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Shoes Stretcher - A simple way to comfortable shoes

Updated on July 1, 2010

You have just invested in a wonderful pair of shoes but are thoroughly afraid of breaking into them. Not for you the pain of shoe bites. Or maybe the new pair of shoes is sitting pretty in your closet because you have a painful corn or a bunion that makes them uncomfortable. You will find shoe stretchers that are made to suit men’s as well as women’s shoes. Made of cedar or maple, these stretchers are shaped like your foot. They have a steel bar that runs right through them and allows you to spread the two halves apart by opening up the handle. This is how you stretch your shoes.

Ortho-plugs are an addition to these shoes, the small holes through which you can place a bunion or a corn cover. These additions stick out in such a way as to create an even stretch. The concept behind the shoe stretcher is that it is able to stretch a shoe symmetrically. It improves on the length as well as the breadth. These are also known as two-way shoes stretchers. It also works on the front portion of your shoes and you can use it to work on a slightly shorter shoe.

A regular shoe stretcher works easily in both the left and the right shoe. If you purchase them in pairs, you completely reduce the break-in time that is required of a new pair of shoes. This is especially so when it comes to leather shoes. You will also need to use a uniquely created shoe stretching oil that needs to be applied to the leather before you subject it to the shoe stretcher.

If what you want to stretch is a lady’s pair of stilettos, then ask for a shoe stretcher that is meant specifically for this purpose. They are created according to the pair of shoes that they are meant to work on. The same applies to wanting to stretch boots and other above ankle shoes. These come with extended handles that have been created so as to allow access to the depths of the boot. Calf-expanders also form an integral part of shoe stretchers meant for boots.


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