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Sherri Hill Prom Dresses For Sale

Updated on August 31, 2013

Pick Out a Really Beautiful Prom Dress for this Very Special Occasion!

High school prom is a once in a lifetime event -- perhaps twice if your school has a Junior prom like ours did -- so you should have a once in a lifetime dress to go along with it.

The custom couture designs on this page, below, definitely fit the bill for prom, but they're so beautiful and timeless, you can always use that special dress for many other formal occasions, too.

Some of these luscious gowns would even be perfect if worn as bridesmaid dresses.

Here you'll see a gorgeous variety of Sherri Hill prom fashions, from short and sassy to long and elegant and some that are actually both, in a wide range of beautiful colors.

All of these prom dresses have stunning details, from embellished bodices to layered silky skirts of all lengths -- short and sassy, long and elegant, strapless, hi-low styles, and more!.

Image Credit: Tai Gray at under a Creative Commons Licence


Short and sassy prom dress styles are perfect for dancing -- or just for standing around, looking gorgeous! They are wildly popular this year.

For any young woman with gorgeous legs with which to pull it off, I think these short prom dresses are really stunning.

Alas, I was never one of them, but luckily in the 70's, everyone always wore long gowns for prom. So, if you DO have great legs, I encourage you to really show them off with your choice of a short prom dress like this one or those below!


A Fun, Young Style You Know You'll Look Great In....

Besides the beauty of the dresses, another great thing about Sherri Hill designs are how "wearable" they are...

You won't feel like you can't move or have to move carefully in these gowns, because they're comfortable and made for the prom party scene.


Sherri Hill 8443
Sherri Hill 8443

.This dress is made of Organza. It's one of the shortest of the shorts and it's also super cute.


........"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up
........and dance." ~Dave Barry


I just love the feel of a long, floor-length prom dress! I'm so happy they are still popular even though short and hi-low styles are now available, too.

When I wore my long gowns to prom back in the 70's, for that night, I felt like a beautiful princess on the arm of a charming prince! It just felt so feminine to sweep along with my long skirts swaying along with the rhythm of my steps, combined with a plunging neckline with a push-up bra helping to play up my usually not-that-noticeable bosoms!

(LOL! But seriously, it felt fantastic -- and daring -- for someone who was usually fairly modest in her everyday style of dress!)

For Long, Lovely, Shapely Lines!

Long dresses are ageless. Nothing makes you look more feminine or more elegant than the feel of a long skirt moving with you and around you, and it's a very figure-flattering style.


Sherri Hill 1123, Long Dress Beautiful Fit
Sherri Hill 1123, Long Dress Beautiful Fit

.This design come in bright fuchsia or emerald, accented with black stones and a black taffeta mermaid skirt.



A hi and low style dress could be just the perfect selection for anyone like me who loves the feeling of a long, flowing gown -- but ALSO has great legs to show off!

Blend of Long and Short with Fun, Layered Ruffles...

Dresses with short hems in the front and long in the back are very trendy for any sort of party wear this year. Add a taste of fiesta to your night with one of these great dresses.


Sherri Hill 8300
Sherri Hill 8300

.This classy, sleek strapless gown comes in lilac or white and sequins give it a lovely sparkle.


"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful." ~Sophia Loren

POLL About Prom Dress Lengths - ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In my high school days in the mid-1970s, the only length of prom dress that the girls I knew wore was LONG. I didn't mind at all, personally, because I love the feeling of wearing floor-length, swishing skirts that made me feel elegant like the gowns of women in "the olden days" that I admired so much. It made me feel like a princess, too!. I guess I was (and still am) kind of a old-fashioned girl at heart.

But today, you'll see all lengths from floor-length gowns to very sassy mini dresses, as well as dresses that combine both a short front and a long back that allow for both sexy spirit and classy elegance at the same time -- for quite a knockout look!

Which Prom Dress Length Is Your Favorite?

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Shop eBay for Bargains on Sherri Hill Dresses

Bid now on limited-time auctions

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You can find good deals on brand new or lightly

used Sherri Hill styles on eBay. Be sure to check

the seller's return policies ... just in case.

New on eBay

Here are a few beautiful, new dresses currently available on eBay. Remember, if you fall in love with one of these, bid and buy quickly to prevent someone else from scoring your perfect choice!


Used on eBay

Each prom you attend (if you're lucky enough to go to more than one) is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and so a prom gown worn once can be just as perfect and a lot less expensive than a brand new dress. Here are a few that are currently available on eBay, but hurry to buy the one you love in case someone else gets it first!



This video gives some close-up views of a few of the amazing dresses that are made by this designer. It helps to give you an idea of the wide variety of styles, fabrics, embellishments, and colors you have to choose from!

POLL About Prom Dress Styles - ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Which style of prom dress is your favorite?

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"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." ~Vicki Baum

The Painted Kiss Poster
The Painted Kiss Poster

Which One of These Stunning Prom Dresses is Your Very Favorite?

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