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Shirt collar extenders

Updated on January 6, 2015


Let us help you choose the right collar extender.

When was the last time you could button your top shirt button without squeezing your neck?

When was the last time you felt truly comfortable wearing a tie?

When was the last time you looked cool in a necktie without feeling hot under the collar?


All shirt collars shrink

And your favourite shirts shrink more than most. (The more you wear it, the more you wash it, the more it shrinks.)

Even the best shirt-makers in the country admit their shirt collars shrink. Turnbull & Asser inform their customers of this on their website and adjust their marked sizes to compensate. Many other shirt makers don't bother; letting the purchaser find out the hard way.

But by how much do they shrink? 16½" collars can shrink to a cut-throat 16" And 17½" collars to a strangled 17", or worse!

Who knows? It depends on the material - the hotness of the wash - and the skill of the washer. But the only place you'll really discover how much they've shrunk is around your neck - your poor long-suffering neck.


Couldn't say no to an extra spoonful of pudding? Given up on the Gym? Relax. You're not the only one.

Most men put on a little "insulation" as they mature.

Unfortunately, if you work in an office (and have to wear a tie) one niggling problem will still grab you by the throat.

That's the problem of the "incredible shrinking collar "- or if we're being truthful - the problem of the "inevitable swelling neck".

Over a man's working life, his shirt size is likely to change by around three half collar sizes. For every 7 lbs (3 kg) extra weight you put on, your neck size will increase by 1/2" (1.5 cm)

Everyone has at least two or three shirts in the wardrobe with collars that just don't fit. So what do you do? Throw them out and buy new shirts? Continue to choke? Or buy inexpensive collar extenders?

Well, the latter option sounds like good sense - giving you a most-welcome extra 1/2" (1.5 cm) around your neck. But which collar extender should you choose? There are quite a few different types out there. Which works best? Read on and we'll explain the pro's and con's of each type.



Elastic / Spring Buttons? - Or Fabric extenders? - Or Something New???

Unfortunately, ELASTIC EXTENDERS simply pull the collar tabs together around your neck, and keep the collarband material in touch with your sensitive skin - resulting in just as much irritation and chaffing as before.

To be quite frank, you're probably no better off than if you simply wore your top button undone behind your tie, than use an elastic or spring button.

FABRIC EXTENDERS (those with buttons attached to a white fabric or felt fillet) are not much better. True they don't squeeze the ends of your collar band together, but neither do they offer any support to the extended collar band, simply buckling when your tie is tightened.

And both these types of extender risk aggravating an already irritated neck as in their positioning, they rest against the delicate skin of your neck.

You really need SOMETHING NEW that will give a genuine, firm extension to your collar band... Something against which you can tighten your tie - instead of tightening it against your long-suffering neck. And something that largely lies on the outside of your shirt - not the inside.


Available online from

These collar extenders fit between the knot of your tie and your shirt - providing a firm and genuine extension of your collar band; against which you can knot your tie, thus helping to keep the extended collar away from your sensitive neck.

Working in conjunction with the overlapped ends of your collar band, they provide a unique and sturdy 1/2" (1.5 cm) extension to your shirt neck.

These Unstrangler Collar Extenders are the only shaped, firm extenders on the market today and provide the most comfortable sartorial assistance to men who's neck has temporarily outgrown their shirt collars.


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