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Shiseido anti wrinkle eye cream review

Updated on December 18, 2012

Shiseido is one of the leading Japanese makeup and skincare brands that sells their products in Japan and many other countries. Many Asians and Asian Americans are aware of Shiseido and think that this brand produces some of the best anti wrinkle eye creams. I have been introduced to their products from a co-worker. It's been around three years since the first introduction and I have been using it at least daily. This hub is my honest review about the benefits and everything else about the Shiseido Bio Performance Super Eye Contour Cream.

The price? The Shiseido Bio Performance Super Eye Contour Cream is on the expensive side. A bottle of 15mL is more than 50 dollars which last at least 4 months for me. However, I apply only once a day in the morning. You are only suppose to use a pea sized amount for both eyes each time. In order to calculate the true cost of this anti aging wrinkle cream, we need to divide 50 dollars by 120 days. That comes out to about 42 cents per day. I consider the price okay for making my eyes stay as young as possible. You will have to keep in mind that most anti aging eye cream from major brands are somewhat pricy.

Is it effective? It is very effective at helping my eyes stay wrinkle free. This anti aging eye cream actually helps with your existing wrinkles, fine lines or crow's feet by making it less visible. However, the effects can only be achieved by consistent use for at least a week. Once you see the results, wrinkles will only remain less visible by continued use. I am a firm believer of skin care, lotions and anti aging wrinkle cream.

Does it keep your eye area moist? One of the most important aspects of any good anti aging wrinkle cream is to keep the eye area moist for a long time. Moisture and natural oils are your skin's defense against wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. The anti wrinkle cream replenishes moisture into the skin area to prevent wrinkles from appearing. The Shiseido Bio Performance Super Eye Contour Cream is effective at keeping the area moist for normal, combination and oily skin types all day long. Those with dry skin types should reapply midday to achieve ideal results.

Other undesirable effects? As much as I like Shiseido's Super Eye Contour Cream, there is a small thing that I don't like. I was using this cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, mosquito seems to be attracted to the smell of the anti aging eye cream. I got at least two mosquito bites on the eye lid.

Would I recommend this anti wrinkle eye cream to people? Yes, I would definitely recommend this eye cream to younger people (<40 years old). This eye cream has not cause me any problems except the bug bites. Ever since I stopped using it before bed time, I have not gotten any bug bites on the eye lids. Those that are older should get a different eye cream that Shiseido has which is targeted for older women. That eye cream is even more effective at locking up moisture and diminishing your existing wrinkles.


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