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Sheer Energy: My Valued Coworker

Updated on April 20, 2019
kimberlyschimmel profile image

Kimberly has worked in offices, retail, and teaching--all requiring long hours. She knows how to survive!


Showing my Age

I am sure I show my age (fifty-six) by endorsing pantyhose, but Sheer Energy are not just ordinary pantyhose. This product has often kept me going when nothing else would. As a woman who has spent a lot of time on her feet, I appreciate any support my legs can get. These hose really do help my legs feel energized on long, busy days.

Through personal experience over decades, I can attest that my legs feel different at the end of the day depending on whether or not I was wearing Sheer Energy. Whether it was for support during one of my six pregnancies, support for a long day on a sales floor, or support under jeans while working on a loading dock, I know I felt awful at the end of a day on my feet without support.

Why do support hose make a difference? Support or compression stockings provide firm elastic at the ankles and gradually lighter support at the calves and thighs. This support helps keep blood from pooling in the ankles and feet and gets more blood to return to the heart. Better blood flow leads to less tiredness in the legs. Sheer Energy hosiery is affordable and great for anyone who does not need heavier support, e.g. surgical support hosiery.

As a bonus, this Leggs product not only contributes to legs feeling good, but also looking good. They are not as sheer as regular hose, but sheer enough for work or church. Their firmer elastic fabric is more durable and run-resistant than super-sheer hosiery, too.

I have worn Sheer Energy for decades and will continue to do so. It is rare to find a product that works as hard as I do! You youngsters can keep your bare legs and flip-flops. If, however, you get a job that requires you to be on your feet a lot (teacher, pharmacist, mother, retail worker, nurse, etc.) I strongly recommend you consider adding Sheer Energy to your support team.

A Comment from ZZ Top

"She's got legs. She knows how to use them." ~ZZ Top

Another Great Product for Aching Legs

A number of my friends have been using essential oils for a year or two. I finally tried a few and discovered one that really helps aching muscles after a long day of work: Deep Blue by doTerra. It's a proprietary blend, but I know this cream includes wintergreen and blue chamomile. It smells nice and lasts longer than store brand preparations such as Icy Hot or Ben Gay.

Vintage Sheer Energy Commercial Footage

Everyone has an opinion about pantyhose.

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    • profile image

      Linda B. 

      6 years ago

      Years ago I worked 12 hour shifts on the floor in a factory, and I would always wear Sheer Energy pantyhose under my jeans each day to give my legs a little more support and to keep them from getting fatigued. A lot of the women I worked with did as well.

    • profile image

      Donna Cook 

      6 years ago

      Love this lens! I don't know when wearing pantyhose became a marker of age. I was so thrilled when they came out in the 60's because I didn't have to wear a girdle with garters to hold up nylons!


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