hand to push the flesh upwards towards the naval while dragging the razor upwards exposes the stubble at the base of the penis and causes a smooth silky effect in this area.The shaving seems rougher but the effect is exceptional. My partner has commented on the disappearance of the smegma odour from this area since I started the daily shave.Are there others out there who have the same happy experiences?

    • profile image

      Mortimer Kearns 5 years ago

      I have joined the dry shaving club and to my great delight I find it most satisfactory.My daily effort has left me smooth and hair free in the pubic area. There is no stubble visible each morning. I can barely feel stubble with my sensitive fingers and dragging the six blade disposable razor against the grain clears the area in one minute rather than three. Before I go to sleep each night I apply baby oil to the whole pubic region and it seems to have the effect of loosening the scrotum area and extending the size of the sack. My partner can't refrain from pulling and playing with that area. She fancies the baby oil for other reasons also.

    • profile image

      kevin1989 5 years ago

      i dry shaved my pubic hairs, the area between the ass and the balls and yes! the ass also with the safety razor. I have done this for more than two years in my early age right after getting hairs on my pubes.Never cut my self ,never got a razor burn and no ingrwon hairs.Becoz a safety razor has a single blade and doesn't cut the hairs too short therefore no ingrown hairs. Even with long hairs it was fine doing it.

    • profile image

      Tina Kolinas 5 years ago

      I really think a personal shaver like the Hair eRazor beats shaving!

    • profile image

      Je Kelly 5 years ago

      I too have made the secret discovery of how to shave that sensitive area wit dry razor and no blood. I am surprised there are not several more comments from people who have made the discovery.

    • profile image

      Joe Sheers 5 years ago

      Thanks Jimmy. Having shaved my genitals yesterday I decided to check your method of removing the stubble this morning. I followed your recommendation that I do so with a multi-blade disposal razor.With a mirror hanging on the board at the bottom of the bed I had a perfect view of the leg area below the scrotum. I first dealt with the base of the penis area and to my amazement without drawing a drop of blood I cleared it of all the stubble. With the help of the large mirror I shaved that itchy area between the legs and anus and again without seeing a single drop of blood.The whole procedure took about three minutes and there was no rinsing or doctoring when I finished. Adding the Baby powder had the effect you predicted.

    • profile image

      Jimmy Summers 5 years ago

      Having read the above I went out and purchased a seven-blade disposable razor. For years I have been shaving my pubic area with shaving foam, hot water and a razor and invariably I had blood pouring from nips and scratches. The water in the basin was coloured pink when I finally rinsed. It was fatal to drag the razor against the grain particularly at the base of the penis. I awoke this morning at 7a.m. with a reasonable arousal.I threw aside the bed covers and gingerly started to drag the new razor along my belly button area. I was surprised it didn't cause any scratches or nips.I courageously took hold of the penis and to my amazement I dragged the blades up and down the full extent without seeing a single drop of blood. I now cautiously attacked the scrotum and again, though I pressed hard on the razor there was no cutting or bleeding. The final area I tackled was that itchy piece between the legs and the anus. I ended with a smooth, velvety surface in the whole area. Why somebody didn't reveal this secret before now puzzles me. The hot water and shaving foam seems to invite trouble while shaving the pubic area. I can't stop rubbing the area now that it has such a silky feeling.

    • profile image

      Mutter 5 years ago

      I fully agree with dry shaving of the genital area. Use a seven blade disposable razor. It is perfect for the job. Of course it is only for keeping in trim a genital area that has already been shaven of coarse hair.The best time to shave is early in the morning when a man awakes aroused. The arousal should be increased to almost maximum. Pulling the penis to different positions will tighten the skin and give the razor a perfect patch to shave without scratch or nip. The scrotum can be pulled also and no matter how hard the razor is pressed it will not cut the skin. The whole scrotum area and between the legs area can be done while lying on the bed in a matter of minutes.The result is an area of silky,smooth skin that is a pleasure for you partner to rub against.An application of baby power over the area will give a pleasant aroma and a velvety feeling for the rest of the day.To prevent stubble and preserve that silky feeling it is a good idea to do the job daily.

    • profile image

      Jimmy Bachala 6 years ago

      these personal shavers kick butt.. My wife and i both use them!