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The super hot, chic and stylish shoes of 2013!

Updated on June 2, 2013

Every woman enjoys fashion. Designers have lots of new styles each season to fit different budgets and styles. However, there are several styles that became super popular each season due to the influence of fashion bloggers, celebrities, socialites and high end designers. This hub talks about woman's shoes that are super popular for 2013. Hope you will find this hub interesting and fun to read.

Studded / spiked shoes – From flats, sandals to high heels, designers are incorporating studs and spikes everywhere. These decorations seem to add an edge to the whole look. Lots of women love to wear their shoes with shiny metallic embellishments.

Platforms – Platform shoes are everywhere. In the fashion world, super tall high heels are at the forefront of the current shoe trends. To alleviate our feet from hurting, platforms take the pressure off of our feet.

Cut outs – These shoes are partially cutout to reveal our feet underneath. These shoes are particularly feminine and can easily spice up an outfit.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots – These boots are infamous in the fashion bloggers' world. Everyone seems to own at least one pair. Jeffrey Campbell released these shoes in a variety of colors, patterns and heel heights to cater to all potential customers. These shoes add edge and height to any outfit. They are quite comfortable for heels that are five inches tall. Personally, I would style the black distressed leather Lita boots with either black tights or skinny jeans. By pairing black with black, they will elongate our legs and give us a more sleek profile. The two outfits below are especially flattering for petite women.

Heel less high heels – Lady Gaga comes up with lots of strange fashion both on stage and in her private life. These heels are somewhat popularized by her. These high heels don't have a heel at the back. They are not wedges either. The platforms at the front extend to the middle of the shoe. These high heels are hard on the feet and not recommended for someone without lots of experience wearing high heels.

Gladiator styles – Gladiator sandals continue to be popular. Many designers already incorporated this style in their upcoming summer 2013 sandals collection. These are very flattering for all shapes and sizes because they cover a good amount of our feet and skin. It can hide your problem area. If you are concerned about your height, you can pick up a beige pair. It will make your legs look super long and lean. These shoes are highly recommended for all women.

Loafers – Loafers were originally man's shoes. Sometimes, women borrow from men and make the item suit themselves. Today, there are lots of different loafers that incorporated feminine elements. Leopard prints, zebra strips, color blocking, studded and shiny bling loafers are everywhere. Every designer is adding their own twist to this classic shoe.

T strap sandals – These sandals are very popular. However, they are good for slander and small feet only. Women with wide feet should not attempt these because it will make your feet look even wider. For women with bunions, these shoes are also not very flattering.

Flatforms – These are peculiar shoes. Fashion is always unpredictable, but these shoes are a little more on the weirder side than other things. However, some women seem to like them. You can decide for yourself if this trend is for you or not.

One strap sandals – These sandals have only one strap at the front. These shoes will show off most of your feet to other people. Depending on your style and confidence level with your feet, one strap sandals can be a staple piece for the summer season. You can wear these with shorts, skirts and dresses.


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