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Treat Your Feet: Get Shoe Inserts for Shoes That Are Too Big

Updated on January 16, 2015

Treat Your Feet: Get shoe inserts for shoes that are too big and walk in comfort again!

If like me you are in pain walking, or your heels are rubbing shoe inserts for shoes that are too big will help. Let's face it women's shoes centre the pressure on a very small area either the ball of the foot or a tiny part of the heel.

They may be designed to elongate the body thrust out the bust and posterior but they can also cripple you and cause you to walk awkwardly.

I feel that comfort and fashion shouldn't be mutually exclusive and I want comfort on my pressure points and also shoes that fit!

Picture by Amazon

Shoe Inserts for Shoes That are Too Big

Shoe inserts to make shoes smaller and fit your feet in a more comfy way. They let your feet breath unlike gel which helps eliminate any smell.

Shoe inserts for shoes that are too big also prevent blisters and rubbing and ease the pain of walking.

Foot Petals Black/Buttercup/Silver Combo Tip Toes, Triple Pack
Foot Petals Black/Buttercup/Silver Combo Tip Toes, Triple Pack

These are great to stop yours shoes slipping around


Shoe too big? Insert Tip Toes for All Day Comfort

The old saying if the shoe fits - wear it is great but what if it doesn't fit? Let's face it today's shoes are great but the sizing is a fits all policy and it just doesn't work.

I have huge problems as I tend to be on a half sizes which aren't always produced these days. So the options are squeeze into something far too small for my feet and let them hurt. Or I fit into shoes that are too big and they slip about causing blisters. That's where inserts for shoes come in.

In addition to that if you are on your feet all day or even partying feet can kill! So a shoe too big? Insert Tip Toes for all day comfort and pain free walking.

If they are also too big you will slip and slide and maybe even go over one the edge of your feet! Getting shoe inserts will definitely help. However some inserts are better than others.

They last ages and help prevent smelly feet (which is great as this tends to seep into the shoes) and they are surprisingly thin considering how comfy they are to wear.

What I also like about them is that they come in different colors so you can pick and choose depending on what shoes you are putting them in.

Inserts Can Help

If your shoes are too big inserts can help. It is best if your shoes are at least 1/2 a size too large. In my experience it is often the case that feet are slightly different sizes so inserts would help to even this up a bit.

Why are Foot Petals Better Than Gel Pads?

Save on Limping Use Heel Inserts: Shoes Too Big Reduce their Size

If it is your heels that are heel inserts shoes too big trouble then use the Heavenly inserts by Foot Petals which are shaped perfectly for your heels. They prevent your heels from slipping and add more comfort and cushioning saving on excess rubbing and skin damage on the heels.

For me the fact that they prevent this which then also stops your stockings or tights sticking to your bloodied skin is worth it. I have had many times in the past where this has happened; it is painful and affects your walking.

Saves legs feet and back and absorbs shock from walking

You Need Strong Adhesive for Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes

Shoe inserts for big shoes need strong adhesive after all you don't want to add to the problem by having the inserts slipping as well as your feet. Foot petals have very strong adhesive that keeps the inserts firmly in place. The summer's heat can sometimes be too much for the inserts though as in excessive heat anything can melt! It does depend on your lining. Leather is much better at preventing this from happening.

Remember though that because the adhesive is so strong you need to get Foot Petals for each set that you need support for as you cannot and should not be moving them from shoe to shoe as they are meant to stay in place.

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    • Nithya Venkat profile image

      Nithya Venkat aka Vellur 4 years ago from Dubai

      Great lens, thanks for sharing. I have a wonderful shoe that is one size big, I will try the insert.

    • rawwwwwws lm profile image

      rawwwwwws lm 5 years ago

      Great lens, thanks for sharing!!