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Shaving For Men

Updated on December 5, 2012

Shaving For Men - Wet Shave or Electric Razors for Men

When it comes to Shaving For Men and Shaving For Men there are 2 camps. The wet shaver and the electric razors.

If you decide that you are in the Electric Razors for Men camp, or even contemplating a change in shaving style, here are a few things to consider.

When looking at the myriad of electric shavers for men available it can be some what bewildering, not only in the range of choice but also in the range of price, from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars. So how do you narrow down the options when it comers for electric shavers and razors for men?

We all have a different skin type, and this can determine what razor is suitable for you. If you have been enjoying to cool, close shave of the stand wet shave, you may find that your skin becomes more irritable and sensitive. There are numerous electric shavers for men that are sort of hybrid, with that are electric, but can use shaving cream, such as ..... and used wet. Some even come with special moisturising dispenser attached, like the .....

You may think that the initial investment will soon be recouped based on the number of old style blades you used to have to buy. Those blades expensive, as the market for razor blades is dominated by 2 key players and they pay the equivalent of the direct national output of a small nation on marketing. But here is the rub. If you go down the electric avenue route you still need to replace their heads, and that can be expensive.

Electric shavers for men have come a long way though, and they are far less irritant inducing than days of fathers. They are quick and convenient and you don;t necessarily need to deal with water and shaving cream. Nowadays the technology in electric razors for men mean that you can get a very close shave, almost as close as a shave with a medium priced blade. Key things to consider are power options, and if you don't want to be tangled up in wire, or need to shave on the run, then a rechargeable is probably the best option.

So to summarise, consider investing in a good quality electric shaver, that won't irritate the skin, look for super thin foils, or hybrid version that can be used in the shower as your hair thickens and is easier to cut for that closer shave. Think about the rechargeable versions, and how easy it is to charge. Does it have a convenient dock, how long is the battery life, does it have a self cleaning facility. Also, consider the ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacement heads, or special moisturiser replacements.

What ever your decision, enjoy as there are a huge number of choices when it comes to Shaving for Men nowadays to suit all skin types and requirements.

How to Get The Best Shave

A good shave is dependent on getting the main 4 key stages correct, these are:

1. Hot Water

2. Preparing the Face

3. The Lather

4. The Razor

1. Hot Water

It is essential that you shave with hot water. You need to make the hairs soft, so the shaving process is more smooth. Hot water helps the skin become more relaxed and opens the pores. As the hairs absorb the hot water they become far more easy to cut. One of the best ways to prepare the face is to use a hit towel. You will see some barbers who specialise in shaving wrapping their clients face in warm hot towels or flannels. One method is to soak a flannel in hot water, squeeze out a bit, and then rest on your face for 10 to 20 seconds. Alternatively, straight after a bath or shower *(or in the shower) is a great option.

2. Face Preparation

As with anything in life, preparation is key. You are about to apply a very sharp blade to the face, so it is crucial the face is ready for this. Some people like to use pre-shave oil. This helps the smooth path of the blade over the face. This can help for people who have particularly sensitive faces when it comes to shaving. They key is a smooth shave with the razor, so you want it to run over your face smoothly. (Alternatives are glycerine-based Skin Food).

3. Lather

Please don't use that cheap shaving foam in an aerosol can!! Come on guys, we are being serious about shaving. You need a proper shaving cream or soap. I'm not a fan of shaving gel (unless it is the type that turns into a lather/cream) - as, like the hideous shaving foam, I find it can clog the smooth path of the blade. The best stuff I have found is genuine old fashion shaving cream that lathers up with a brush and Shaving Gel from L'Occitane. To get the best shave you really should have a brush that can work up a good lather, and help lift up the hairs on your face as you apply. Applying with your hands is "ok", but not brilliant. Find a good quality brush (badger hair). This will help create the smooth creamy lather and lift up the hairs ready for shaving.

Personally I likes to use traditional English glycerine based shaving soap. It works, but there is also something about the heritage and tradition. It is worth looking at a number of shaving creams, to find one that works for you.

Recommended ones are:

4. The Razor

Whatever you use - make sure IT IS SHARP! The difference between the cheap blade and more expensive blades tend to be the sharpness. Sometimes it can be a false economy to go for the cheaper blade.

Razor technology is a multi billion dollar business, and there is a lot of research that goes into creating the latest blade. After all, the shaving companies want your repeat business. The four blade razor is common place nowadays - but any more than that and I think it is just a bit "gimmicky".

There are 3 kinds of razors - the classic safety razor that you will buy in its various forms from Gillette or Wilkinson Sword, the DE or Double Edge razor as used by old school barbers and traditionalists and the cut-throat - used by pirates and in Westerns!! I joke, but really, unless you are an experienced barber probably best to steer clear of the cut-throat.

The key thing is they must be sharp, and try to avoid using blunt ones. Many modern razors come with a strip that will indicate when it is time to replace it.

Best Shaving Equipment - Razors

Real men use a Real Blade!!. Ok, let's not get carried away. But if you are serious about being a shaving connoisseur, then learning the art and acquiring a DE or "Double Edge" Razor is a must for any Shaving officianado.

The DE Razor is also known as a DE Safety Razor. Although looking at it in this modern world of multi-blade, blade protected modern razors from Wilkinson and Gillete - the "Saftey Razor" may not look all that, well, safe. The Double Edge Safety Razors used to be the common form of shaving back in the day, before the onslaught of modern marketed "bonded" disposable razors (i.e blades contained within a disposable plastic cartridge. Nowadays the DE is used by serious shavers, and barbers. Those looking for a "proper shave".

With the DE Razors, you replace the blades themselves, not some plastic cartridge. There is some ritualistic and special about using a classic well built DE Razor. Something that sets you apart from the "hoi poloi " of dispoable razor users. You need to handle the blades carefully - as they are unprotected, but you get a nice smooth shave with them. As part of a high class shaving kit, a DE Razor looks special.

There are some specialists manufacturers around, including Merkur but also more well known names such as Wilkinson Sword. You want to buy a well built razor (handle) that will last you for life (and even be handed down from father to son!), so it is worth investing in quality (like a Merkur). If you are investing in decent shaving accompaniments then you don't want a horrible plastic razor spoiling the overall look of the shaving kit!

Here are some I recommend:

Shaving for Men - Shaving tips for male grooming

Tips and advice on all aspects of shaving

See How DE Safety Razor Blades Are Made

Great little video on how they make the DE (Double Edge) Razor blades that I talk about earlier.

Shaving for Men - Body Trimmers and Shavers

Shaving for men present shavers and razors for all your male grooming needs

Share your body grooming tips to help others when it comes to body grooming

Shaving Tips - share you body grooming tips

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    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      No shave November! Thats what this is reminding me of!

    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      No shave November! Thats what this is reminding me of!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great shaving tips! Fab lens