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Cute Shoes With Red Soles

Updated on October 3, 2014

Why Do Women Love Cute High Heel Shoes With Red Soles?

High Heel shoes with red soles are just plain sexy. From the top they look like any other pair of high heeled shoes but when you site down and cross your legs is when they get noticed. They draw lots of attention to your legs and for many women that is a good thing!

Shoes With Red Soles Make a Fashion Statement

The latest shoes with red soles are simply out of this world. Don't you think that it is a great way to make your fashion statement. Be the talk of the town with stylish Christian Louboutin shoes with its famous red soles. Many women desire these fine aristocrat type of red on the heel and sole type shoes.

Christian Louboutin got his inspiration from red nail polish and it was not long before his masterpieces became widely known and very much in demand. Perhaps you spotted these famous shoes when attending a fashion show or you have seen a very famous celebrity prance around stylishly.

This page is filled with sexy high heel Shoes with Red Soles.

Image used under Creative Commons from Valeyoshino

Cute High Heel Shoes Framed Wall Art

Dress up your Closet and Bedroom walls with these cute framed Wall prints.

These framed high heel shoe prints look really great in just about any room of the house including:bathrooms, as girls bedroom wall art , and even can be used to dress up your cubicle desk at work.

Different Styled Red Sole Shoes

You will be pleasantly surprised to know shoes with red soles are not just limited to the ladies. Louboutin even caters for men with the latest new runway stylish shoes. They sure went to town with styles such as red bottom boots, sneakers, red soled heels and even peep toe pumps.

These stylish red soled shoes have really taken off in that the public have an obsession with Louboutin's unique designed shoes. Although they are not cheap, you can still pick up some real good bargains if you scout around long enough.

Do not fret, there are other options known as knock-offs available to ladies who are on a strict budget, but who do not want to feel left out. These replica shoes can be picked up for as little as $25 to $50 a pair where the real McCoy normally sells for $500 upwards.

How many Pairs of Shoes do You Own?

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Red Bottom Shoes & Christian Louboutin

Red bottom shoes are becoming the new fashion statement. Red is associated with passion, wealth, prestige and more, and the red bottoms of these shoes give the wearer a feeling of power and wealth as well as being a major fashion statement. It is also a sign of privilege and luxury. Red has always been synonymous with sensuality and the wearers of the red bottom shoes can attest to feeling that way when they wear them.

The red bottom shoes were the design of French shoemaker Christian Louboutin. He has been painting the soles of his designer shoes red since 1992 and trademarked the design in 2006. He is currently in court fighting his right to be the only designer with this trademark color on the soles of his creations. It's not sure which way the court will rule. Before Him, Charles Jourdan and Valentino Garavani have been doing it since the 60s.

Now, when people see the red bottom shoes they think of Louboutin and he wants to keep it that way.

Image used under Creative Commons from Image used under Creative Commons from Laverrue

How to Know if Your Louboutins are Fake or Real?

Real Vs Fake

There are sure ways to tell if your shoes with red soles are fake or not. Please check the list down below for guidance on the matter:

Logo for Christian Loubotin - It is found on the insole and if should not be distorted or appear tampered with Inner lining - The lining should have a perfect cut, any uneven edges are a sure give away Stitching - Louboutins will have stitch work that is nothing less than perfect and will even match the color of the shoe Sole - When inspecting the sole you will not see any uneven curves, bumps or ridges. There should be no question as to the quality of the soles Fabric - There will be no doubt on the quality of the fabric if it is authentic. With suede you will not see any scuff marks or thinning anywhere and if it peels off to easy then alarm bells should ringPerhaps certain ladies are not too concerned about not having real red soled shoes. Just think of Entrepreneur Tara Haughton who through her company Rosso Solini designed red sole stickers for shoes that make ladies shoes look similar to Louboutins.The only problem that you may encounter with these are that you may face real embarrassment when these stickers are starting to peel off. Especially if you do not manage to replace them on a regular basis. We still think getting yourself Louboutins shoes with red soles are a better deal as it is sure to last you much longer.


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